Free DNS: Good Domain Name Servers for Your SEO Network!

So that a link network does not attract attention, it is not only necessary to spread who is entries, IPs, and server operators, but when using a domain robot, it would also be advantageous to apply name servers.

Certainly, there are many, many thousands of entries in a name server. Still, if there is a suspicion of a link network elsewhere, this would be additionally confirmed by the same name server entries.

If you order domains of your link networks from different hosters, this article is not so interesting for you because every web host has its name server for IP resolution. If you have many domains, a domain robot is also the right choice due to its low prices.

With a domain robot, domains can be reserved in real time without going through a web host. In this case, you are at the height of a hoster. When reserving domains in the robot, you specify a name server set. The domain name is then resolved to the IP on these name servers.

By the way, I use the domain robot from nethosting24 and manage all of my domains there.

A link where the pages have the same IP or the same hoster doesn’t count for anything. So I got the idea that a variety of name servers would not be wrong.

During my research, I came across a list of free DNS hosting services, which I used to register with the edit DNS service. The name server service is free and works perfectly. You can add your domains and redirect all entries such as A, CNAME, and MX to the desired server IPs.

I am not describing the whole procedure here for blackhat SEO activities, but rather that links from networks with meaningful content are evaluated.

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