4 reasons why buying Instagram followers ruin your account (including a review)

4 reasons why buying Instagram followers ruin your account

Everyone is talking about it. Nobody (supposedly) does it.

Buying Instagram followers is the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden these days.

An apple that fewer and fewer people can resist. No wonder, because buying 10,000 followers for dollars is ultimately easier than investing months or years of work in expanding your reach.

One can only guess how many followers will be bought.

Search statistics from Google Trends show that interest in buying followers has increased five to sevenfold since the beginning of 2014 (while general interest in getting more followers on Instagram has only increased slightly).


And I’ll tell you right at the beginning.

You really should stay away from this apple! Even if it looks red and shiny. It will only poison your Instagram account.

But let’s start from the beginning:

1. What does it mean to buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers simply means that you pay money to have users subscribe to your channel on Instagram.

If that were real and active subscribers interacting with your content, it would probably be half as bad.

The problem with this, however, is that they are fake accounts. That means accounts that don’t like anything, don’t comment on anything, and usually don’t post any pictures themselves. In addition, in 99% of all cases, they do not even come from (your language)-speaking countries and usually cannot read your texts.

Let’s take a closer look at this:

2. What exactly are these accounts?

If you want to buy Instagram followers, you can get different “qualities”:

Some accounts are created by one person and are very cheap to get.

They are easily recognizable because they…

  • Often do not have a profile picture.
  • Only have 1 to 3 pictures in the feed.
  • have a gibberish username like @thayuuuuu or @ zoiuo32413
  • follow a lot of accounts, but have hardly any followers themselves (often the rate is 30: 1 or even higher)

But if you pay a little more, you can still get better “quality”:
These are accounts that belong to “real” users (at least that’s what the providers promise).
These can be recognized by the fact that…

  • they are often men from the world
  • They have a profile picture.
  • They even post something now and then.
  • They subscribed to thousands of channels yourself. The quota of subscribers to subscribe is a little better than with the cheap version. Sometimes such profiles even have a surprising number of their subscribers.

How does it all work?

Of course, it’s about the money: if someone creates thousands of channels themselves, they can keep all the money you pay for the followers. On the other hand, the risk that Instagram will recognize the fakes is quite high. Instagram doesn’t like them at all and regularly deletes accounts that seem suspicious. Why that also matters to you – I’ll come back to that in a moment.

If, on the other hand, you want “real” accounts, then the merchant who sells them has to pay the individual users something. Usually, these are only fractions of cents per subscribed account or credit that people within the diving network can use to buy followers themselves.

3. Where can I buy Instagram followers?

You can buy Instagram followers on an incredible number of websites. If you search for it on Google, you will find providers like a dime a dozen.

How do you find the right offer?

No idea.

All of these providers do something shady. Nobody controls it. Often they are only middlemen who resell followers from other dealers or exchange networks.

The promises that these are accounts that you cannot tell that they have been bought cannot be kept in 99% of all cases.

4. Why you should never buy Instagram followers

It sounds tempting indeed:

You pay a small amount, get 10,000 followers overnight, and the dream of all the collaborations and deals, a high reach and interaction rate, becomes a reality.


Buying followers will instead permanently damage your Instagram account!

And for several reasons:

Reason # 1: Fake followers don't interact with your content

No matter what quality purchased Instagram subscribers are supposed to have.

Such followers will never like or comment on any of your pictures.

And that has serious consequences:

This not only drives your engagement rate down, which is looked at by some companies, but above all ensures that the Instagram algorithm classifies your content as inferior. Because good content creates interaction, bad content is ignored.

So your reach will rather decrease due to the bought followers. You reach fewer people and thereby get fewer real new subscribers. You hardly grow organically anymore. If any.

Reason # 2: The fakes are gradually saying goodbye to your account

It’s likely that not only are you not growing or stagnating, but you are even losing followers. This can happen slowly over several days, weeks or months, or even all of a sudden.


This is what it can look like if you have bought Instagram followers and Instagram deletes such accounts.

Instagram regularly sorts out fake profiles. And in a big way. So happened, E.g., in November 2018, when Instagram deleted likes, followers, and comments generated by third-party apps.

Such actions can quickly delete hundreds of thousands or millions of accounts in one go!

As a result, your account can suddenly have thousands of subscribers fewer. And something like that just doesn’t look good.

By the way, buying “real followers” ​​is just as problematic:

Because these are followers who are not interested in you at all, so sooner or later, they will unfollow your account. Vendors promise that this will not happen. But let’s be honest: Who controls it and who would file a complaint about something like that (especially if you consider reason 4).

Reason # 3: You're damaging your image

You can recognize bought followers.

Maybe not everyone realizes it. But some. And they will pass it on.

Believe me:

“Bloggers and Instagrammers are not particularly patronizing people”.

Your account may appear in blasphemous forums or, if you are very well known, also pilloried in the press.

But it’s even more likely that you won’t notice any of this (unless you have very, very good friends).

But companies will.

Whoever notices that you are buying will not necessarily hang it up. But if he has contacts with companies, it can very well be that they notice by chance that something is wrong with you.

Reason # 4: buying Instagram followers is not legal

First of all: Buying followers as a private person is most likely not a criminal offense.

However, as soon as you use your Instagram account for business, i.e., advertise your products or publish sponsored posts, things look slightly different.

The basis for the amount of the payment for a sponsored post is often the number of followers. If purchased (i.e., dead) accounts now falsify this number, this can represent fraud or malicious deception.

So if your advertising partner finds out, it could have very unpleasant consequences, such as the repayment of the fee, possible claims for damages, or even legal proceedings.

5. My experiences

Buying Instagram followers is a really stupid idea.

You can’t hide it, and the lack of interaction will make it even more difficult to grow organically.

To finally convince you to keep your hands off it, I would like to tell you about my experiences:

Because I also bought followers.

100 pieces. In the winter of 2016. At that time, I had just over 1,000 followers myself, so the 100 bought corresponded to around 10% of my real fans.

Then I watched what happened:

90% of these followers were gone within 3 days. It didn’t do me any good: No better reach, no more real followers, no deals with companies.

Sure, there were only 100 and not 10,000. But no, I was afraid for my account. And all the arguments against it cannot convince me to repeat the experiment with a higher number of followers.
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