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17 Important KPIs That Will Helps To Measure Your YouTube Channel Growth

17 Important KPIs That Will Helps To Measure Your YouTube Channel Growth After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the internet world. YouTube is a platform to create & upload short, long videos and engage your target customers. It has its own set of KPIs to measure the success of your videos. Youtube KPI or metrics is an amazing measurement tool used for analyzing your YouTube video performance. Boosting your YouTube KPI is important to get a higher rank and increase your brand popularity. Here is the list of the most essential YouTube metrics and KPIs to develop

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B2B potential online: content marketing & SEO optimization

B2B potential online: content marketing & SEO optimization Website as a digital distribution channel Many wholesale and medium-sized companies traditionally use trade fairs to attract new customers, in order to present themselves, their products, and their services. But in times of the Corona crisis, most trade fairs and industry meetings are canceled, which makes new customer business in B2B more difficult. Even the classic field service is reaching its limits in these times, as it either stands in front of closed doors or personal contact is made more difficult due to safety and hygiene measures. There comes a question: As

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7 steps to the right SEO strategy

7 steps to the right SEO strategy Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Expensive? Google’s top 10 results are unattainable for ‘normal’ medium-sized websites? Depends on! Let’s go – your rankings are waiting! Step # 1: Keyword Research The landing page – this is the landing page that should be found on Google. The beginning of the landing page development is marked by the selection of suitable “keywords” – selected key terms that form the basis of the content orientation. If these terms are searched on Google, we want to be found.   When it comes to a company website,

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How to index a site on Google

How to index a site on Google Have you created a website or blog and don’t know how to make it appear on Google? Of course, it would make no sense to have a website that is not on Google and other search engines. So, once published, the site must be indexed, that is, it must be included in the indexes, as the word itself says, and it is essential for potential customers, or simple visitors, to find your site on the Web. Very often Google can automatically find new sites through the spiders that scan the Web. This happens

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Unexpected ‘easy’ brand naming, know how to secure dot-com domain

Unexpected ‘easy’ brand naming, know how to secure dot-com domain Names have an important place in marketing. One of the customers who commissioned the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project was having the problem that the brand name was the same as the movie title, so when you searched for the brand name, the movie-related page appeared on the top page. Since the movie is so famous, there are a lot of related content and a lot of links, so we revise our search engine optimization strategy in the direction of changing the brand name. To rank higher in search engines,

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How Google rates sites

How Google rates sites If you are looking for a “technical and scientific” explanation of how the Google search engine works, I must immediately inform you that you won’t find it in this article. What I want to share here is instead the result of my experience, and certainly also of the studies I have done, but I am not a professional in numbers and statistics. Unfortunately, I don’t have a mathematical aptitude and I am always fascinated by those who know how to do calculations, put together formulas, create reports and strategies, certainly very useful and effective. But I

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