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Monthly SEO Services Packages

When a website ranks higher in Google, it results in more web requests. With the correct SEO optimization and a good link profile to the relevant pages, we ensure that your web pages are ranking higher in Google.

Our SearchCombat teams works on long-term strategy with the latest SEO trends and knowldge

It can take a lot of time to make a website rank depending on the age, authority, content and various other factors. After optimization, the result are not immediately visible but the rankings start to move within few weeks of us taking on the campaign. That is why you need to look at SEO as a long term strategy.

Organic results are more clicked than Advertisements

Good content and speed are of great importance


We Follow a PDCA Process


Before we start SEO on a website, we investigate all relevant search terms that may be available for your service.


The next step involved implementing all findings in the initial discovery session or audit, starting wit optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, KW density, and other on-page issues.


When the website pages are picked up by Google, link building is started along with continuous monitoring of the KWs and rankings.


There are always new learnings that we discover on a monthly basis by analyzing the rich data that we get from GSC/GA and other sources.

Would you like to outsource your SEO? Beautiful! We would like to use our years of experience and passion towards the success of your campaigns This is how we do it!

Our SEO link building services at a glance

Technical SEO Audit

All our monthly SEO packages involve a detailed upfront Audit to identify all on-page SEO, off-page SEO, or local SEO issues including page speed. Our SEO services make sure to capture this data at the start.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is done in advance to determine which search terms are of interest to your business. Every search engine strategy stands or falls with its kW research. KW research is arguably the most important part of your search engine optimization as that lays the foundation for on page seo.


Content Development

The content of a website plays an important role in the process of being found well in search engines but is also essential in the conversion from visitor to lead or from visitor to customer. People on the internet are looking for information, products, services, networks, blog posts, etc. In the end, that’s what it’s all about content.

Link Building

Offsite link building means the links that your website receives from external websites. It is important to increase this number, with qualitative links from relevant domains. Before we start our link building activities, we map out the current link profile. In the analysis, we also check the links of several competitors to see whether they also use link building.


Google Analytics Analysis

Google Analytics provides insight into who website visitors are and what they do when they visit a site. Our Team uses Google Analytics to understand the consequences of advertising campaigns and the way the website’s user experience influences variables like conversion and retention.

Dashboard Reporting

You get a detailed report every month in the form of a Datastudio Dashboard along with commentary around the wins and losses for that month. This will give you a 360-degree view of your campaign at any given time of the Campaign.

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“Search Combat has been a great link partner for our company. With great link inventory, metrics and site quality - we're always very happy with what they provide to our clients. Highly recommend them for SEO and Backlinks”

Joash Boyton, Acquiry


“The team at SearchCombat has been our sole supplier for SEO and Link Building projects. We have achieved some Great results by using Ravi's team and have an Ongoing Collaboration with them for few years now and its been amazing.”

Stephen Esk, DMA Australia


"I've been using Search Combat and Ravi for the past 2 years and have had great results across my portfolio of sites. They offer a great selection of guest posts and niche edits. Their turn around time is great and the price is right.

Michael Branover, SEO Visible Marketing


Asked Questions

SEO is becoming increasingly important, because countless websites are added every day. Then it’s a matter of how to be found online with all those competitors. In addition, top 10 positions must also be retained. This can only be done by continuously responding to changes in the market and by ensuring that no mistakes are made. The answer is a good SEO campaign by a renowned SEO services that includes content development, local SEO strategies, site optimization etc.

New websites Website builders are not always concerned with local SEO. Your new website may not perform.

Migrations & redesign when launching a new website can dramatically deteriorate findability.

Avoid decreases one wrong website change and your Google positions can deteriorate.

All aspects of SEO – technology, content, and popularity – are important for achieving results. That is why seo services focus on those 3 pillars within each monthly SEO package. For example, technical SEO will play a role especially at the beginning of the process, while the content strategy and link are continuously important. Every month we, therefore, look at where any quick wins lie and which activities will have the greatest impact. By determining the right focus every month in this way, we achieve optimal results and are therefore very flexible. However, that does not mean that the SEO costs per month are flexible. After all, with an SEO subscription, you want to know where you stand. We understand that. Every SEO package has a fixed monthly amount that includes everything within our monthly SEO services. This makes unpleasant financial surprises a thing of the past! Our SEO services Dont brag to offer cheap seo packages but rather Effective Solutions.

