Improve Netlinking With Expired Domains

When it comes to getting a good ranking on Google’s first page, the competition is fierce. Under these conditions, it is essential to create quality content and optimize it for search engines in the hope of making its way into the top positions on a lasting basis.
But the simple content, although of quality, is not enough to make a site rise in the ranking. Other sites must mention it


Google’s algorithm starts from the postulate that if many sites mention another and send several backlinks to it, its content is quality.

This logic is the same that applies to academic publications: if a document is cited several times, it acquires legitimacy in the eyes of the community.

These links pointing to the site are called backlinks and are part of a netlinking strategy.

How to get backlinks quickly?

Acquiring backlinks pointing to a site can take years. A simple solution to speed up and optimize this netlinking process is to create PBN (Private Blog Network).

It is about improving the main site’s positioning by associating it with a network of blogs consistent with its theme. The blogs of this network, being private and owned, have easily “controllable” content. This way, it is possible to manage the backlinks and the context of the backlinks that come from the blogs that make up the PBN.


To create a blog network, you need to start by purchasing domains relevant to the money site theme. You can choose virgin domains and start from scratch, but it would be counterproductive if the goal is to speed up the site’s net linking process.

A virgin domain has no online presence. It is new, completely unknown to Google, and has no history. It is, therefore, not the best solution to create a PBN.

Why have domains expired for a PBN?

It is preferable to opt for expired domains. They have an SEO history because they already have a life on the internet and are known by Google.

Furthermore, most of these domains already have dozens of backlinks to their credit and exploit their authority on search engines.

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