9 Important On-Page SEO Factors & Common Problems

On page Search engine Optimization ( also known as On-site SEO) refers to the technique or practice of modifying and optimizing a website’s Visual content. It’s a process of pulling or tweaking up the page’s content of a particular website and improving its search visibility to drive plenty of traffic to the website to increase its ranking factor in search engine result pages on Google.

Optimization plays an important role and a strategy for driving organic traffic. It has been proven that over 80% of all searches are done through Google, so your website must appear high on top in the SERP when someone types in relevant keywords that match up with your related content. Many SEO Agencies and companies provide their services to customers. Search Combat provides the best in class SEO Services that not only Drives Rapid Leads but, of course, generate Sales that also provide the best perfect SEO experience for your websites.

What's the Importance of On-Page Optimization in SEO?

Well, when it comes to Optimizing the page of a site, the importance and techniques of Page optimization come into the picture. In the overall on-page SEO strategy, the search engines determine what the page is all about and what search terms are there on your page that are relevant, and they will rank you accordingly.

This means you must ensure that your site is well-designed and well-optimized for search engines. This includes ensuring that your page load time is quickly optimized and images and links are appropriately coded internally and with other web pages.

On-Page Optimization is the only way to outrank your competitors on the fly if implemented correctly with the correct techniques and strategies. Thus the importance of page optimization is the first thing in the SEO industry. As On-Page is an essential basic need for ranking a website, Search Combat Provides the best On-Page Optimization Services with affordable package offerings. It gives dynamic results to your business websites.

On-page SEO Essential Factors that Help Better Rankings

There are many ways to optimize the website page content. Still, the most important and influential ways are using meta tags, title tags, optimized image alt text, URL, keyword stuffing and density, etc. These are the primary and most essential things which need to be used in the page content of any website to improve for better rankings.

Many SEO Agencies provide consulting to customers based on website rankings, but sometimes customer satisfaction is lacking. Search Combat Provides the best experience of Managed SEO Services with detailed Consultancy and support to the clients, ensuring positive results and client satisfaction.

Following are the essential techniques that need to be practised to perform proper Search engine optimization of a website to uplift the website ranking factor;-

1. Keyword Research -:

Keywords are the building blocks of any website. Proper Keyword Research can help you to get more visitors from search engines. Using long-tail and short-tail target keywords in a balanced formation will help you rank higher on SERPs. Relevant keywords matching the topic of your content will get more organic traffic to your website. Some of the most popular keyword research Tools you can consider for keyword research are Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest etc.

 Example of Ahrefs as a Keyword Research Tool -;

  • Ahref Ahrefs is an SEO software suite that includes tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audits. Ahrefs is primarily designed for marketing professionals with a comprehensive user experience. Ahrefs aims to help people rank higher on Google search rankings through SEO factors. Through the Site Explorer section of Ahrefs, users can analyze organic traffic by monitoring the keywords for which competitors are being displayed. Furthermore, Ahrefs allows you to see which websites link to sites in a particular industry.

In Ahrefs, you will find the DR or URL Rating indicator, which is expressed on a point scale and can be used to inspect the link profile for a URL and domain, which is one of the factors used by Google to rank sites.


  • Semrush is also a Good example of a keyword research tool.


Semrush is a fantastic tool that can be used to find out which websites rank for any keyword. Multiple keywords can also be added for comparison. By using this keyword research, you can quickly identify which terms are most competitive and what you can do to beat them. With Semrush, you can discover marketing insights and improve your online visibility. Semrush Tool provides tools and reports to marketers in the following areas: SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, and Campaign Management.

  • Ubersuggest is also one of the most popular tool examples for keyword research:-


The Ubersuggest SEO tool generates new keyword ideas. It was Initiated as a tool to scrape Google Suggest terms; Ubersuggest was acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel, who has since expanded its features. In addition, you will see monthly search volumes, average CPCs, PPC competitions, and SEO competitions for each keyword. Ubersuggest has a feature of free Chrome extension and SEO tool that displays search volume, CPC, and competition data for keywords.

