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Monthly GMB Management

Stay ahead of the competition with our monthly GMB management service. Optimize your listing and attract more local customers

GMB Audit

Optimize your Google My Business listing for maximum visibility and customer engagement. Get our expert GMB audit service now

SearchCombat's Citation Vault

Simplify your local citations with Search Combat's Directory Vault. Get noticed and grow your business today

Business Citations

Boost your local SEO and online visibility with our business citations service. Get listed on top directories and attract more customers

Citation Audits

Ensure your business listings are accurate and consistent across the web with our citations audit service. Improve your local SEO now

Google Site Stacks

Dominate search results and boost your website's authority with our Google site stacks service. Get higher rankings and more traffic today.

Brand Networks

Build a powerful brand presence online with our web2.0 brand network stacks service. Connect with your audience and grow your business today

Custom Signal Links

Search Combat’s Custom Signals service is the ideal supplement to traditional content marketing and on-page optimization.

GEO Networks

Target local customers and dominate your niche with our web2.0 geo network stacks service. Boost your visibility and attract more business.


Ensure your business listings are accurate and consistent across the web with our citations audit service. Improve your local SEO now.

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Are Local SEO Services Suitable for me?

Local SEO Services is suitable for all sizes of businesses. Whether you are a freelancer or a large international, it does not matter.

You often have a physical location (shop / office), but that does not always have to be the case. Most importantly, however, your customers are looking for products or services close to where they are currently going. This could be a restaurant in a city they are visiting for the first time or a window cleaner if you have just moved.

How do you improve your local findability with local SEO?

The basics of Local search engine optimisation also apply to local SEO Services. However, there are a number of specific activities that ensure that your company is easier to find for people in your area.


Affordable Local Seo Services For You

Less Competition

You WHY BET ON LOCAL SEO? There are fewer providers at the local level. This means that you are less affected by competition compared to, for example, the national or international level. Local SEO means that you can gain a good position in Google faster. We are happy to show you how we approach this.

Higher Conversion

Many products and services are purchased locally. The chance that someone from the region will buy something from you is greater because of the distance. For example, if you want to buy a flower, you are not going to drive 80 km. You prefer to do this in the neighborhood.

Search Behavior Changes

The vast majority of the search behavior is locally oriented. But how do you ensure that you emerge when they are looking for the products and / or services you offer? We are happy to explain how we handle this.

Local Seo Services Works Great

Young and old, everyone is looking for information, articles, services and whatever you can think of. We are online everywhere. It doesn't matter whether you are on the other side of the world or in another city, a nice restaurant can be found online in no time.

Local SEO Services Features


This is the most important factor, as a local search engine wants to return the most relevant answer in the results displayed. A best results is only relevant if it matches what someone is looking for.


local search engine also takes the distance into account. The algorithm includes the distance between the location of the searcher and the local company. If you search via mobile devices, the location is not always correct, a search engine then looks at the location of your IP address for an indication.


How well known is your company? The better known and clearer Google can recognize your business as local and relevant, the better you will be reflected in the results. The combination of factors ultimately determines how you will appear in the search results.

Specific Searches Nearby

We often know very well what we want and therefore local search more and more specifically and preferably in the neighborhood. We are certainly locally action-oriented. Whether we want to buy something in a foreign city or whether we need to have a small repair done. Local long term results increasingly count.

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Asked Questions

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is part of search engine optimization and focuses on searches that are performed in a specific region.

A local SEO strategy consists of several parts.

  • A well-optimized Google business page with relevant information and reviews by your customers
  • Various optimizations on your own website
  • Local information on your website that helps Google rate your website as relevant.

With these actions it is possible to create the basis for a effective local search result in Google. In addition, local SEO is not only about findability within the Google search engine, but also how visible your company is in Google Maps, It helps you to grow your business online.

A Local SEO company or a local SEO agency will help you to grow your revenue without increasing the investments. Thus, you can scale your business by increasing the output of your company without increasing the inputs. Using white label SEO service, you can boost your client number. The SEO reseller help you in handling the work more efficiently even when the workload is high so you can focus local businesses. The management in our white label SEO service is highly professional and as per your need.

Many types of businesses depend mainly on local customers. Think for example of the hairdresser, dentist, restaurants, schools and pet stores. But also people who, for example, are looking for a coach or lawyer sometimes find it nice to choose a local company. Local SEO services is important for the following reasons:

High competition in Google

When your website is on a particular topic, it has to compete with the other websites on the same topic. Take a restaurant’s website, for example. A website in Google is not easy to find via the keyword “restaurant”. There are more than 2 billion results for this keyword. If you use a local search, for example “restaurant Melbourne”, far fewer results will appear. The ability to score high for this local search is therefore much easier than for a general search in search engines.

