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Safe, Scalable Blogger Outreach Service that Yield results

We help businesses and marketers improve their organic rankings with permanent, secure, relevant link building which is scalable as well.

It’s not just link building, our team handpicks every placement ensuring high relevancy with a strong blend of Average Monthly Traffic, No. of referring domains, backlink profiles, and domain rating. We don’t believe in old school metrics like PA/DA.

We ensure high-quality content, as per guidelines of the participating blogger which goes through multiple edits before going live.


Our impressive Rolodex of Content Managers and Website Owners give us exclusive access to arrange link placements at scale.


we aim for the best possible results as we plan your campaigns.

Industry Relevance

We ensure your links are placed inside content on sites that are relevant to your clients. We are one fo the top blogger outreach service providers in the world.

Live Traffic

We place your content links on high traffic sites that Google already shows a lot of love to.

Quality Content

Our native writers will write the unique and high quality SEO friendly content related to your niche.

Real Websites

We only work with high-quality sites run by real people. No spam or PBN or low-quality sites. We do bulk orders mostly and know the game inside out.

How does it work?

Our procedure is quite smooth. Our expert team has categorized the blogger outreach services into the following steps:

Choose Your URL And Anchor Text.

You choose the website url for which you need the link via your outreach campaign. You can also provide us with the targeted keyword and the Anchor text for the in-content editorial links. After that, all the campaign is fully managed by our expert team, and you can relax because you are getting our high-quality service.

Link Prospecting

Our guest post link services Team identify the best possible sites in your particular niche, recommend & negotiate content for blogger’s appoval.

Content Writing

Our native writers will write a Unique piece of SEO friendly content related to your KW with a creative angle to your niche.

Link Placements And Management

Our outreach team works on finding the right sites and blogs for your website, which can give you authority and referral traffic. In our blogger outreach campaigns , we always do an excellent analysis to find out the best sites in your niche. As soon as we get approval from the site, we write content for link placements and send it to the relevant blogger.

Concise And Transparent Reporting

Transparency is the key feature of our service. We make sure that trust is always there between the client and us. For this, we consistently report the results and success of the campaign in the form of statistics and metrics so it can be evaluated and accessed. That is why, we provide you with all information about URLs, pages and anchor text as soon as the content links are live on-site via white label reports.

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“Search Combat has been a great link partner for our company. With great link inventory, metrics and site quality - we're always very happy with what they provide to our clients. Highly recommend them for SEO and Backlinks”

Joash Boyton, Acquiry


“The team at SearchCombat has been our sole supplier for SEO and Link Building projects. We have achieved some Great results by using Ravi's team and have an Ongoing Collaboration with them for few years now and its been amazing.”

Stephen Esk, DMA Australia


"I've been using Search Combat and Ravi for the past 2 years and have had great results across my portfolio of sites. They offer a great selection of guest posts and niche edits. Their turn around time is great and the price is right.

Michael Branover, SEO Visible Marketing


About Guest Post Service

Blogger outreach service is a service that enables you to make relationships with famous bloggers and blog networks and gain a backlink from their authority domains. These backlinks count as a vote for the quality of your website. The link quality of the blog network are best to obtain a referral from because they offer the most benefits. SearchCombat offers the blogger outreach services with our vast network of bloggers which are real people with real blogs. We help you to build bulk backlinks with our expert team that is available to plan the best blogs for you to get you quality links.

Finding the right websites in your niche and contacting them to build your backlink profile is time-consuming as well as challenging task. You need to follow the blog outreach process and send outreach emails to all bloggers and wait for them to reply back.

Our team finds and explores the authority domains in your niche and finds out which bloggers can give you secure and robust backlinks. The members of our team have years of experience in reaching out to people precisely and convincing them to provide us with a backlink in the form of an in-content editorial link. We have expert copywriters who write precise email copies to reach out to the bloggers and get them convinced efficiently. Our expert content writers write outstanding content, and your links are embedded naturally. The all in one team for each project is what makes us different from others. You will get the best dofollow backlinks with correct anchor text when you use our service.

Over the years of our service in the industry, we have established excellent relationships and links with the bloggers. This experience and connections help us to get you the best blog outreach services. Our outreach process is guaranteed to give you long term results.

Blog Outreach service is an integral part of off-page SEO. The guest posting feature is beneficial for new and young websites to do link building, but blogger outreach services is more helpful than that. Our excellent quality outreach service gains many benefits. Our uniqueness is that we give you the backlinks as per your demand. If you want a backlink from a website of 1200 RD, we can arrange it efficiently as well as the backlink from a domain of 400 RD. It is all dependent on your choice and budget. Our team will never put restrictions on your order, unlike many sellers of this service do. Our team is well-experienced to acquire quality links of any RD or DR, Keyword amount or domain amount. Our competitors are far behind from us when it comes to high-quality link building.  We are here in this market to fill this gap created by the low quality services out there. Our team can develop any backlink of your choice once you provide the URLs, Anchor text and niche. The domain authority and piece of content is of high quality to get you the most benefit. We have a strong social media presence and have a successful Facebook group. Our services are very well received within the community.

