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Nowadays, more and more people prefer Google to search for products and services they need in a certain place and time. So Google, to try to improve the service it offers, has decided to optimize the Google My Business (GMB) company cards, inserting them in the organic search results. These cards contain all the necessary information about a business, such as opening hours, services offered, photos, videos, products treated, and much more.

For this reason, we believe that it is not possible to think of having activity by neglecting the GMB forms and their correct compilation.

Here are some simple rules and tips.

1 Enter all your company data:  

Make sure that all the information about your business (e.g., company description, hours, product category, etc.) is correct and always updated so that customers know what products or services you offer, but above all where and when they can find you. To facilitate the compilation, Google offers default categories to be selected, even more than one, if necessary, to be more specific. 

2 Management of reviews:  

Your customers’ feedback is essential because it confirms your brand’s value and contributes to forming the purchase decision of those users who do not know you. Reviews are key to your Brand Reputation.

3 Check the timesheet inside GMB often: 

In particular, check the correct positioning of the cursor on Google Maps so that people, in following incorrect directions to reach you, are disappointed because of the approximate location.

4 Describe your company in an exhaustive and captivating way:

Presentation is a crucial step to attract new customers. Think carefully about what you want to communicate to your customers, your mission, what kind of offer you propose, and why you should be chosen. Local SEO optimization involves using the right keywords and, perhaps, a link to your website.

5 Activate the GMB card as soon as you open your business: 

The local card’s historicity is one of the factors contributing to the local ranking formation, so an “older” online card will be more likely to rank faster.

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Ravi Chauhan
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