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Data Insights Through Visuals

Monitoring Performance Is Easy

Detailed Reports Facilitate Decision-Making

For any business, data is an essential resource. This data should be converted into information for helpful business insights and to make the right decisions. However, handling data is not an easy task. Sifting through all the raw data available can be time-consuming and costly.

Viewing and visualizing the available data is always more convenient than reading and sifting through it.

Our experts developed An effective dashboard that can give you all these data visualization capabilities fulfilling your data and information needs more effectively. Our Data Studio Dashboard experts have also helped hundreds of companies achieve sustained profitability. Become a member of The Search Combat today and get the best experience.

Boost your business performance with interactive dashboards and exciting reports.

Our Data Studio Dashboard services aim to engage dashboards and insightful reports to empower us to make better business decisions based on your data.

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT For Data Studio Dashboard Services?

Search Combat offers highly functional and practical dashboards to fit all your needs and requirements. From planning and designing to maintenance, we can provide you with all the Dashboard Development Services you need.

Conceptualizing and designing

Our goal is to provide our clients with precisely what they want. After discussing our client's needs, requirements, and expectations, we plan and design a dashboard to meet their needs.

Designing custom

Our dashboards are customized according to your requirements and are full of features that can help you better align your data and lead to business growth.

Integrating dashboards

Using our dashboards, you can achieve the benefits of digital without the need for additional infrastructure. Our dashboards will work seamlessly with your existing operating systems. The dashboards must also be flexible enough to adapt to dynamic business environments.

Monitoring and maintenance of dashboards

With us, you'll always be able to access valuable data, information, reports, and insights from your dashboards, and they'll stay as up-to-date and valuable as ever. We ensure you get the most out of available data sources by enabling data management.

Our Data Studio Dashboard Management Process

Establish Your Dashboard Audiences And Objectives

In this phase, we will ask you some questions, and you will have some time to answer them. We will analyze your audiences and your goals based on the answers you provide and begin establishing your Dashboard. You will be rewarded for your effort in your Dashboard creation process later.

Maintain Clean And Correct Data

The next step is to look closely at your data after you have identified your audience and objectives. This step is crucial to building a dashboard that will not only tell a story but also have the right building blocks to ensure that the story is correct. Identify where we will obtain the right data to achieve our goals.

Choosing The Right Chart Type

Choosing the right chart type is crucial when it comes to effectively communicating insights and data to your audience. The right chart type can help us to easily visualize complex data sets, make data comparisons and identify trends. With Data Studio Dashboard, we have access to a wide range of chart types, including bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, pie charts, and more. Each type of chart has its own unique strengths, making it suitable for different types of data and use cases.

Keep Color Theory In Mind

When designing a dashboard, the use of color is crucial in making the data visual and easy to understand. Keep color theory in mind when creating your Data Studio Dashboard to ensure that the information presented is clear and impactful. Here, we will be careful when choosing colors, but the rule is to select two or three colors and stick to them.

Focus On A Balanced Perspective

Our goal is to create a dashboard that presents a mix of past, predictive, and real-time data to communicate effectively. By combining a balanced mix of data-driven insights, we will improve our decision-making across many critical areas, empowering our users to develop key initiatives that will drive the business forward.

Utilize Predefined Templates

This section will focus on predefined dashboard templates since we have already covered customization in our other points. When we create dashboards with professional online dashboard software, templates are one of the perks we can look for. The purpose of templates is to make it easier for users to use predefined styles, layouts, and charts quickly.

Utilize Interactivity

We might consider interactivity to make a data dashboard even more advanced. Each time important business questions arise, We will drill deep into our data in seconds with these features.

The Essentials Of Design

In the next phase, we will discuss how dashboard design can be made to work for you. Dashboards can only be effective if they are designed correctly. It is crucial to place charts when making a dashboard strategically. The goal is to organize the data to fit the purpose for which it is being used. Feature the most critical data, such as takeaways and KPIs, at the top.

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Asked Questions

A data dashboard is an information management tool for tracking, analyzing, and displaying key performance indicators and metrics. Dashboards can be used to monitor the performance of your business, department, or process. Dashboards usually sit on their own pages and receive information from linked databases. This tool is usually configurable, so you can choose which data to display and whether to include charts or graphs.

It is also possible to customize dashboards. Depending on your users’ needs, we can build a dashboard that meets their needs. SaaS metrics could be displayed on your dashboard if you’re a founder or executive. Marketing metrics could be displayed on your dashboard if you are a digital marketer.

  • Organize your data in one place

Data can be easily connected from spreadsheets, Analytics, Google Adwords, Google BigQuery, and more.

  • Data exploration

Easily create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards by transforming your raw data into metrics and dimensions.

  • Create impactful stories

Inform your audience with engaging reports and data visualizations.

  • Build a team that is empowered

Provide automated data dashboards that update regularly so that people can stay on top of your key metrics.


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Dashboards are used for different purposes by different roles. Dashboards cannot be tailored to fit every user. Your team will get insight from well-designed dashboards before they ask for it.

Your business can benefit from using a dashboard in the following ways:

  • Keeping track of multiple KPIs and metrics at once
  • A simple and easy to read design
  • Saving time by eliminating manual reporting tasks
  • Communicate cross-functionally in a timely and consistent manner


It is important to select the metrics and KPIs to track when designing a dashboard. A dashboard is designed directly to meet the needs of your team or business.

In addition to being versatile, dashboards are also useful for a variety of industries and departments.

Understanding your KPIs and metrics is crucial before we start building a dashboard. Answer the following three questions as a starting point.

  1. What kind of business questions does my dashboard need to address?
  2. What type of dashboard do I use to display my data?
  3. Will my dashboard be interactive for readers?


PowerMetrics will help you level-up your analytics by helping you build a dashboard. Our experts developed an effective dashboard which can give you all these data visualization capabilities fulfilling your data and information needs more effectively and help you with Dashboard designs.

Looking for metrics to include on your dashboard? We will find metrics and KPIs online at MetricHQ. With MetricHQ, we will search for a specific metric, find new metrics by category or service, or add Instant Metrics.

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