Blog Create In 2021: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

You made the decision to create your own blog. But there are thousands of questions buzzing around in your head:  What blog platforms are there? Where can I blog for free? How do I find the right topic for my own blog? How do I get visitors? And how can I even earn money as […]

7 simple questions to help you find the right blog topic, guaranteed

The success of your blog depends crucially on its author. Exactly from you! From your motivation and passion, you invested in the blog and the value you can offer your readers. If you want to create your blog, you should think carefully about which blog topic you want to write about and why. And that […]

How to find a blog and domain name that you will be happy with years later

The right blog and the domain name can be crucial. For the first impression. And for someone to remember your blog. Of course, as a blogger, you can always rebrand and choose a different blog and domain name. But in 99% of all cases, this is associated with a loss of visitors and income. To […]

Keyword Research: Use Categories

The most important and paramount part of the search engine optimization process is the research of keywords and phrases. Keyword research helps answer an important question: “What queries do people use in search engines to find products and services on a website?” Your research process will ultimately determine the method that will be used to […]

How to develop a long-term SEO strategy for your users [ 1 ]

Even managers are beginning to understand that, by its nature, search engine optimization is as stable as a radioactive isotope in a particle accelerator… It is bound to become an explosive mixture if it is not built around the consumers/end users of a website.   According to Chris Marentis (Search Engine Land), however, this is not […]

Tips and ideas on how to get your blog out there

You hardly get any traffic, and you want to make your blog known? Then it’s time to get the word out! Because it’s not enough to write good blog posts to get your blog read, you have to actively promote your blog (at least initially) so that you get regular visitors. In the following, you […]

The best image databases (some of them are free)

Images are essential for any website. They breathe life, convey emotions, and loosen up extensive contributions in the right place. There’s only one problem: Finding suitable pictures is not that easy. In addition, there are pitfalls with image rights that can quickly cost you expensive warning fees and damages. But don’t panic! In this article, […]

5 essential steps to improve your Google ranking

You’re sick of it. You’ve been dealing with SEO for weeks or even months. Perhaps you’ve tried to find keywords on your own. Optimize meta titles and descriptions. Or improve your PageSpeed score. But your Google rankings just don’t want to go up. Or you are a complete beginner and so overwhelmed by the amount […]

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