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A chatbot is a perfect way to welcome customers to your business by providing them with a simple and friendly way to ask simple questions or send information rather than searching through web pages or completing traditional forms on your website. Chatbots help you meet the expectations of your customers and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT for Facebook Chatbots Services?

Our long-standing experience helps us understand your environment, your customers, and your business objectives. Therefore, SearchCombat build a chatbot that is tailored to your specific requirements and offers a phenomenal user experience. Across different countries, we offer Chatbot services that are acclaimed for their distinctiveness, giving your business a competitive advantage.

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT for Facebook Chatbots Services?

With our extensive experience, we craft custom chatbots to match your unique needs, customer base, and business goals.

Intention-Based Response

Our chatbot solution goes beyond understanding and interacting conversationally, and is equipped with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to understand the context.

Conversational Ai

Every chatbot revolves around conversations. From simple hellos to complex queries, your chatbot uses advanced natural language processing techniques and machine learning technologies.

Channel Independent

Any communication channel can be integrated with our chatbot. You can use well-known social media channels in addition to your custom mobile app.

Multi Language Capabilities

We will gain more international clients, for instance, those who don't speak the same language as us, by allowing them to communicate with your chatbot from all around the globe.


We have a team of highly experienced, creative CX consultants with hands-on experience in building chatbots that are relevant to all kinds of industries.

Secure Customer Experience

With our chatbots, we will be assured that your interaction data is secure and private. With effective data storage and access only available to admin.

Building automated conversations depending on your needs and goals.​

Understanding your challenges and your environment in order to provide a solution that will optimize your processes, save time and achieve your goals.



An understanding of our challenges, insights, and objectives is essential. Consider our brand strategy when planning our chatbot and consider how we will use it.

Conception & UX

Take a careful look at the user experience when designing our chatbot: Make sure that the decision tree keeps a fluid conversation flowing while we design it.

Creating stories and graphics

The right tone of voice and creative content can help us to tell the story of our brand to the right audience.

Integration & Development

ItsAlive CMS is the backbone of all of our bots. Custom features can also be added to meet the needs of our organization.

Testing & Optimizing

During the process of completing UX testing, we make sure that all features and content are relevant, and we also root out any painful interactions that may occur.


Launch & Promotion

We have created a set of tools and assets that will help you share your Facebook chatbot with our audience and measure its performance in the future.

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Asked Questions

If Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs that simulate conversations with users through textual and auditory means. To provide instant, customized responses round-the-clock, chatbots are designed to mimic human-driven interactions through messaging services such as SMS, website chat windows, and social media channels.

With chatbots, organizations can streamline customer interactions, amplify productivity and enhance profit margins, while minimizing the need for human intervention. In fact, these AI-bots have gained such recognition in the market that several Chatbot development services in the world are completely devoted to the development of this technology.

It is included in all pricing plans that offer the ChatBot integration for Messenger. In order to integrate Messenger with ChatBot, you will need to subscribe to the ChatBot service.

Identifying your target audience

Identify your target audience and conduct a survey. Find out what their behavior is by asking relevant questions. Take note of their demographics, preferences, likes, dislikes, and everything else that determines whether or not your product or service will be accepted.

Identifying business opportunities

To get a comprehensive but detailed understanding of your target market, inspect and traverse it. Determine which areas have the potential to grow your business as well as which ones are challenging.

Competitor analysis

Analyze your product’s position against your competitors. Compare market trends and challenges to prepare well in advance by following healthy comparison methodologies.

Finding the right product-market fit

Analyze your product’s ability to meet market needs. Learn about people’s interest in your product by creating a customer-focused survey questionnaire and collecting data from reliable sources.

Identifying your niche

Prior to promoting your product, identify your niche market. Identify the right market for your product through carefully curated market research surveys, and assess your niche market, competition, and audience.

Decision-making that leads to action

Obtain crucial information about various aspects of your market, such as target customers and the market. You can change the phase of your business by leveraging the data and making insightful decisions.

Optimal Promotion Strategies

Discover the products and promotion styles that your target audience prefers. Promote your product appropriately to increase its reach and acceptance.

If you want results from your market research surveys, you’ll need tools that function reliably and have the features you need. It is not enough to use a random market research tool. The function of Surveybot is

  • Utilize Facebook to conduct engaging surveys
  • Utilize the fastest methods to procure responses
  • Chatbots for Messenger can increase response rates by 50%
  • Manage Facebook ads and pages with Surveybot and Facebook Business Manager
  • Analyze survey responses in an advanced way
  • Segment data using custom panels

Using the “conversational forms” that are built into the dashboard, you will be able to record and store your users’ information in a spreadsheet or CRM system, so that you can access it easily.

This product comes with lifetime customer support, and it’s free. Chatbot building support is also available for a lifetime, but it is paid or comes with a done-for-you package.

You can use a chatbot as the first point of contact for your customer service department and it can answer a variety of common questions. The company is available to assist its customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a variety of communication methods.

Using automation, you can have a series of conversations set up over Facebook Messenger that will answer common questions your customers might have. There are many ways to create this kind of content, such as explaining what your product or service does, gathering information about the customer, delivering helpful content, or nurturing them towards a sale.

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