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Google Authority Stacking Packages

Carefully Crafted and Proved Ranking Hack. Google Site Stacks

Basic Package
Google Public Folder
Google Spreadsheet
Full Video Report
Google Doc
Google Maps
Google Drawing
Youtube Video Embed
Advance Package
Google Public Folder
Google Spreadsheet
Full Video Report
Google Doc
Google Maps
Google Drawing
Youtube Video Embed
IFTTT Auto Tweet Syndication To Google Doc
Build 10 DAS ( Domain Authority Stack) Profiles

Top 3 Reasons To Include Google Authority Stacks For Local SEO

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Enhanced SEO

local seo packages

Google’s Trust

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Credible Backlinks

What Is Google Stacks?

Building google drive stacks are a proven method to leverage different entities of the Google ecosystem like  Drive and Sites with tactical interlinking to stack up the power of other properties like Google Doc, slides, presentation, forms, pdf etc in the form of authority stacks. Google’ offers more trust and authority to its own properties, and that make the Google Stacks so effective. It provides you the option of adding more backlinks in your money site as Google trusts its own domain google portal. Basically link building is done by using the backlinks of google owned domains .

On the other hand domain authority stacking where the backlinks are from the other high da sites and most of them being web 2.0 and not from Google properties.

A complex pattern of interlinked properties further enhances the power to flow through the stacks and power up your money pages with varied Keyword rankings in search engine results.


We will create a highly technical link building network of google properties and tie them together into 1 stack central site.


Inclusions in Google Authority Stacking

Optimized Google Map

Optimized Google Docs

Optimized Google Slides

Optimized Google Site

Our trained team of local SEO optimization Ninjas uses a proprietary system of google drive stacks


Phase 1

In phase one we will create advanced level google web properties like uses Google’s public folder, Google pdf, Google documents, Google spreadsheet, Google drawing, Google presentation & embedded youtube video.

Phase 2

In phase second we’ll use your pre-existing social profiles & stack them inside documents to google drive properties and create a link network. (We highly recommend you to use our proven DAS created profiles for these).

Phase 3

In phase three we will tie them Google Drive + Google Sites together into 1 google authority stack at

Phase 4

In phase four we will point 5 high TF 30+ PBN Links to the (created in step 3) which will help to increase the overall trust & relevancy of the property.

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