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Don’t have the time or experience to write a press release distribution service and send it to the media? We will help you to draw attention to news about your organization through publicity; from national and regional media, blogs, and news sites to radio or TV

With SearchCombat, you can send your own press release distribution services or have a message drawn up by a team of experienced PR professionals. This way you can ensure that your organization becomes visible in the media.

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Copywriting by professionals

We offer end-to-end market research tailored to your needs by our qualified and innovative researchers.

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The collected information is analyzed by our experts using digital analytics to determine impacting values.

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Utilize efficient data mining to develop flexible models for your business/customers/market.

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We have been overcoming challenges with expertise for years and will do your web research.

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You choose a package and make an order with all the Details about your company and social media via our easy-to-use portal. We will contact you for the necessary information and then write your press release distribution.


You send us your press release and we will check it critically. Does it meet the requirements, the spelling is correct and above all, it is good construction? If we Write the Release, we will get it checked by you before it gets posted.


We send your press release to the editors of media outlets, newspapers and magazines and other distribution channels. We also send it directly to hundreds of journalists and all press release distribution services. We also send it to Google news approved Sites and other relevant social media platforms.


Once the press release distribution services is published, we send you a full report with all the news sites that the release has been submitted to via our easy to use portal. You can keep the report for future reference.

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Asked Questions

An easy and cost-effective service for checking, writing and sending press releases to relevant media. The best Press Release Distribution Services makes sending press releases affordable, accessible and effective.


The Press Release Distribution Services is for every organization that deserves media attention and wants to seek publicity via media outlets and public relations.


You can start immediately with best Press Release Service. After you have chosen an option, you will be given the opportunity to provide input for writing a press release content or a self-written press release. The turnaround time to the sending of the press release will be a maximum of seven working days, depending on the most suitable timing for sending the message. We take public holidays and holiday periods into account in our or distribution.


That depends on the option you choose for your or distribution. If you choose the option ‘check and send’, the delivered press release will be checked. If you choose the option “write and send”, the input provided will be processed by us into a newsworthy press release. We will advise on all options for our best press release distribution services and be fair if we deem it too unlikely that the message will be taken over by the media. With both options, the message is sent to relevant media coverage websites for search engines.

We do not guarantee free publicity via news outlets. We do our utmost to get your organization in the media outlets/media sites. We will therefore always advise you on the most newsworthy angle and the best timing for a press release. Small business or big company, anyone can use our best press release distribution services and benefit from them.


Press releases usually provide informative news that should be of interest to many readers. For example seasonal events, awards, advertising campaigns or presentations of new products or leading articles on specific topics. Writing a press release, however, is not easy and it definitely belongs in professional hands. Having a press release created is more advisable and effective. If you want to write a press release yourself, you should orient yourself to the typical “W” questions. “Who” is it? “What” is the point or the actual message? “When” was or is the happening or the event? “Where” does it take place or did it take place? “Why” and “How” is the event important?

Confusing sentence constructions
Unnecessary repetitions
A boring introduction
Descriptions to be carried out

The important introduction information manifests itself in place and date and should ideally be mentioned first. Even after a bombastic, inviting headline, it is important to pick up the reader and transport them through the content. A successful introduction is half the battle here. The first sentence after the headline in particular should slide into the content in a relaxed and engaging manner. The introduction can consist of one or two sentences and should summarize the most important things.

1. Write the place and date in the press release
2. Encourage the reader with a successful introduction to the text
3. The opening sentence should be at least as captivating as the heading
4. The content should be as long as necessary, but as short and compact as possible
5. Arouse interest
6. Avoid grammatical errors
7. Identify target group
8. If necessary, incorporate additional links and sources

Basically, when creating a press release, you should ask yourself: Is the information really worth reporting and will be a hit in news and social media? It is not always worthwhile to make a publication about every process, but one should not leave the public in the dark either. The addressee is also important when it comes to the subject. Is the press release intended for a journalist or primarily for a consumer who might find out about new products online? Topics that journalists primarily report on include innovations in production processes, but also changes in internal structures such as a change in management. While consumers, on the other hand, like to be specifically informed about new products.


An interesting topic alone does not bring readers, especially with pr distribution that are published on the Internet, an attractive introduction is the most important point for a press release. The title should be meaningful, but only reveal enough that the reader is encouraged to read the first paragraph. Titles that are too long do not encourage you to read on, as does a subject that is too vague. The first paragraph should be no longer than about 200 characters and should briefly outline the content of the press release. The title and paragraph are crucial for a good press release, because they are used to “fish” the reader and introduce them to the topic. Only in the main part is the topic discussed in detail and the reader given further information. If the reader is not already convinced with the first lines.

Start your press release clearly: indicate that it is a press release. Therefore write “Press release” at the top of your message. Also state the date and place.

The press release consists of the following parts:


The headline should summarize in one sentence the message you want to convey with the message. You can use a subheading to clarify your headline, but avoid long sentences.


The intro, also called lead, contains the most important information briefly and concisely: who, what, where, when, why? After reading the intro, the meaning of your message must be clear, the rest of the text provides more background information. The intro is short, keep 30 to 50 words.


After the intro, a further elaboration follows. Mention the most important news again, but provide more explanation and background information and place the information in the correct context.

Note for editors

You end a press release with a note to the editor of public relations. Here you indicate where a journalist or editor can get more information. Enter names, email addresses, and phone numbers of contacts, or refer to a website for more information. Usually this note is separate from the message, for clarity use a number of blank lines or a horizontal line. Also indicate that this information is not intended for publication. Of course, you do not want personal contact details to be copied in social media.

We are not going to say that we are unique. That quickly sounds a bit corny. But the fact that this tool was conceived and developed by journalists makes SearchCombat a little extra special. We have also been sitting on the other side of the table for years and therefore know exactly how a journalist or blogger likes to consume their press release. We have incorporated that knowledge into SearchComabat’s Operations along with our excellent customer service. Before your press release is sent, we do a final check. In addition, you do not have to take out an expensive subscription with us. Generating PR has rarely been this cheap, actually.


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