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Find the Perfect Roadmap For Your Business Success With Our Paid Media Performance Audit services







An impartial evaluation of company media performance

Invest in media in a way that maximizes its value

Analyze opportunities and growth areas

Analyze the account from a commercial perspective

Enhance returns by uncovering gaps

With our auditing service, we have helped a variety of different brands and agencies identify gaps in their paid media campaigns. The business can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to review the accounts and find areas that can be improved in order to drive additional revenue for the organization.

PPC and Paid Social audits can help you uncover gaps in campaign management and performance

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT for Paid Media Performance Audit services?

We value our audit process highly. The engagement strategy is guided by this information, which is eye-opening for clients.


Paid media audits optimize media budgets for campaigns, determine effective media strategies, assess media agency performance, and evaluate media value.


Evaluation of media effectiveness, brand analysis, and benchmarking ROI. Create incentive-linked KPIs and price-performance reports.


Analyzing competitors, platforms, presentations, best practices, and key metrics, and making improvements in-depth and transparently.


The media planning audit includes an evaluation of your social media strategy. Analyze SEO and social media to understand your brand's digital footprint.

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Audit of campaigns & ad groups

Ads performance is determined by the way they are grouped and campaigned. In order to analyze PPC campaigns and ad groups, we divide them into different campaigns at the base level. By doing so, one can determine whether ads and keywords are being targeted effectively to drive the best results.

Analyzing conversion tracking

When you fail to track conversions properly, we have no way of knowing whether your PPC campaign is effective. Analyzing conversion tracking data helps you understand who your customers are, where they come from, and why they convert. During our audit, we determine whether your conversion tracking is set up correctly and aligned with your goals.

Keyword audit

We Audit the keywords in the PPC campaign by checking what types of keywords are being used. Underperforming keywords are removed or can be improved with another bidding strategy. To drive qualified traffic, we also check the negative keywords and recommend more relevant keywords.

Landing page audit

A PPC campaign can be made or broken by their landing pages. The conversion rates can often double or triple when they hit right. We ensure that your landing page and ad copy are in sync with one another. Additionally, relevant keywords are checked.

Analyzing quality scores

Your ads will perform better if they have a higher quality score. The importance of this parameter in an ad campaign is one of the reasons why our experts analyze it. Quality score affects ad rank, click through rate, cost per click, etc. Ad relevance, landing page content, keywords, ad copies, and landing pages all contribute to a better quality score.

Optimization of budgets

You are overpaying for conversions if you’re wasting money on keywords. Our team reviews your budget & bid strategies to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. In order to get more conversions at a lower average cost, our PPC experts analyze your spending on every level.

Ad extension audit

Ad Extensions play a significant role in conversions. We will be able to make your ads more striking as well as drive more clicks and user interaction. We analyze your PPC campaign and recommend extensions you can use to get the most out of your budget.

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Asked Questions

A Paid Media Performance Audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s paid advertising efforts, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other paid channels. Our goal of the audit is to identify areas of improvement and optimize performance to drive better results and return on investment.

A Paid Media Performance Audit is necessary because it helps organizations understand how their paid media efforts are performing, identify any areas that need improvement, and make changes that can lead to better results. This type of audit can help organizations save money and increase the return on their advertising spend.

A Paid Media Performance Audit covers a wide range of topics related to paid advertising, including target audience, ad placements, ad creatives, landing pages, tracking, and conversion optimization. The audit will also consider factors such as budget, cost per acquisition, and return on investment.

The benefits of conducting a Paid Media Performance Audit include:

  • Improved performance and return on investment
  • Better understanding of the target audience and messaging
  • Improved budget allocation and bidding strategies
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns
  • Improved decision-making for future campaigns

The outcome of a Paid Media Performance Audit is a comprehensive report that includes recommendations for improvement, as well as a roadmap for implementing changes. The report should help organizations make data-driven decisions that can improve their paid media performance and increase return on investment.

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