Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide

What are keywords and search terms? Keywords or search terms are words used in a search engine to perform a search. When you get started optimizing your website, it is important to know what popular search terms are in your industry. The phrase ‘keyword’ can give you the wrong impression that it is one specific […]

BERT update from Google: finally, someone who understands you!

The time has come: Google has now introduced its new update, which has already been rolled out. BERT who? BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. This is the name under which Google has rolled out its latest algorithm update. This update is not just an update between nose and lips but is called […]

Put your store on the map with Voice Search

Put your store on the map with Voice Search. As an online marketing agency, we ensure more visitors to the websites of our customers. But as a clothing store, hotel or car garage, you naturally also want to attract people to your physical location. Being present online through a website and social media page already […]

Google Analytics 4: The new kid on the block

Suddenly he was there in your Google Analytics management menu. The tempting ‘Upgrade to GA4’ button. Even when creating a new property, Google Analytics 4 was suddenly the default choice. The possibility to use an old trusted Universal Analytics property has Google hidden well in the advanced options. So Google Analytics 4, the completely renewed […]

Private blog network: this is how you build your private blog network!

Before reading this article, I have 2 questions for you! Do you want to build strong backlinks that will bring your niche site to the first page of Google? Do you want to rank for profitable keywords with relatively little effort and in a short time? If your answer is YES two times, then you […]

Link network: How can I set up a link network myself?

Almost every SEO agency accumulates a considerable amount of domains over time. Many agencies use the domains directly as satellites or presell pages for customers; others set up more general pages or portals such as bookmark services, counters, forums, etc. What is particularly important when setting up a link network? You should use at least […]

Improve Netlinking With Expired Domains

When it comes to getting a good ranking on Google’s first page, the competition is fierce. Under these conditions, it is essential to create quality content and optimize it for search engines in the hope of making its way into the top positions on a lasting basis.But the simple content, although of quality, is not […]

Google knows everything: what that means for your link network?

Every good SEO needs backlinks to do its job. Link exchange is time-consuming, often unsuccessful, and expensive (which customer would like to pay that?). Web catalogs and article directories are dead – social bookmarks are worthless anyway. So what’s left? Some will think of their link network. But how do I hide this from Google? […]

Link network exposed: this is how Google discovers your network!

I often see SEO agencies and SEOs who play with their link network and follow almost all the usual rules. How would there be: Variable Whois data Class C variance Variable backlink structures of the satellite pages Different templates Unique texts Always changing anchor text. Etc… So far, so good, but then most of them […]

Basics of Web Marketing

The word marketing may be simple but difficult to explain. What is marketing in the first place? “The ideal of marketing is to eliminate the need for sales. The goal of marketing is to understand customers, tailor products and services to customers, and to sell naturally.” Marketing basics Even in web marketing, the importance of […]

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