In Ubersuggest, the Keyword Overview report gives you a detailed analysis of any given keyword you may want to analyze.

The Tool gives you information about the search volume of the keywords, keyword difficulty over the year, and demographic information like the average age of searchers. Ubersuggest Dashboard lets you monitor your website’s Google rankings for specific locations worldwide. 

The dashboard lets you keep track of your competitors’ most popular keywords, pages, and links.

2. URL Optimization -:

Optimizing the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in On-Page SEO is crucial. Make sure the URL is SEO-Friendly URL readable, and easy to remember. The URL should contain the Focus keyword. Avoid using special characters in the URL. It is also important to remember that long URLs are less likely to be indexed by search engines. Keep your URLs short and clean for faster indexing.

Here is a quick example of any URL Optimization tag;-

3. Header Tags -:

Headers Tags are also called H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, or H6. They are the main headlines of the page. The header tags play an essential role in the visibility of your page on the SERP page. It is vital to use the proper headers according to your page type.

The header tag is an essential element of any website design. It helps to organize the page and make navigation easier for visitors. A proper and uniquely designed header tag also gives readers a sense of interest and to gather more information on the website page.

4. Meta Title and Description -:

The meta title and description are an opportunity for you to tell your potential customers why they should look into your website. This is an essential piece of information regarding web-page during on-page SEO. The Meta Title and Description should be written so the user can click your website for what he is searching for without giving up a second thought to moving on to your competitor’s site.

Example of a Meta Title tag;-

Example of a Meta Description tag;-

5. Image Optimization -:

Image is the element of any content that gives a better understanding to the visitor about what the content is written for. Accurate image file size and optimized alt text of the image will help the search engine crawlers understand the website’s content for better ranking.

6. Unique Content -:

In SEO, Content is the King. Creating compelling, high-quality content will surely make your website google Rank. Good Content Quality creation is a must for your site. It doesn’t matter how great your theme or design is. If there isn’t any worth reading content Topic on your site, nobody will visit it and google’s search engine crawler doesn’t pay attention to your website. So writing a high-quality piece of content without plagiarism, with practical relevancy and including target keywords will make the website stand out. Your content should be original and unique, not duplicated or plagiarized; otherwise, google will penalize your content and remove it from the web.

7. Search Intent -:

Search Intent is the ability to convert visitors into potential customers. This means that the site must be able to answer questions that potential Visitors might ask themselves when searching for products or services online. This is where search intent or user intent comes in. When someone searches for a product or service online, they ask a series of questions.

This can be like, what are they searching for? What product or service are they trying to find? Search intent is an essential component of any successful website. Understanding what people’s search query is for will help us make better decisions about our website’s Blog Posts.

9. Backlinks -:

Backlinks are Link building links pointing back to your site. These are important because they help boost your page search rankings. If someone links to you, they think highly of your website. This helps increase traffic to your site. The more backlinks you have, the higher your page rank will become. So make sure you do everything you can to get backlinks.

Getting Backlinks from High Authority will also trigger google analytics to push your websites for better top rankings. You can also buy backlinks for cheap. There are company websites online where you can get the best high-quality Backlinks for your website. Backlinks increase Link Juice which is a positive key factor for SEO. Search Combat provides high-quality, reasonable Backlinks services and a wide variety of link-building services such as Blogger Outreach, Niche Edits, and PBNs SEO Services for client satisfaction goals for website rankings and to gain higher traffic potential as well.

 Your website gets link juice from external links (hyperlinks or backlinks). Backlinks can be earned by making authoritative content and becoming the go-to source code for information. 

Two types of Backlinks:-

  • Internal Linking

Internal Linking is one link that points from one page to another of your website. Internal linking is done by creating links on your website through targeted keywords. The more internal links you create, the faster the google crawlers crawl your website. The users find more content and visit more pages on your website when they click those internal links. Google then watches the visitor’s interest in your content, pushing your website to the top rankings.

