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There’s so much that goes into getting found in local search results on the internet. What’s even more confusing is that it’s constantly changing. That means not just the way people are searching you but the importance of what, where, when and how they’re searching.

Where keywords were once king, today so much more goes into it. Yes, keywords are still important but now human signals, content, relevancy, etc. are what matter. Keeping up on the ever-changing search environment poses a real challenge for local businesses while customer discovery searches.

Maximize Your Potential With An Optimized GMB Listing!

This way you stay ahead of the competition locally


We Follow a PDCA Process

Optimized GMB

Google My Business Listing Optimization which may include Photos Optimizations, Category Researches, Products/Services Post & creation & optimization. All as a part of local seo

Social Authority Links

Quality Web 2.0 properties with high index rate ensure legitimacy and anchor diversity. Complex interlinking for a greater push in local rankings for your business name.

Local & Niche Citations

Manually built local & niche citations with accurate NAP Consistency. Also includes Geo tagged images & logo. No Duplicacy!

Local Map Authority

A Powerful techniue for better map rankingsl. KW rich content and directional relevance from random local sources that help keep you ahead of competition.

Get In The Google Map Packs For Local Searches​

Enhanced SEO Service

An optimized SEO Google business listing essential for your local search result, it helps gain traction to your website for local searches.

Better Projection

Accurate, Comprehensive & Up-TO-Date Business Information that you have full control over to edit/change at will. It’s important to do things like adding cover photo, updated posts, phone number to the listing

Increased Visibility

Google being the most favored Search Engine, helps your business get the Eye of your Prospects Free Of Cost. If you add cover photo and post photos regularly and also updated content, your listing will stay fresh in the eyes of google. That’s what our SEO packages involve

Brand Building

It helps legitimize your google my business listing and brand with better reach and ability to engage with prospects for live conversions.

Multiplier Effect

Readiness to respond to queries & interact with searchers multiplies the possibility to get you found more often. Google uses these as trust signals.


Positive Reviews Suggestion by SearchCombat on google my business listing amplifies your business’ reputation & reduces the risk of word-of-mouth advertising.

Prevents Piracy

With a Verfified Google My Business Listing, it puts you in complete control of your business’ virtual identity and of your business dashboard.


You get to interact live with your new customers and prospects which acts as a catapult to convert instant queries into leads.

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Asked Questions

Use Google My Business this is a free tool that allows you to present your company’s profile and website in SEO Search and Maps.

You can use your Google My Business account to connect with your customers online and see how customers interact with your business on Google.

With a company profile on Google, you can present your company at the right moment – namely when customers search for your company directly in Google or Maps or for products and services that you also offer. In your Google My Business account, include your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation so more people can find you and contact your company. It’s best to post the latest photos, special offers, and promotions on your profile to convince users of your company.

With an optimized Google My Business listing profile, you can present your company at the right moment – namely when potential customers search for your company directly in google search and maps or for products and services that you also offer.

In your Google My Business account, include your address, phone number, website, business description and hours of operation, so more people can find you and contact your company.

Ideally, you should also post current photos, special offers, and google my business posts on your profile to convince users of your company and help google to make your local rankings grow.

The optimization of the Google My Business account profile and also your business profile is very important because this is the only way you can enjoy all the advantages of using Google My Business local ranking for google local searches and ensure that your business profile represents your company in the best possible way.

Google My Business offers you the opportunity to add business on google also target customers and arouse their interest when they search for your company or the products and services, business hours that you offer on Google. Your company and business profile will then be displayed in Google and Google Maps searches. You can reply to reviews, do business posts, product photos or special offers and always edit and add to your company information to business listings you manage.

With the help of the analysis that Google provides you, the interaction options for customers can be optimized and thus better results achieved. Many local businesses also interact directly with your users on the “Customers” tab, thereby strengthening the bond with your customer base and your business profile.

Google My Business offers you the opportunity to target potential customers and arouse their interest when they search for your company or the products and services / business category that you offer on Google by using SEO tactics. Your company profile will then be displayed in Google Search and Google Maps.

You can respond to reviews, post product photos or special offers and always edit and add to your company information along with your business address.

Absolutely. Google My Business Profile is the perfect addition to your website as it increases the visibility of your existing company website in Google and Google Maps searches and also in your local search results. You can also set a link to your website from your company profile as a part of SEO optimisation.

