Google My Business manual: improved local Visibility in 4 steps

What is Google My Business? You want to eat out tonight, but you have no idea at which restaurant. So you grab Google and search for a restaurant in the area, for example, with the search query [restaurant near me]. Google will list the restaurants in your locality of which you can immediately see the […]

How to index a site on Google

Have you created a website or blog and don’t know how to make it appear on Google? Of course, it would make no sense to have a website that is not on Google and other search engines. So, once published, the site must be indexed, that is, it must be included in the indexes, as […]

Local SEO optimization for Google My Business

Nowadays, more and more people prefer Google to search for products and services they need in a certain place and time. So Google, to try to improve the service it offers, has decided to optimize the Google My Business (GMB) company cards, inserting them in the organic search results. These cards contain all the necessary […]

The best image databases of 2021

  Images are essential for any website. They breathe life, convey emotions, and loosen up extensive contributions in the right place. There’s only one problem: Finding suitable pictures is not that easy. In addition, there are pitfalls with image rights that can quickly cost you expensive warning fees and damages. But don’t panic! In this […]

Optimizing Google My Business: 8 useful tips

Google My Business is an essential tool for any online business. What are the benefits of Google My Business, and does it help you with SEO? In this blog, you will discover: What Google My Business is and how to sign up? What are the benefits of local SEO? 8 helpful tips for getting the […]

Which factors contribute to the findability in Google?

Which factors contribute to the findability in Google? 10 Tips to Build Authority You are committed to increasing the online exposure of your website. You have written (new) SEO texts based on keyword research, and you are actively blogging. Still, this does not give you the results you hoped for. If you search on Google […]

How do you reach ‘position 0’ on Google? Featured snippets explained.

It is the challenge of every SEO marketer to reach position 1 in the search results. But did you also know that you can reach a ‘position 0’? And maybe even easier. We are talking about ‘featured snippets’ here. These are the search results at the top of the page and immediately answer the ‘How’ […]

Using AMP pages for SEO? Or not?

With the renewed test tool from Google, Test My Site, the discussion about speeding up mobile websites flares up again. The tool emphasizes the importance of mobile speed with two new informative functions. The latest version tests the speed of its own website, but the testing tool also shows how the performance is compared with […]

What is a Google Stack – GStack

A Google stack is a commonly used link building tool by international SEO experts. All Google tools such as Google my maps, Google Drive, Google slides, Google forms, drawing and Google sites are cleverly stacked with the essential keywords interwoven in the texts. It is also used to test the competition. This in a nutshell. […]

Are there any alternatives to Google My Business?

Are there any alternatives to Google My Business? Google My Business is an important part of your local SEO. But are there any alternatives? To get straight to the point: If you don’t feel like using Google My Business and therefore want to avoid the whole topic and look for alternatives: Forget it! According to […]

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