Example of an internal Linking-; 

  • External Linking

External Linking out is an essential strategy for any website owner because it helps increase traffic and boost rankings. The best way to find quality external sites to link to is to look for websites with similar topics and interests.

Example of an External Linking-;

Problems and mistakes people make during on-page SEO

Many problems and mistakes can be faced by the people on their website pages when they do On-Page SEO the wrong or maybe with half knowledge. After putting in lots of effort and hard work, the result is not good or maybe not up to the mark on their site. Thus negative impacts occur on their organic traffic and organic search rankings too. To Deal with such common problems during SEO, Search Combat provides the best reliable Technical SEO Audit Services that help clients to get rid of these problems and mistakes faced during On-Page SEO.

So here we are going to discuss some of the most common problems and mistakes generally people do or face during On-Page SEO efforts.

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a big problem when two websites have similar articles or pages. The issue with Plagiarised Content is that it’s terrible for the business and owner of the website, and that will also make a wrong impression on the traffic and visitors of the website. This type of content is very harmful to search engine Rankings purposes. Because if you have duplicate content, plagiarism rises, and it’s almost challenging to rank above your competitors.

2. Unmatched Search Intent

Unmatched Search Intent is a significant problem people face while practicing On-Page SEO. Poor relevancy in Search Intent will lead to a negative impact on the website. If the page is not relevant to the user’s search Intent, then it’s no fun to make pages of content on the website.

3. High Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty is also a significant metric for determining how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. This metric is used to determine whether a given keyword is worth targeting. The higher the keyword difficulty, the more competitive it is, and also, it’s challenging to rank on the first page of search engine result pages. So, It’s essential in On-Page practice to look for low-competition keywords to Rank higher and better.

4. Broken Internal and External Links

The most common cause of broken internal and External links is when the user removes a page from a website without removing its corresponding link. This means that the page becomes inaccessible to visitors because the URL doesn’t match any pages on the site anymore. Another reason for broken links on the site can be due to the changes made to the whole structure of the website.

Broken Links can cause a significant downfall for your website that can make a negative impact on your business as well. Search Combat Provides Detailed Perspective solutions to all types of problems, Technical SEO errors, and on-page factors with professional video reports to the client’s websites with Technical SEO Audit Services

5. Increase in the passive voice

Passive voice is also a common problem in On-Page Practice. Passive voice often creates unclear, less direct, wordy sentences, which create a sense of the impractical formation of sentences. The higher the passive voice existence, the more the content will have less transparency and clarity to understand for the visitors coming to the site.

6. Keyword Density

Keyword density is essential when writing for search engine optimization On-Page purposes. The site will probably lose out on organic traffic if there is no keyword density in the website title or meta description. It is also worth noting that you should avoid using too many keywords in the same paragraph. Search engine algorithms view this as spammy behavior’s and may penalize your website accordingly.

Using keyword Phrases smartly and in a balanced form will be a better deal to rank up. The aim should be to keep keyword density between 1% and 5%. Anything above this level could cause your site to be flagged as spam, and the site will indeed be pushed down under your competitors.

7. Missing images with ALT Text

Images on the site tell the context of your site and what the site is about. Images missing up with Alt text may create an indexing issue by the search engine crawlers. It’s essential to add the topic-relevant keyword Phrases of your page as alt text in the image, which will help search engines find out what your page is about. If you provide alt text for each image, search engines can read the text and index it properly.

8. Optimization is Poor in Title tags and Meta Description

A poorly optimized title tag may cause your page to rank lower on the results page. Such a problem in meta description may also lead to poor click-through rates. Poor optimization of Title Tags and Meta Description Tags can also lead to lower rankings on the SERP. So it is vital to optimize the title tag and meta description to be relevant to the page’s content. Adding Focus Keywords of the relevant topic in the title and meta description tags is the best way to improve them and optimize the web page.


In Conclusion, the article guides us all about the On-Page SEO basics and factors of using the techniques with effective practices and implementation on any website. We hope you get some good information from this article and implement it on your websites. If you are looking for a On-page SEO Services, you can visit our service page below.

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