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Competitor Social Analysis Services We Offer

Analyzing your competitors means collating and analyzing their products, practices, strengths, weaknesses, and marketing campaigns to evaluate your position against them. With our competitive analysis services, Search Combat can help you evaluate competitors to gain a competitive edge while improving your business. Our experts conduct competitor benchmarking based on specific parameters such as revenue, headcount, traffic volume, location, etc.

We can help you identify and understand your competitors and plan strategies against them with our cost-effective and reliable competitor analysis services. Information about competitors’ customer bases, financial positions, marketing campaigns, investments, mergers, acquisitions, new product launches, etc., is monitored by our experts. To improve your overall competitive position in the market, we define the metrics, identify your competitors, collect pertinent data, and analyze it.

Improve your marketing by keeping an eye on your competitors Right Side Points

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Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT For Competitor Social Analysis Services?

Research and analysis of the market

We offer end-to-end market research tailored to your needs by our qualified and innovative researchers.

Analyses of digital data

The collected information is analyzed by our experts using digital analytics to determine impacting values.

Data Mining

Utilize efficient data mining to develop flexible models for your business/customers/market.

Web Research

We have been overcoming challenges with expertise for years and will do your web research.

How does social media competitor analysis Service work?

Evaluate Products And Services

It will usually be the products or services that generate the most revenues or demonstrate the most significant potential for growth.

Identify Direct Competitors

These are the competitors who compete for the same market with comparable products or services—an accountant competing against another accountant

Identify Indirect Competitors

Despite targeting the same market, these competitors offer different products and services. For example, There is competition between accountants and bookkeepers.

Conduct Competitors Social Strategy Analysis

We will then analyse all social avenues and platforms to find gaps in your strategy compared to the best performing businesses in your niche

Investigate Your Competitors Businesses

There are several factors to consider, such as pricing strategies, distribution and delivery strategies, market share, new products or services, long-standing, highest-spending customers, after-sales support, and channel strategies.

Prepare a Report of the Research findings

ONce results are complid, we will prepare a actionable report for you that can be used to prepare a 12 months social strategy for your digital assets.  We will make sure it’s substantive and actionable. Visualizing your position in the market concerning your competitors is helpful with comparison charts and graphs.

Make Recommendations that can be Implemented

You would you be able to improve your product or service quality by adding or amending a feature, lowering the price, or improving after-sales service? This would help you to improve your ROI?

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Asked Questions

The concept of social media competitor analysis refers to the process of evaluating your competitors on social media to identify opportunities and develop strategies for growing your brand. As a result of this analysis, we will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to develop an effective social marketing strategy. Moreover, it reveals important information about your target audience, why they are interested in your competitors, and how they are doing social media marketing better than you are.

Best way is to compile a list of your competitors and their social media links with their basic information separated. Having done the analysis, it is time to figure out what needs to be done next. As a part of our social media strategy analysis, we begin by analyzing the content strategy, which is the backbone of the strategy. The next step should be to study the engagement as well as the demographics of the audience.

Comparing your business’s strengths and weaknesses to those of your competitors is the purpose of a competitive analysis report.
Competitive analysis reports typically contain the following information:
A description of the target market for your business
Details about your product’s features compared to your competitors
An analysis of current and projected sales, revenue, and market share
A comparison of pricing models
An analysis of marketing strategies and social media strategies
Each competitor’s customer ratings of its features

Competitor analysis on social media is not just about learning about your competitors. It will also provide insight into your business and audience (which may overlap with your competitors).
Here are some surprising insights you can gain from a social media competitive analysis:
Benchmarks for your own business, such as average followers, engagement rates, and share of voice
Ideas for the best times to post on social media (since your audience is likely online at the same time)
Understanding the potential pain points of customers
Consider new (and better) ideas for content that may resonate with your audience (or, conversely, that may not resonate with your audience and that you might want to avoid).
Understanding how to interact with your audience on particular platforms (i.e., casually or formally)
Differentiation ideas for your brand

Through strategic insights, we know how to understand what competitors are doing to stay one step ahead. You can benefit from outsourcing analysis services to us in the following ways:
Turnaround time is faster
Search Combat offers time-bound competitor profiling services to avoid losing money by hiring full-time employees.
Assurance of complete quality
Our expert teams use quality control measures to limit analytics errors. To ensure quality, they conduct rigorous vetting.
Data security at its finest
To protect confidential data, we ensure the highest level of security. As part of our data storage and management process, our team takes excellent care to avoid any lapses.
Certified Experts at Your Fingertips
A team of competitor analysts with decades of experience will constantly be available to you. In addition to reducing overhead, they eliminate deficiencies.
Cost-effective service
Our clients can select the service that best suits their needs, as we provide the ultimate cost advantage.
Providing customized solutions
With our wholly customized services, you won’t feel burdened with paying for something you don’t need.
24/7 Customer Service Support
Our customer service executives are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to assist you with your queries and concerns.

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