Each local SEO services subscription not only has a fixed price, but also a fixed number of hours per month. And that is exactly what the price difference is in. But whatever fixed price seo packages you choose, per month we consider many factors like make an effort to improve your findability. During the entire process, time is continuously spent on SEO. Although a one-off action in itself will not be enough to beat the competition, it does form the basis for the entire process. For example, it is essential to first map out the current situation and also determine the strategy based on kW research. Our packages start from $600 USD for a starter/local site and vary for a different level of sites as they have a different SEO strategy that has to be high quality

SEO takes time to impact your site’s performance and you will not see changes instantly. A monthly retainer for your SEO provider gives them time to develop the very best effort for your company without being limited by time. A monthly SEO pricing plan usually means your SEO provider isn’t confined by projects or hours. They can focus on what’s most important to your business and prioritize critical problems. Plus, a monthly SEO plan also allows you to build a relationship with your SEO business. It gives you the time to cultivate a partnership between them and your business. It is great to construct a repertoire with your SEO company in case matters come up. This makes continuing monthly SEO services a more flexible option. As problems arise, your SEO company can correct and make the required alterations.

Every website or business is structured differently. The search criteria, the volume, area or Keyword difficulty may be different. An e-commerce site is different from a lead gen site or a local business. We analyze this during the discovery sessions and structure the roadmap accordingly. So every monthly SEO package has to be crafted differently. The packages include all seo work with nothing missed. Our seo packages for small business will not burn the pocket but give you best bang for buck.

We are a search optimization company that helps our clients to rank their website in Google & Yahoo. We do monthly SEO for our clients. Search Combat has a team of SEO experts that understand the dynamics of Google and how to well implement strategies to rank your site in Google. We are able to tell you exactly what needs to be done to rank your site on Google. We are going to tell you the exact steps that you should take when it comes to increasing your site’s traffic.

It is dependent upon a number of factors like your business structure, the area that you operate in, the competitors, the keywords that you are chasing, and most importantly your budget and how quickly you want to rank for the keywords of your choice. A new website vs an old website that is ranking for keywords also makes a big difference in the way we highly recommend campaigns to our clients. If you have a lot of competition then that typically requires a bigger campaign. Our local seo agency starts with a high quality Website Audit and advise you around the best package to choose from and why.

Our SEO packages/seo plans have been carefully curated using our 6 years of experience in the industry. We understand the effort that it takes to rank the number of Keywords included in our various packages. We have carefully segregated cost for onpage site optimization and offpage site optimization efforts for the packages to come up with an affordable seo packages options.

But there is always an option to customize your package and amend the number of Keywords/Pages that you want to target. We can review your goals and help you customize an SEO package that will bring the results you desire.

Search engine optimization is one of the most sustainable and efficient online marketing tactics. One high position will quickly get you tens to hundreds of visitors per day. Every day. For years. You will see an immediate boost for small businesses as they are easy to rank.

An SEOer is good at optimizing and maximizing. To get more out of what you have. So the more untapped potential your website has, the more and the faster an experienced SEO’er can get value from a website. If you look purely at optimization, then it is only smart to hire an SEO professional if there is a fair amount to optimize. Seo services packages will guarantee a ROI in 6-8 months of your investment.

SearchCombat digital marketing agency works by using smart and well thought-out SEO strategy to achieve results through site optimization for google search engines. Careful kW research is done to find out which organic search terms are most relevant to your business. We highly recommend targeting both popular and specific search terms. In this way, both in the short term and in the long term, we can work on achieving results in a targeted manner. Whether you are a small business owner or a national company, we have the right package for you with competitive SEO pricing.

You can absolutely hire a cheap SEO company that may promise to rank 100s of KWs for the price fo peanuts. Unfortunately what goes in comes out. The so-called SEOs that promise the world for the fraction of cost with taking shortcuts and utilize blackhat techniques to try and rank your keywords. They may or may not succeed but the solutions are not sustainable as google’s algorithm will catch-up at some point. The whole process of analysis, content creation, backlinks, dashboards takes time, effort, and involves cost ad that’s where you will experience the difference. Dont make the mistake that a lot of small businesses make. Do your own research, ask around, read some blog posts around SEO before your determine the optimal agency for your webiste.

We provide monthly reporting on all our SEO packages, big and small. It will be in the form of a DataStudio report along with some commentary around the KWs that have moved up or down. We also provide a detailed report of all the backlinks that we build on a monthly basis. Call Us if you need a specific report for your campaign and we can factor that in.

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