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Audit + Cleanup


Audit + Cleanup


Audit + Cleanup


Better results are achieved


Consistent information is ensured by manual outreach, updates, and verification

Getting Rid of irrelevant Citations - Let's Clean Up

A comprehensive audit of citations and business listings is the first step in our process. Manually verify the accuracy of all business listings for the brand in Google’s index to ensure accuracy. 

The next step is to manually contact any directory sites that contain incorrect Name, Address, or Phone (NAP). SearchCombat branded email must be used for this outreach process.  Changing, updating, or removing duplicate listings will only be done by the directories if they are confident an authorized representative for the brand is requesting it.

To verify that every discovered citation inconsistency is corrected, a manual outreach is completed and then results are verified. Each citation is double-checked and verified!

Our Citations Service Will Take Care Of Citations So You Can Focus On What Matters Most - Your Business.

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT for Citation Cleanup Services?

With Our Team of Experts, You Can Achieve Maximum Results in Minimal Time

Sites with perfect listings

By rigorously auditing, cleaning up, optimizing, and building listings on local search sites, our listing experts do diligent, manual work. It corrects errors, removes duplicate listings.

Expansion of local footprints

The list of sites we do our exhaustive cleanup on will be supplemented by new listings (and we'll try to correct any errors/duplicates), so that your business has a larger volume of well-optimized.

White label-friendly report with detailed information

An extensive report will be sent to you with links to all your listings, usernames and passwords, listing statuses, and notes from the team. You can easily share the report with your client.

Unrestricted ongoing support (no recurring fees)

A dedicated support team will be available throughout the project and afterward. Do you have a new number? Have you changed your address? Nothing to worry about.

Process for full-scope citation audits and cleanups​

The best way to optimize your local listings is to combine our citation building services and our citation audit and clean-up services so you can get the most effective listing optimization service at the best value.

Ensure your business has an in-depth citation audit

Complete a NAP audit first

Find errors and duplicates

Inconsistencies should be manually updated

Listing duplication must be suppressed

Cleanup in multiple stages

Make sure all citations are correct

Our team monitors and tracks the corrections


The timeline is four to six weeks


Provide a detailed, comprehensive report

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Asked Questions

In citation cleanup, we will manually detect, edit, and update your existing citations and remove duplicates. In order to provide citation cleanup services,Search Combat Services takes the following steps.

  • The discovery and editing of inaccurate and duplicate citations should be done manually.
  • Identify discrepancies in names, addresses, and phone numbers (NAP) on the websites in your chosen package and then correct/unify them and eliminate duplicates.
  • Getting rid of all inaccurate listings in business directories.
  • All directories from the package you selected need to have business descriptions.
  • Enhancing your citations with photos, categories, and keywords.
  • Your listings will be linked in detailed reports.
  • In a few weeks, we will deliver citations.
  • After our job has been completed and you have become the owner of your listings, we will continue to provide support.
  • A one-time fee is charged for refreshing your company’s data whenever necessary.

Our clients choose us over our competitors because of the following benefits: 

  • Instead of recurring fees, one-time fees are charged
  • Instead of renting your listings, own them
  • Audit and Cleanup of all listings completely and properly
  • Sites of importance were highlighted
  • Sites specific to industries and cities are included in the package
  • Savings over time and lower costs

Depending on your package choice, we focus on the sites that have the biggest impact on your local search rankings. Our basic coverage will also extend to a number of additional sites (depending on your package selection). Manual work is also done on these additional sites. During our review of your presence on these sites, we’ll focus on building out additional volume, but we’ll also try to correct any errors we find. Our first step is to check the top of our list of the most valuable sites for a listing. A new one is created if there is none. Our next step is to check for errors (and correct them if they exist).

Inconsistent and duplicate listings can occur for a variety of reasons. A very good chance is that you are in need of this service if you have recently changed the name, address, or phone number of your business and have not updated your business listings.

It is important to have the same NAP across all of your listings when it comes to local search rankings. Changing one of these elements and not adjusting your listings accordingly will result in new listings generated with the new business details. These new listings will coexist with the old ones, reducing your chances of attracting new clients.

Take a moment to run a search on your business if you don’t remember if your listings were updated after your last change of location, name, or phone number. Your business will appear in search results if there are inaccurate listings floating around. Customer feedback is also important. The chances of you needing a cleanup, if your customers keep telling your staff that they called several telephone numbers before contacting you, or if they were directed to your old address by online maps only to discover that you had moved, are high.

The number of citations and NAP consistency are still two of the Local Search Ranking Signals. Citations are essential for improving local search rankings. A website may list one phone number while another may list a different number. You will lose business if you do this. Potential clients will not only be confused as to which are the correct contact details, but Google may also be confused as to which are correct as well. This data is checked by Google on hundreds of different websites, so you should be listed on as many as possible.

Citation Audits check the business details you have provided to key citation websites, and data aggregators, to ensure that the information you have provided is accurate.

In addition to the NAP, the address, website, and other details are also checked to ensure that they are accurate.
It is important that your NAP remains the same across all of your key sites and data aggregators. It is extremely important that NAPs are consistent.

We make sure that any sites that have incorrect data are corrected as soon as possible.

There will be a process by which any duplicate listings will either be consolidated where possible, or the duplicate listings will be removed.

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