What makes Google so successful? The answer to that is Google’s Page Rank Algorithm. It’s important not to forget that Page Rank is not the only factor involved in a search. Essentially Google completes the following steps when you perform a search:

1) Finds all pages matching the keywords of the search
2) Rank accordingly using “on the page” factors (proximity between words, frequency, repetition etc.)
3) Calculate the relevancy of inbound anchor text
4) Uses the page rank to decide what order to display the results in

So looking for people to link to your site will only become important if you’ve got the first three discriminating factors nailed. GMB SEO helps to achieve this while also giving a boost to your business profile.

With the help of the Google My Business insights and optimized google business profile, the interaction possibilities with your customers can be optimized and thus better results achieved with relevant searches. You can determine how users interacted with your profile and business description along with your gmb listing.

Experience shows that companies with many positive google reviews receive more inquiries and win more customers. So it makes a lot of sense to seek positive reviews.

If the reviews are actually fake, you can take action, if necessary with the help of a lawyer or business messaging feature. If they’re just negative reviews that you don’t agree with, then Google’s search engine results pages probably won’t remove them.

Read Google’s review guidelines to see if the reviews really violate Google’s guidelines. If the review is against Google’s terms and conditions and it is truly fake reviews, you should respond politely to them first. 

You can report reviews to Google that you think violate Google’s guidelines and should be deleted. The relevant review will be checked and possibly removed from your listing.

From Google, we have been seeing a shift to local search for several years for business website. Google is increasingly personalizing search output and does this mainly on the basis of your location. To support this, Google My Business (GMB) is getting one new function after another.

In addition, we see an increasing role in marketing for the omnichannel story , in which online and offline channels reinforce each other . Customers first orient themselves online and then (offline) visit your company and see your business profiles. Optimizing your local location pages, local business profile matches and your GMB account is therefore necessary. This way you gain an advantage over your competitors through online presence and with increase in local business profile.

During an SEO process, we use a keyword tool to track the evolution of the ranking for certain keywords for local business listings. For example, you can track your position for “keyword + city”. This way you know how you score for certain local search queries and where optimization is needed. We also keep track of how your google my business listing scores for various local keywords.

We can then include these statistics in an Excel or Data Studio report via Supermetrics. Are you running an Ads campaign? Then you can also keep track of the number of store visits

Social signals are human interaction metrics on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Medium, etc. Some examples of social signals are: likes, dislikes, shares, votes, pins, views, etc. which commonly help to showcase popularity and affinity for a specific piece of content.

While social media doesn’t directly affect your Google ranking and service area business, social sharing does directly increase the visibility of your page and helps business owners manage their page better. That increased visibility means it may get noticed by a creator of content, such as a blogger, journalist, or an author or google posts. That creator may mention it in a subsequent piece of content and if they linked to it, that page is then more likely to rank higher.

Therefore, it’s the combination of good branding and a strong social media presence that will make the difference here which will make your business optimization easier. Good engagement, and of course good content with a good business profile , will make your results more relevant to others. So, make sure you link your social media to your website and vice versa along with linking them to your google my business listing.

Always include your social media signals, service area businesses and business profile, on your website so that people can easily connect with you and stay connected.

Many people will be accessing your website from their mobile phone and also your social media accounts, so it’s really important to have a layout that allows them to read or to see your content properly if they are not accessing it from a desktop along with accurate information. Websites that mobile users can easily use may also have an edge in Google’s “Mobile-first Index”. This tool You are now leaving SSW from Google will help you check if your website is mobile friendly, and if not, it will recommend what you can do to fix it.

​Schema is Microdata that helps a search engines read and serve your custom content. The schema markup is in the HTML code of your site. If you’ve ever used rich snippets, you’ll better understand exactly what schema is all about.

When a search crawler crawls through your website and find this data, it formats it neatly into a rich snippet that gets displayed in the search results. For example, in a rating rich snippet for a recipe, you’ll see a group of stars representing a rating that appears under a websites page title. The number of reviews also shows up beside the stars and the overall rating number. This is just one type of schema; there are many more to explore. provides a list of the most common types of schema markup. You can visit the Organization of Schemas or local business schema. Check out the types that are best suited to your business and gmb listing

As a general rule, you should try to get all the great keywords in the title, headings and first few paragraphs of your content when optimizing your google my business listing and also in your primary category.

Our Rules to Better Google Rankings and gmb listing can be taken as an example . We thought about some keywords people would use if looking for some Google tips and tricks on how to increase your rankings. The words used for the URL were also chosen with SEO in mind. You can also find a few more of my keywords we expect to be relevant in searches when you contact us.

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