SEO made simple as using Google Sheets

SEO Research Tool Google Sheet Free Addon is a simple tool for Fetching urls and parsing the fetched contents for use of keyword count. This tool is having 3 functions i.e Keyword Count Checker, Keyword Search Volume checker and Backlinks checker.


General Setup

In this Video, we will be running the addon for the very first time so it can create the tabs which will be required for further data analysis. Let’s see this in action.

GSC Keyword Count Checker

The idea behind Google Search Console keyword count checker is to visit every url mentioned in the Google Sheet (Aka Google Console Data) and then parsing the fetched contents for use of keyword count. This can help digital marketers to make sure their webpages have all the necessary keywords which can help Google to understand their webpage properly and help them rank better in search engines.

Usecase: Google is showing impressions but those keywords doesn’t exist in webpage. So using this Addon feature you can figure out all those keywords and start adding them in your content to rank better in SERPs.

Keyword Search Volume Checker

As there is no such way to get the search volume of any Google query so we are using 3rd party API to fetch that data. You can check for more details on this and their API. They have the G Sheet Addon API which we have added in our addon to parse search volume data inside Google Sheets.

Backlinks Checker

The purpose of this function is to make sure webmasters don’t have 404 broken links on their webpages which gives a bad user experience both to search engines crawlers and website visitors. So this addon will visit all the pages and simply check for any broken or dofollow/nofollow links and show them inside Google Sheets.

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