Increasing use of mobile internet

Due to the increasing use of mobile internet (via smartphones), search behavior via Google has changed considerably. For example, on the way there is searched for restaurants in the area. Often a restaurant is then chosen based on the reviews present within the Google business page. You understand that it is therefore very important that your company or website can be found in a specific location. This applies not only to restaurants, but also other local businesses that are picked on the go or on the couch.

Is everyone always looking for a keyword in combination with a city name? Not necessarily, but Google knows where the user is located in more than 90% of the searches. So a search for “restaurant” through Google Search or Google Maps will show results for nearby restaurants. Google knows how to “optimize” the search result based on your location.

Structured data or Schema markup

Structured what? Structured data is data that is placed in the source code of your website in a certain format. This data can be read and assessed by the Google Bot and others.

Create content so that your business is better found in your area

Content creation is still the best method for better findability. Optimize your (new) texts for your location, among other things. That does not mean that you now have to add the city name everywhere. Your information should still appear “natural”. The following types of content are ideal for “processing” the place name:

  • Case studies and product reviews business locations
  • The about us and contact page
  • Blog posts about local events or promotions
  • Information about the delivery and / or a local (installation) service
  • Testimonials from local customers

Submit your company to other websites

You have certainly heard this tip before, but we do not mean the 1000 start pages where you can register your website.  Creating Business citations and web2.0 profiles can help to get the relevancy both from a niche perspective as well as Geo perspective also relevancy via search engines to multiple locations.

Because the location of people is increasingly known via the smartphone, it is easier for Google to determine where someone is. People searching for businesses and places near their location will now see results that are “ physically ” close to them. These results are displayed in Google Maps and Google Search.

The results of local searches that appear in Google Search are referred to as the local 3-pack. The local 3-pack shows the three most relevant search results near the visitor in an overview. The local business 3 pack is the successor to the local 7 pack. In the past, 7 local search results were displayed. Google has now adjusted this to 3.

For example, if you search for ‘online marketing agency Melbourne’, Google will show the 3 most relevant local results under the folder. To appear in this overview, you must register your company in Google My Business.

To make you easy to find locally via local search rankings, We as a local SEO agency work according to a proven approach with our successful local seo campaign. Local SEO strategy optimizes all priorities for local findability. Our SEO services look at the optimizable content of your website, we call this On-Page optimization. Here SEO agency optimize the content, images, internal link structure, titles with local keywords of the website pages and the metadata.

We take care of your entire business listing on Google and organize it optimally. Google My Business is essential to be locally visible to people and businesses in the neighborhood. This ensures that customers can find you and have all the important information about your company. Today, 85% of mobile users use local searches online for local nearby businesses, such as restaurants, hairdressers, transportation companies and more.

Managing and optimizing your business information

Manage and optimize the information that visitors see on Google when they search for your product or service. Entrepreneurs who claim their business on Google my business are twice as likely to be considered reliable.

Insight into your online visibility on Google

With Google My Business insights you can see how (potential) customers search for your company and where they come from. You can then adjust your best  seo optimization to make optimal use of it.

Communicate with your customers

An important part of Google my business are customer reviews. This contributes significantly in converting visitors to customers. Post images and posts of your company and show what your company is up to. This accounts for over 40% of directions requests and over 35% more website visitors.

Google Local Pack (Google Map Pack)

No doubt that you’ve done a search and come across Google Maps search results. Google is the first to show 3 local companies that match the search. This is also referred to as the Google 3 pack.

Google 3-pack the first visible search results

You will understand that these local businesses get the most traffic. Simply because they are in the first 3 local search results. With local SEO via our local seo consultant we ensure that you get a top position in this 3-pack.

We can Help with all of this as we are one of the best local seo companies out here

Local SEO Services is a type of service that is used to get detailed information about local businesses, their physical location and their actions, which is helpful if you are a local business owner. Our Local SEO Company Services is a new way for local businesses to get their online presence noticed by customers through local seo campaign which is perfect for businesses that are located in a small area. In the past, it was very hard for local businesses to get online, especially if they live in a small area, but now businesses can have their website seen by customers and increase their sales.

There is a wide range of SEO strategies that have been developed to help search engines provide relevant results to a searcher by our local SEO company. The 5-step SEO process of link-building, keyword research, content-writing, on-site optimization, and off-site optimization is used by local businesses to drive traffic to their website to expand their customer base. A local business that has ranked high in search engines is another win for a local business, since it means more customers.

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