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HARO Packages

Your dedicated account manager will monitor HARO notifications every day,
filter requests by relevancy and craft compelling pitches
Starting at $2245
5 x DR 40-60 link
$449 Per Link
Won't be charged for under DR40 and nofollow links
Starting at $2995
5 x DR 60-75 links
$599 Per Link
Won't be charged for under DR40 and nofollow links
Starting at $3495
5 x DR 75+ links
$699 Per Link
Won't be charged for under DR40 and nofollow links

Getting links from major publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Huff Post, USA Today and Cosmopolitan is hard!

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) connects journalists from major media outlets (like those above) with experts who can provide quotable insight.

It’s an incredibly powerful way to build premium backlinks and get epic brand mentions.

The challenge is that it is very competitive

To succeed on HARO you need to: 

  • Respond very quickly: Some requests receive over 200 responses. If you can’t respond quickly (ideally within 30 minutes of the HARO notification) your pitch will be lost in the shear volume of responses that a journalist receives.
  • Provide compelling insight: Journalists are looking for relevant experts they can quote. This means your pitch needs to quickly demonstrate genuine expertise and include a short piece of copy (200 words max) that is uniquely insightful and relevant to their article topic.
  • Consistently pitch: It’s no use doing a couple of random pitches every month and hoping for the best. Our research shows that on average only 15-20% of pitches get used and include a link. This means for every 10 pitches you can expect at least 1 link. Doesn’t sound much! But that’s one link from a major publication like The Washington Post!

Each day we check HARO for relevant requests and then craft engaging pitches in your voice.

Our proven method takes the guess work out of HARO link building by following the core principles set out above: speed, expert insight and consistency.

How It Works

Review our HARO packages below. Pick a plan that works for you and checkout.

Ranking higher in local search results will increase your leads as 92% of searchers pick businesses on the first page of local search results.

Every week day (Monday-Friday) your account manager will check the daily HARO notifications, filter for relevancy and craft compelling pitches in your voice, from your corporate account.

At the end of the month we'll send you a report of all the pitches we sent and any links that were secured.

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Example Pitches and Results

Still don't believe you can get The Washington Post to link to you?
Here's one of our recent pitches
Washington Post is a DR92 if you're wondering.

Get all the juicy details and tactics we're using to deliver insane results!

What's included

All our plans include…

Dedicated Account Manager

Your order will be managed by a dedicated account manager

Onboarding Call

We can arrange an onboarding call
to better understand your brand and industry.

Set Up

We'll help you get setup on HARO, build an expert profile and integrate into your HARO email account.

Streamlined Delivery

We'll respond to relevant HARO requests with timely and compelling pitches.

Monthly report

We'll send you a monthly report of your pitches and monitor any backlinks achieved.

Money-Back Guarantee

If we don't knock your socks off we'll refund you

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