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Google prefers websites that are well-coded, intuitive, and user-friendly, regardless of the device used. Page Experience refers to the way users interact with a website based on signals and metrics. As a part of its search algorithm, Google also uses existing signals like HTTPS and mobile-friendliness, combined with various performance metrics. The importance of ranking factors has never been higher, and for good reason. If your website is hard to use or takes a long time to load, wouldn’t Google send your traffic to your competitor?

Core Web Vitals provide an evaluation of the performance of a page with regard to loading time, interaction, and visual stability. We will help you with Google Search Console warnings, Core Web Vitals tools, and GTmetrix tests. Optimizing your website with Search Combat Core Web Vitals will boost its performance and improve organic search engine visibility. 

Our goal is to help you rank higher in Google by being able to pass Google's Core Web Vitals metrics

Why Choose Search Combat for Your Core Web Vitals Speed Optimization Service?

Optimizing core web vitals is something we've pioneered.

User Experience

Our goal is to focus on the perceived performance of your website, allowing you to deliver content as quickly as possible, and allowing users to interact with it in a smooth manner.

Google-oriented Performance

We will optimize the crawling process so that it is as efficient as possible. Your pages may not be discovered if your server slows down, causing Googlebot to stop crawling them.

Optimizing databases

Our evaluation will reduce joins, decouple data, and monitor database read/write times. Additionally, we will eliminate unused data and clean out old tables.

Plugin Optimization

Our experts can help you review, rewrite, and optimize 3rd Party plugins for efficient performance. We will test plugins for buggy code, increasing database queries and server load.

What can we do to improve your core web vitals?​

Cache implementation

It can be helpful to cache your content to reduce the amount of load on your server. It reduces your website’s load time by storing static HTML versions of your pages so that they don’t have to be loaded every time someone accesses them.

Reduce or eliminate the use of render-blocking resources

The render-blocking elements on your site are the static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files required to render the page. It is possible that your users would not be able to view content in each of these files due to the scripts contained in them. A third-party tool like Google Analytics creates them typically.

JavaScript loading can be deferred

The technique of deferring the loading of JavaScript can help you boost your FID scores. A render-blocking element can also be eliminated in this way.

Utilize a content delivery network

SearchCombat will use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store your content across a global network of servers. The content of your site will be served from the nearest server to your visitors. The loading time can be further sped up this way.

Optimize and size images properly

The optimization and compression of your images will also boost your LCP scores. TinyPNG is a good tool for this.

Lazy loading should be implemented

We will also recommend that you make use of lazy loading. Rather than having your images load concurrently with everything else on the page, this helps ensure that your images will be loaded exactly when users arrive at that section of the website.

Your loading speed and LCP can be improved by lazy loading images. Lazy loading features are built into many WordPress image optimization plugins, such as Semrush.

Make sure the fonts on your website are optimized

Your website fonts can also affect its loading time with images. Due to their nature, browsers must download and load each variation of a font family.

Web font optimization can help your website perform better. Faster downloads are possible with optimized web fonts due to their smaller file size.

Upgrade Your WordPress Hosting

The performance of your WordPress site is heavily influenced by your WordPress hosting provider. All aspects of page performance and security are affected by it. Therefore, we do not recommend skimping in this area, especially if your website is large and complex. The fastest and most powerful way to optimize your website is to upgrade your hosting provider or plan.

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Asked Questions

Search engines use Web Vitals to determine whether a page is user-friendly, safe, and flawless. Core Web Vitals are three metrics that measure how well a website loads, interacts, and looks. They are used by Google to determine the quality of a website.

Core Web Vitals, safe browsing, HTTPS security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines are incorporated into the new page experience signals.


A core Web Vitals is a subset of the Page Experience score introduced by Google in 2021. In order to understand Core Web Vitals, let’s examine three specific measurements:

  • LCP stands for Largest Contentful Paint. You should consider how long it takes your main content to appear on a visitor’s screen. Using it, you can see how fast your largest elements, such as images and videos, load.
  • FID stands for First Input Delay. Based on a user’s interaction, this metric measures how long it takes the browser to begin processing event handlers. You can think of it as a measure of how responsive your web pages are the first time a user interacts with them.
  • CLS stands for Cumulative Layout Shift. A web page’s visual stability is measured by this metric. During the loading process, some elements of your site may move around. By assessing the screen for interruptions or obstacles, CLS determines if the content can be consumed.

One of the lesser-known Vitals is First Contentful Paint (FCP). A web page’s first piece of content (such as an image) is rendered in how long the browser takes.


A website owner who relies on it for lead generation, sales, customer service, prospects, product & service presentations should fix their Core Web Vitals as soon as possible because this new update is going to evaluate your User Experience and rank your site based on the Core Web Vitals evaluation on Google.


With the Core Vitals Update, it is crucial to consider not only the loading time of your website, but also how it performs once you open it. Among the strategies that need to be optimized are:

  • Compressing images to make them load faster
  • The lazy loading of images and videos is intended to improve the loading time of the page and provide users with the ability to interact without having to wait for everything on the page to load
  • Network and Javascript browser payloads can be reduced
  • Optimizing the site so that the most critical elements load first, providing users with the most critical information as soon as possible


There is more to your Core Web Vitals score than just an arbitrary number that Google assigns to you. There is no doubt that Google prefers websites that focus on the user-experience over those that do not. This is another no-brainer. In order to rank your website based on your Core Web Vitals score, Google takes into account factors such as how quickly your website loads and how easy it is to use. Having an excellent website doesn’t guarantee that you will beat your competitors in the search engine rankings, however if you have a low Core Web Vitals score, you are going to be losing out on potential conversions from your existing traffic as well as organic traffic that your competitors will be gaining.


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