Why is Site Structure so Important for your website’s SEO

Creating the perfect site structure or site architecture is so important because it improves SEO tremendously. Good website architecture is a secret to a long-running and successful campaign. If you want to rank better than your competitors, the following points explain why and how to structure your website for SEO. Let us first know what […]

What is conversion rate optimization?

You’ve probably heard of SEO, CTA, and CRM before. Nevertheless, a small three-letter acronym may have escaped your attention: the CRO.   A conversion takes place when a visitor, lead, or customer performs a desired action. This action can be a purchase, filling out a form, or even downloading an e-book. The end goal is […]

5 SEO Trends to Know for 2021

What will 2021 be like for SEO professionals? Discover the 5 Important Trends You Need to Know to Improve Your SEO! 1) FOCUS ON THE USER AND SEARCH INTENTIONS In 2021, now is the time to focus on user and research intent. Although this is not a new trend or concept, it is important to […]

GDPR checklist for bloggers and online entrepreneurs

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is a challenge for many entrepreneurs in all industries. What is to be done? What to think about? The requirements depend on whether you are the head of a large corporation or a sole proprietorship owner. For bloggers and online entrepreneurs, it is challenging to select the essentials from […]

Google Core Update: keywords and websites analyzed

  The Google Core Update was one of the most far-reaching updates in the last 2 years. That much is certain. But what exactly has Google changed with the recent update? And what lessons can be learned from this for the future? To find out, I analysed websites and the rankings of over keywords. In […]

Creating a WordPress backup: the complete guide (including plugin tips!)

The ultimate disaster: WordPress is crazy and no longer works properly. Nothing more to be done to get the site up and running again. Such situations produce winners and losers. The winner has performed regular backups in the past and can restore a current backup in just a few seconds. The loser has renounced it […]

The best image databases of 2021

  Images are essential for any website. They breathe life, convey emotions, and loosen up extensive contributions in the right place. There’s only one problem: Finding suitable pictures is not that easy. In addition, there are pitfalls with image rights that can quickly cost you expensive warning fees and damages. But don’t panic! In this […]

SEO report? Monthly reporting for your SEO success

Finally, your website is completely SEO proof. Now what? Are you already measuring SEO progress? Or do you have any idea what to do or where to look at? A monthly SEO report is essential to measure progress. If you compare the changes from day to day, you will miss your SEO campaign’s most significant […]

SEO Translations For Your International Website

Do you also want to make your websites and products findable in international search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, or Yahoo? Then your web texts must be SEO optimized for all different countries. SEO texts and SEO translations are the key to success for any international website. HOW ARE SEO TEXTS WRITTEN? Using the […]


Before you start with search engine optimization, an SEO audit shows you the technical (loading times, page structure, etc.) and content (headings, link quality, etc.) status of your website. Weak points become visible and can be optimized. In this article, you will find out what an SEO audit looks like and which SEO factors are […]

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