7 blog name generators to help you find the perfect name for your blog faster

It is frustrating.

You have been wondering what name your blog should have for hours or maybe even days. You may already have a few ideas, but you don’t like any of them 100%.

Time to rest your brain a bit and check out a blog name generator.

I will introduce you to 7 ingenious tools with which you can generate hundreds of name ideas within a few minutes.

Many of the tools also relieve you of another work step:

You have integrated a domain checker. This allows you to see immediately whether the corresponding domains for the selected name are still available.

1. Naminum

Naminum is suitable as both a company and blog name generator.

The tool outputs a list with attached or prefixed syllables for a word base you have specified.

You can choose the syllables from German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

You can check the availability of the .com domain for each suggestion issued or start a new search using the suggestion as a word base.

2. NameRobot

NameRobot is a fee-based but very extensive name-finding tool for bloggers, startups, agencies, or companies.

It supports parts of names in 91 languages. It also allows you to research first names, synonyms, rhymes, anagrams, or parts of words.

With other tools, the name components can be combined, shortened, supplemented, or merged.

The test access is free.

3. Dot-o-mator

The Dot-o-mator is more of a fun tool but still useful for generating possible blog names.

You first select a starting and ending part from a drop-down menu or enter your own words.

The specified lists are based on typical startup or dotcom names. Then the entered words or parts of words are combined, and the tool outputs the combinations for which the .com domain is still free.

4. Wordoid

The blog name generator Wordoid works similarly to Naminum.

You enter a word (under Pattern ), and the tool spits out fantasy names generated by prefixing and appending syllables or letters.

In contrast to Naminum, the list of names issued only includes 10 suggestions at a time. You can do more fine-tuning, and the availability of the associated .net and .com domains will be shown in the list right away.

5. SpinXO

SpinXO is a tool to generate usernames for social networks. However, it is also very useful as a blog name generator.

You can make various specifications, such as Name, preferences, character traits, hobbies, or numbers. Click on the orange button, Spin! You will get 30 name ideas displayed.

No good idea?

No problem! With another click on the Spin! You will get 30 more ideas displayed.

If you click on one of the name ideas, their availability will be displayed on various social networks, such as Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

6. Designen Klassen

Don’t feel like trying to find a name? Then let others do the work!

In addition to the logo, web, and print design, you can also write out names for products, companies, or blogs at designen klass.

How it works:

First, you set a project brief and prize money. You will then receive suggestions for a blog name from the numerous users of the platform. You then choose the best one from the suggestions, and the winner receives the prize money.

7. NameMesh

NameMesh is a domain name generator that suggests free domains from the entered word.

NameMesh also checks relevant words, word combinations, and the word with various prefixes or suffixes. The domains to be checked are .com, .net, .io and .co to choose from.

What actually makes a good blog name?

If you haven’t read it yet, I would like to recommend my article How to find a blog and domain name that will keep you happy years later because a generator alone is not enough to find a good name.

To be able to use the tools presented sensibly, you should first know what is important when choosing a name.

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