Our outreach service can help you to get the authority of your websites. Your website will get more trusted by search engines as well as the users with our blog outreach service that helps promote your service page or blog guest post links via the optimised anchor text when acquiring backlink. The overall SEO of your site improves, and it gets ranked on the first page.

We can build backlinks for your website in any niche or topic which you want except adult/porn or pharma. We work in all kinds of areas, and our team is well-experienced to handle any niche via our outreach services. We deliver real results via our quality links that will help your drive organic traffic and provide boost in rankings. We can also take care of content creation for you(limited word count) or you can provide your own content to out outreach team to get real results that you desire.

We work with local businesses, affiliate marketers, influencer marketing professionals and authority site owners for their backlink requirements.

We will gladly use the anchor text that you provide. You can also use exact match anchor text to your money kW if you like but we highly recommend mixing and keeping the anchor text ratio good for your guest posts. Our outreach efforts are always targeted to get the same texts placed as a part of our outreach process but if the bloggers reject the anchors, we can always improvise and get the text replaced while still maintaining the link quality.

It depends on your choice and your budget. Our writers are trained and experienced to write useful blogs, starting from 500 words to whatever length you need. So, you can evaluate and decide it yourself or leave it up to our team.

Our experienced team of native writers write the content for all the posts of outreach services. They are highly experienced and well trained for this job. You will get high-quality content from them.

A no-follow backlink is of almost no use for search engine rankings. That is why we stay away from such backlinks. Our SEO agency provides our clients with all do-follow links for guest post or niche edit links and make sure that the blogger gives you a do-follow link. In case you do not get a do-follow link, we give you the service again. We also write the blog posts that we want to use for getting guest post links.

Yes, we are unique because we give you all the rights to choose everything as per your need and choice. Our consultants can help you to get the best one for your website, but you can also tell us if you specifically want some authority score of the site for backlinks.

Improve your Rankings

Blogger outreach services strategy brings backlinks for your website from the sites which have competent domain authority and has been used by marketing professionals for years. Thus, your website gets faster indexing and recognition by google algorithms and it also helps with website traffic boost and link building authority. Google and other search engines recognize your website as relevant and useful, so it gets improvement in rankings. Blogger outreach service helps with the off-page SEO of your site, and the ranks get improved fast.

Real Quality Natural Backlinks

All the sites which are selected for link building in blog outreach services are real with the correct use of anchor texts. The sites agree to give backlinks via guest blog posts because of the relationship we developed with them in years. The websites are selected only on the basis of the quality they offer. If a backlink does not have merit or doesn’t provide the user experince, it is not worth the effort. One quality backlink can outrank thousands of low-quality backlinks and our case studies prove them. That is why our team carefully selected useful websites url for outreaching and also provide content ideas to the bloggers. 

Incredibly Targeted Results

Our team is entirely focused on getting you the most beneficial results and best user experience with our outreach and customer service. A backlink can only be most helpful when it gets a high click rate. This can be ensured by selecting the websites wisely so that the links are laced only in those websites whose readers can be interested in coming to your site. This type of targeted results generates the maximum potential of a backlink.

Excellent Referring Domains Count

All the websites are selected based on their domain authority. Referring domains is a metric which contributes to domain authority. Our outreach service is designed such that it only selects the domains which have at least 50 referring domains. The best thing is that you can choose the RD according to your choice and budget. We give you the backlinks with the site’s authority as per your demand. We keep all rights reserved while guest posting or in-content editorials links on that site.

Referring Traffic

Link building comes with a boost in traffic and clicks on your website. The clicks are voluntarily done without any call to action, so this traffic has a high retention rate. In case this traffic comes from a popular site. The users will pay attention to your site and think that you are a good and trustful site, that is why popular website quoted you. Thus, you gain the trust of users as well as the search engine when you pay attention to the right link building.


We select the websites for link building very wisely so that that they are highly relevant and close to your niche. In this way, you get traffic which is interested in your site. Google also checks this metric while indexing your website. We keep the backlinks very specific and keep the content about your niche. The focus on the relevancy of backlinks with your site increases their authority.

Minimal Footprints

Our service is focused on giving you a natural and safe service. That is why we do not leave any sign of guest posting. All the backlinks are published by editorial in-content links which have better authority and safety. This makes google believe that all the backlinks are natural and given to your site because it is useful.

Grow your Revenue

The primary reason for all this hassle is to get more revenue and income. Link building will increase the brand awareness of your company, and in this way, eventually, you will get more clients and sales. Thus your profit rises with excellent outreach service so you must pay attention to getting this benefit.

No Duplication

We keep the track record of the outreach services we provided to your site. In this way, we can avoid the duplication of a backlink from an authority website. Any backlink is useful when you get it first time from a website. The repeated backlinks do not add much value, so we make sure that you do not waste money on them.

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