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Competitor Ads Analysis & Keyword Research

Ad Copy Creation & Campaign Creation

Reporting In Detail And Team Meetings

Google Advertising And Management Services We Offer

Our Google advertising services will help your business create online followings, promote your brand, and increase revenue-generating efforts through the world’s largest search network. Approximately 2 trillion searches are performed annually on Google alone. We will make your digital marketing efforts successful by improving your visibility on search engines as many prospects as possible can find your brand in organic search results.

Google welcomes over 246 million unique visitors, 3.2 billion daily interactions, and potential customers searching for your products and services. Our team of Google Ads specialists developed a Google Ads service that allows you to generate more leads for your business through our Google Ads services. Our Google Ads Agency experts have also helped hundreds of companies achieve sustained profitability. Become a member of The Search Combat today and get the best experience

Benefit Your Website with Our Research-Driven Ppc Management Service

Our PPC management services for Google AdWords will help us drive sales and leads for your website.

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT For Google Ads Management Services?

With a highly attentive and wise approach backed by excellent services.

Dedicated and Certified Professionals

A dedicated Google Ads account manager and certified Google Ads professionals with years of experience will manage and monitor your PPC Advertising campaigns, acting as a project SPOC for you.

Premier Google Partner

There aren't many Google partners, but we're accredited. As a result, we can provide your project with authentic AdWords services backed by Google's support to find growth opportunities

Services and assistance

Our client orientation program keeps you informed about market insights and growth factors customized to your project.

Tactics with stable revenue streams

Our Google Ads agency has a strong team of full-time employees who are experts in multiple marketing disciplines.

How We Do Google Ads Management?

With years of experience in Google Ads, we have helped businesses grow and exceed their goals. We deliver consistent, measurable results to your business with the skills, experience, and expertise of our PPC management.

Research & Discovery

The first step is to learn as much about your business as possible, including the complexities of your profit margins, target audience, and customer lifetime value.

Understanding Goals

In this process, We begin by understanding what you would like to accomplish lead generation, brand awareness, traffic, or sales growth.

Identify The Right Audience

We plan your targeted audience based on city, country, and devices and operating systems specific to those locations.

Researching Keywords To Build A Solid Foundation

Establishing successful operations requires choosing the best keyword(s) to target. We use our comprehensive keyword research & competitor research to discover precisely which keywords will yield the highest return on investment.

Analysis Of Competitor Ad Campaigns

As part of our service, we will provide insight into the Google Ad campaign of your competitors. As a result, our Google Ads services will show you where your competitors bid, spend, and what landing pages they use.

Creation Of Advertising Campaigns And Ads

A Google Adwords campaign is set up, ad copy is written, and all perspectives are configured during this process. Multiple ads will be modified and adjusted for the highest possible resolution rates.

Tracking Of Conversions

A successful pay-per-click campaign depends on conversion tracking. In the absence of it, we are essentially bidding blindly. For this reason, we ensure conversion tracking is configured correctly. It allows us to precisely analyze the performance of your landing pages and campaigns and make any necessary changes.

Detailed Weekly Updates And Monitoring Of Campaigns

We provide weekly updates on the status of your Google Ads campaign so that you are always up to date. We track the CTR, conversion rate, and bounce rate of your website to monitor the success of your campaigns. We provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports. Reports share impressions, clicks, click-through rates, cost-per-click, media spend, leads per day, and conversion rates.


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“The team at SearchCombat has been our sole supplier for SEO and Link Building projects. We have achieved some Great results by using Ravi's team and have an Ongoing Collaboration with them for few years now and its been amazing.”

Stephen Esk, DMA Australia


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Asked Questions

A pay-per-click advertising plan is a practical part of any business’s web marketing plan. We deliver targeted traffic and conversions with our PPC marketing agency, which will yield results faster than organic search engine optimization. Ads from Google or Bing are found in the “Sponsored Links” section of Google. Instead of paying for your advertisements on a rate-by-ad basis, you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your site.

Do you know PPC (pay per click), paid marketing, Google Ads, CPC, and bids? If not, no worries, I’ll let you know. Paid marketing by Google is known as Google Ads. You can advertise your products/services on various web pages and search engines based on your budget and target your potential customers with your ads. These platforms are used by e-commerce businesses to advertise their products and services on Google search result pages, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google Ads-supported websites.

Advertisers pay the cost per click (CPC) to get visitors to their websites as they see advertisements (impressions) and click on them to access a particular product or service. In Google Ads, advertisers compete for the top positions in an auction-type system.

  • Reduced the cost of our golf supplies client’s monthly ads by $1000 while maintaining the click-through rate
  • Boosted traffic to a fashion e-commerce store while reducing ad spending by 35%
  • Increased the impression rate for on-demand food service resulted in incremental growth YoY without changing the PPC Ads budget.
  • It has enhanced an ad group’s click-through rate by three times, from 2.65% to 7.26%, optimizing the ad text.
  • Low CPCs and high conversion rates helped hyper-local event hosting clients.

Here is a preview of the services we offer in PPC advertising management:

  • Our dedicated account representatives provide you with excellent customer service
  • We build a custom PPC strategy depending on your business, industry, and goals.
  • The number of keywords we research for your campaigns can range from 400 to 15,000
  • Our clients have benefited from MarketingCloudFX, which has helped them boost PPC performance by 25%
  • Google (including search and display), Bing, and Gmail are our primary targets
  • Our team uses advanced artificial intelligence to research competitor advertising strategies
  • Testing our ad copy for performance is part of the process of creating custom ad campaigns
  • To maximize your return on ad spend, we manage ad bids strategically
  • Our goal is to improve performance by optimizing the copy, design, and targeting of current ads
  • PPC performance is monitored and updated as needed
  • We track up to 150 web lead phone calls
  • To keep your business up-to-date, we provide you with regular reports
  • Plus much more!
  • Advertise your business on other Google products, partner websites, and display networks in addition to Google search.
  • Ads can be customized at any time to reach a specific group of people or to promote a product or service.
  • After creating an advertisement campaign, you start receiving targeted traffic within a short period.
  • Multi-keyword targeting is possible.
  • Under certain conditions, your ads can be positioned at the top more quickly.
  • Your budget can be changed anytime, and no minimum spending limit exists.
  • Keywords, Ads, Ad Groups, and budget can be edited anytime, and changes can be viewed within minutes.
  • The Return on Investment can be calculated easily, and your budget can be adjusted accordingly.

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