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B2B potential online: content marketing & SEO optimization

Website as a digital distribution channel Many wholesale and medium-sized companies traditionally use trade fairs to attract new customers, in order to present themselves, their products, and their services. But in times of the Corona crisis, most trade fairs and industry meetings are canceled, which makes new customer business in

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7 steps to the right SEO strategy

Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Expensive? Google’s top 10 results are unattainable for ‘normal’ medium-sized websites? Depends on! Let’s go – your rankings are waiting! Step # 1: Keyword Research The landing page – this is the landing page that should be found on Google. The beginning of the

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How to index a site on Google

Have you created a website or blog and don’t know how to make it appear on Google? Of course, it would make no sense to have a website that is not on Google and other search engines. So, once published, the site must be indexed, that is, it must be

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