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We have a proven system that has allowed us to serve and help 1000+ companies around the world achieve their SEO outcomes.

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We can’t fool Google with bots and software to build links. That’s why we use an advanced 100% manual link building tactics to deliver you quality results.

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From the order page below, select your desired plan – Give us your target anchor text and URL to get started.

We do manual prospecting and only secure your placement in relevant sites with real organic traffic.

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Our expert writers and editors craft relevant content for your guest post backlinks.

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We are proud of the fact that over the last few years we have worked with many clients and bloggers with a 100% satisfaction and retention rate. Don’t take our word for it, give us a try with your first order of minimum. If not satisfied, we will give your money back. No questions asked, no hard feelings!

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Asked Questions

Quality links are still very important in building better rankings for a website and gaining high authority. Through well placed and carefully integrated backlinks, the website will receive traffic from users of the linked pages and possibly via social media via social shares. Thus, valuable links not only improve the rankings of the linked page directly, but also provide additional, user-related signals that are measurable, strengthen the entire website and facilitate long-term and sustainable success with search engines – the relevance of an offer on the WWW stands and falls with the degree of networking and the evaluable interactions. Websites achieve a higher level of awareness through links and thereby strengthen the brand itself.

Well, any link that you purchase is termed as black hat by google. If you are not blogger outreach via linkable asset or do a White Hat guest posting without paying, then it is fine in the eye of Google. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to acquire quality links naturally especially if you are running a small business. The best link building campaign they can run would be to buy as no one wants to link to a service page of a Locksmtih or a plumber without specific reasons. Local business will always struggle to acquire links naturally so they have to use custom link building services

It’s not encouraged to construct a whole lot of links in 1 week and then return to many months or weeks without producing hyperlinks. This can be”unnatural” and search engines punish sites that attempt to achieve higher rankings by manipulating link construction. Links should be acquired at a constant rate per month to keep things natural. Every link in your link building campaign should be linked to quality content and should be driving organic traffic to boost rankings.

For this reason, a nicely thought out and expert link building approach is indispensable. Having a natural connection profile, the amount of organic traffic develops and fluctuates. This is the way Google and other search engines speed it. A good mix of guest posting, PBNs, Citations, Niche edits are good link building tactics

Significant variables are also the various supply of anchor texts (supply ) and a balanced supply of do-follow and hyperlinks that are inbound. Therefore the link construction ought to be carried out frequently. This means that hyperlinks are best made continuously (at a natural interval ). In order for link contractors to fulfill these requirements, it’s necessary they frequently receive several fantastic high quality backlinks from big and tiny sites for their own domain names.

The ideal anchor text distribution

Backlinks along with your brand name will be the least likely to get marked as spam. The major body of the anchor text will rather be the brand beam.
– 20 percent URLs (routine URLs): Another natural anchor text is the link without anchor text. This means that no anchor text is supplied and the anchor is the complete URL
– 5 percent Generic anchors: These are so-called safe and neutral words which aren’t related to the content of your site.
– 4 percent Partial keyword match anchors (search word / topic-related anchor text): With these anchor texts, then you can use the words with which you would like to score points in Google, but in conjunction with other neutral words. For instance, if you wished to look for the key word”Driving Lessons”,”More Information About Driving Lessons” would be a keyword-related anchor.
– 1% Exact match anchors (precise keyword anchor text / challenging anchor text): The anchor text corresponds to the specific keyword for which you want to get classified from the search engineoptimization. This is obviously the best anchor text to score, but also the most dangerous. The overuse of exact anchor text in link building is among the main reasons behind Google’s Penguin penalty (more on that later).

SEO experts agree on exactly what a desired and secure distribution is during connection building. The following table offers an overview of the suggested distribution together with the associated anchor types. A 100% perfect anchor text distribution doesn’t exist, because this is dependent upon your industry, the behavior of the competition and also the orientation of your site.

Based on many studies and the experience of search engine optimizers over the years, the following link building tactics play a decisive role in link building:

  • Domain popularity – How many different domains refer to the website / page?
  • Domain Authority – How important and thus influential is the domain?
  • Link popularity – How many pages or URLs refer to the website / page?
  • Page Authority -How important and thus influential is the page?
  • Topical Relevance – How important is the domain for a specific topic?

