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Basic Package

25+ Pitches

3+ Successful Links


40+ Pitches

5+ Successful Links


60+ Pitches

7+ Successful Links

Be on the Top & Dual Your Traffic in Three Months with High Da Haro Links

Get the Top Spot with Our Custom Haro Link-Building Services

Dominate the Results and Claim the Top Spot with Our Custom Haro Link Building Services

HARO Link Building Services We Offer

The problem? To land one backlink, it takes between 15 and 20 HARO pitches.
You will spend hours reading HARO’s daily emails, searching for the right opportunities for your business, and then writing your thoughtful response for nothing. Incorrect formatting, too swift a response, too long a reply, not in the tone the author wants, or too slow a response, nothing will happen.
Don’t worry, and we’ll take care of it.

We’ve built HARO links in different countries for more than 50+ clients.

Our experienced writers have refined a winning formula for securing backlinks from the world’s top websites.
We know what editors are looking for when they seek HARO contributions. Using the proper formatting, length, details, and tone, we convert a much higher percentage of pitches into high-quality, permanent backlinks.


Get the Top Spot with Our Custom Haro Link-Building Services. Dominate the Results and Claim the Top Spot with Our Custom Haro Link Building Services

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT for HARO Link Building Services?

With a highly attentive and wise approach backed by excellent services, we aim for the best possible results as we plan your campaigns.

Online Competitive Analysis Test

We develop customized strategies for your website based on in-depth analyses of your online competitors.

Optimization of Conversion Rate

Our team uses the best online marketing strategies to improve and optimize your conversion rates.

Strategy & Analytics Consulting

Keeping you at the top of the competition is what we do. We provide you with an extensive range of strategic and analytical services.

Generating Leads

With a customized campaign tailored to meet your company's goals & target audiences, we help you generate leads for your business.

Our Haro Link-Building Services Increase Your Website Domain Authority​


Our first step is to set up a consultation to understand your business and areas of expertise better. As a result, we are more likely to earn relevant links. This is the stage in which you let us know what kind of links you need.

Building Quality Backlinks

Once we know more about your business, we monitor HARO for opportunities. We can build quality backlinks from a variety of media outlets using HARO. With HARO, you can earn many organic links. The journalist will use your response in their article and give you a backlink if they like your response. You don’t need to create long content.

Achieve higher domain authority

HARO can increase your website’s domain authority by obtaining links from high-authority websites. It can be done quickly by our experts.


It will naturally increase your website’s visibility if your answer is selected and published in a journalist’s article. It promotes your website and expands your audience to get a backlink from an established website.

Maintaining consistency in links

HARO provides a platform for building highly qualified backlinks. All you need to do is invest in this technique. With our experience in link-building, our HARO team can help you build 8 to 10 backlinks per month.

Make Effective Replies

We provide writers with intelligent responses to HARO pitches. Our success rate is incredible because we know what they want and how to pitch writers.

Analysis & Reporting

At regular intervals, we measure several metrics. This includes tracking your rankings, traffic levels, and backlink profile. A monthly report of all pitches sent and any links we secured will be sent to you at the end of the month.

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“Search Combat has been a great link partner for our company. With great link inventory, metrics and site quality - we're always very happy with what they provide to our clients. Highly recommend them for SEO and Backlinks”

Joash Boyton, Acquiry


“The team at SearchCombat has been our sole supplier for SEO and Link Building projects. We have achieved some Great results by using Ravi's team and have an Ongoing Collaboration with them for few years now and its been amazing.”

Stephen Esk, DMA Australia


"I've been using Search Combat and Ravi for the past 2 years and have had great results across my portfolio of sites. They offer a great selection of guest posts and niche edits. Their turn around time is great and the price is right.

Michael Branover, SEO Visible Marketing


Asked Questions

HARO or Help A Reporter Out allows journalists and bloggers to seek input from subject matter experts on various topics. They receive dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pitches for every query. They choose which responses to use. Most of the time, they link to the source’s website—both the journalist and the source benefit from this arrangement. Working with a trusted website, the journalist gets help creating content; the source gets exposure and backlinks.

Known for its high-quality, Google-compliant link-building strategies, Search combat has earned a reputation as a leader in the SEO industry. Our team knows what it takes to master HARO outreach. We monitor your HARO account, craft original pitches to every relevant HARO query, and showcase your linkable assets on higher authority websites.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Monitoring HARO emails daily to find suitable matches for your business
  • A minimum of 75 responses per month
  • Researching media outlets
  • Tracking backlinks
  • Discovering and reporting published links as soon as possible

One of the major selling points and weaknesses of HARO is its high volume of requests. It can be challenging to find the right opportunities, and you need to know what to look for.

HARO can be a very effective for building tier 2 links over time and growing your domain authority fast.

This is a service we have consistently delivered for our websites, and we are pleased to offer it to our clients now as well.

Our response time is fast.

When building links with HARO, timing is crucial. Due to our system replies faster than other users, our responses are at the top of the journalist’s inbox.

Choosing the best opportunities is what we do.

Most requests on HARO do not originate from a respected website with significant domain authority. We identify your website’s best, most relevant opportunities quickly.

Journalists Love Our Answers

A source that simplifies a journalist’s job is a favorite of journalists. The answer we provide is actionable and quotable, which journalists love. This results in successful link building when combined with our fast response time.

Any company that wants to improve its DA can contact us. The HARO platform performs exceptionally well with professional services, SaaS, and eCommerce sites. It is common for HARO emails to include questions about technology, travel, business, finance, and lifestyle.

Regarding organic traffic, yes, if you are serious about it. You can expect lower performance if your website does not have any backlinks. The topics we pitch are marketing-related, and we recommend acquiring some industry-relevant backlinks before ordering this service.

Businesses can use HARO providers to pitch journalists directly. Business owners can benefit from working with a quality HARO provider in the following ways:

  • Link-building increases the visibility of your services.
  • This is an organic way to build strong backlinks from highly-trusted sources.
  • It’s more appealing to journalists to have a trusted provider list your business than to use DIY link-building techniques.
  • Quality providers understand what journalists are looking for from a source, so they can help you create a powerful pitch.

HARO is simple to use but highly time-consuming. Check every HARO email for opportunities that fit your business, skillset, and knowledge. Just finding the right emails to reply to is time-consuming. Afterward, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and energy writing responses. Instead of doing what you do best, you could have spent time building your business. Even after spending all that time and effort, fewer than 5% of pitches result in backlinks. A professional writing team handles HARO pitches so you can focus on running your business.

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