In the past, link building was primarily about building a large number of backlinks as quickly as possible to rank in any search engine; quality was secondary and every link mattered. Lately, it has been more towards natural link growth, natural anchor text distribution and high quality links.

The term linkable assets , also known as linkbait, describes content on your own website that is designed for maximum linkability without the need to go buy them. This is more of a white hat method similar to other techniques like broken link building. Your goal should be to design your own content in such a way that it stands out from the rest and that it is YOU who offers the best content of all (content marketing 101). In the best case, this leads to natural backlinks being created because a third party finds the content so helpful that they link or share it. Nevertheless, you should also actively promote your linkable asset, e.g. through:

  • Your network
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Broken Link building
  • Social media

The characteristics of good linkable assets are:

  • informative
  • inspiring
  • instructive
  • entertaining

1. Unlike other SEO agencies, we discuss the goals and budget for link building with you via our link building service

We at SearchCombat will discuss the details of the medium and long-term goals of link building with you . Remember: the more relevant and valuable the links are(like guest post links), the faster we can achieve the stated goals. The best way of proceeding relates the ideal with the budget for obtaining quality links. It therefore makes little sense to orient the target formulation exclusively to the number of links to be built up within a certain period of time – organic link building, unlike routine activity, is difficult to measure in terms of numbers. Much more important is the quality and origin of the links.

2. We check the existing backlinks of your website

We like many SEO agencies analyze the backlink structure of your website in order to be able to create an optimal approach. In addition, we get an overview of the possible weak points. Based on this data, we can present the right link building measures for you.

3. We analyze your market segment and the important competitors

As part of our analyzes, we determine which websites of your competitors can be found in which Google Top 10 with which keywords / search phrases. This is important because we can use this data to develop a picture of the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and risks:

  • The strengths of your competitors could be ranking factors such as the position of the brand, the trust of Google, strong backlinks and much more, which make it difficult for “new” competitors to get into the top 5.
  • Weaknesses :  We advise you to use the data obtained to reflect on your own strengths and to take the weaknesses of the competition into account.
  • Opportunities in the market environment: for example, these could be niches in the industry that have not yet been covered.
  • Risks over which we have no control are, for example, Google updates, algorithmic changes in the SERP compilations or new competitors.

4. We check the link targets (landing pages) of your website

This point describes the review of your entire website, especially those categories, subcategories and pages that have been defined as landing pages or named as link targets, in order to determine whether they are suitable for a good ranking . The result of the test leads to the knowledge of what OnPage should be improved in order to convey to search engines that the landing pages in the respective market segment have a relevant information, product or service offer ready.

5. We address the potential link sources or website operators

When initiating the link building process, we not only pay attention to a personal and serious approach , but also to an empathetic and appropriate approach , which is primarily geared towards the target group. This includes both national and international addressees . Depending on the campaign, we send emails or sometimes also send letters (print mails). In our industry we are gratefully alone with this and, in addition to our empathic communication skills, have another strong USP!

When working with us as a link building agency, it is important that webmasters want to work with us and also work with us to achieve link growth via our high quality link building services.

Result-oriented link building without risk of penalty
When building high quality links, we forego tactics that have proven to be not result-oriented or even dangerous these days, such as backlink building via article directories. Certain industries or subject-related directories should not be ruled out across the board for link building.

When we build links, we pay attention to the subtle use of hard anchor texts or link texts. In addition, we only link meaningful link targets such as editorial contributions. Only if the linking of commercial subpages makes sense or the keywords have transaction-oriented search intent , we also link commercial offer pages directly. In this way we achieve a naturalness of the links that can hardly be refuted algorithmically and also humanely.

In our link building strategies, we pay attention to organic link growth, the number of backlinks and the quality of the links. SearchCombat develops individual link building strategies for every customer project to increase link popularity and domain popularity. The following criteria are also important:

  • Dofollow links
  • Topic relevant link environments
  • Links that bring visitors too
  • No reciprocal links via link exchange
  • Only conditionally hard link texts

Part of our custom Link building Services are extensive monthly reports on ranking changes of selected keywords(In our Managed SEO Campaigns), as well as regular reporting on the visibility of the entire domain and certain target pages or subject areas. In addition, our customers receive updated reports on the links and target pages we have set for all link types like Niche edits, Guest post links except PBN links.

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