Private blog network: this is how you build your private blog network!

Before reading this article, I have 2 questions for you! Do you want to build strong backlinks that will bring your niche site to the first page of Google? Do you want to rank for profitable keywords with relatively little effort and in a short time? If your answer is YES two times, then you MUST read this article.

This article will show you a simple but powerful SEO strategy you can rank for every keyword.

The most effective backlink strategy

This backlink strategy is by far the most effective way to get strong backlinks without having to beg for backlinks laboriously. If you use this strategy correctly, you can theoretically rank for every imaginable keyword. I’m talking about setting up your blog network!

This strategy is not new and has been around for several years. However, it has become more effective since the Google Panda and Penguin update. Why? Because Google recognizes spam better and better and punishes it with a penalty. If you set up your blog network properly, Google can’t tell any difference to other sites.

However, building a private blog network is not white. Do you actively build backlinks? But remember, link exchange and link purchase also violate Google’s guidelines. So either you don’t set any links and never rank, or you build backlinks!

What makes a backlink a good backlink anyway?

Before I go further into the strategy, I would like to show you what makes a good backlink.

1. The authority of the page

The most important factor is arguably the site’s authority. A backlink from Wikipedia or Stern is very strong and usually improves the ranking. Why?

Google knows the authoritarian site doesn’t link to bad sites. They only link to high quality pages. So you want backlinks from authoritative sites!

2. The page rank of the page

The PageRank is the oldest factor that Google uses to determine the ranking of a page. The definition used to be: high PR = right side. This means, If the backlink comes from a page with a high PR, that’s great.

However, the page rank is not rated in the algorithm by Google. The page rank is no longer relevant for this strategy because there are now better factors for evaluating a page’s strength. Later more, you want backlinks from healthy sites!

3. The relevance of the page

Who deserves to rank first in the eyes of Google? Exactly, the most relevant page for a particular search query. After all, the user has to be satisfied. Google doesn’t want users to use Bing or Yahoo in the future.

That means that relevance is a significant factor. A backlink from a page covering the same topic is much more valuable than a backlink from a non-relevant page. So you want links from relevant sites!

4. The type of backlink

Some links are very easy to get. These include, above all, social bookmarks, blog comments, forum profiles, etc. Google knows this, of course, and rates these links significantly less than links from healthy sites. You don’t want weak links!

5. Backlink from a text

I’ll make it short. There are several ways to set a link on a page. There are, e.g., the sidebar or the footer. These links are undoubtedly good, but not nearly as good as a backlink from a text. Google (yes, this is a link) rates a link from a text more strongly than a sidebar link. You want links out of the text.

6. The position of the backlink on the page

This is often a problem when buying links. The website on which you buy an article space is a strong site, but the backlink is placed on a newly created subpage. (These pages do not have any backlinks). Google rates such a link much weaker than a link from the homepage. You want links from the homepage!

7. The number of outbound links

If a page has many outgoing links, the backlink is of less value because the link juice is distributed to all backlinks. The fewer outbound links, the better. You want few outgoing links!

An example of a perfect backlink

Let’s imagine you want to rank a page that deals with “making money on the internet”. The ideal backlink:

  • It comes from a strong side that deals with making money on the Internet.
  • It comes out of the text.
  • Stay on the homepage forever.
  • Shares the link juice with few other backlinks.

BOOM! You have the perfect backlink. Of course, that sounds impossible to get a backlink from a strong site that stays on the homepage forever. But…

The solution

You build your blog network from healthy sites and link them to wherever you want. Mission completed! So you can always rank the pages you want. That makes a blog network very, very powerful. And now I’ll show you how you can easily set up such a blog network.

Guide to a powerful blog network

First, I want to explain to you what I use for domains for my blog network. You have to know that about 100,000 domains expire every day. That means the original owner did not renew the domain.

What does that mean for me now: I look for the good ones from these countless domains and use them for my blog network! These domains are so strong because they already have a lot of links. So I buy authoritarian pages.

In 4 steps to your network:

  1. Buy strong domains.
  2. Host the domain and install WordPress.
  3. Make the domain relevant to your niche.
  4. Set links to your landing page.

Buy strong domains

If you want to build your blog network, it’s not entirely free. But it’s not expensive either. However, it depends on how many pages you want to buy or how strong the domains should be. Sure, the better a domain, the more expensive it is.

If you choose a niche with little competition, then € 200-300 is sufficient. If you decide on a difficult keyword or simply have a large budget, you can also spend more. The better your network, the fewer links are needed to rank something.

How much does a domain cost?

It all depends on how good the domain is. I wrote above that the page rank is no longer relevant. Now comes the why! You can imagine that many people in the world are looking for these strong domains. Let’s say 90% of them use the PR to evaluate the strength of the domain. That means a lot of competition and higher domain prices.

We think outside the box! Because you mustn’t make the mistake of thinking that pages without a page rank are bad. Google only assigns the page rank to pages that were accessible at the time of the page rank update. If a page was not available at the time of the update, e.g., “404 this page cannot be found”, Google does not assign a page rank even if it has 100,000 great backlinks.

An example: In 2010, there was a conference on climate protection in Berlin. The site receives a lot of strong links! In 2013 the page was deleted because the event was years ago. The Google Crawler can no longer find a page. Now come to a page rank update, and the page gets a page rank of N/A. (Google can’t crawl a page that is there anymore).

The site still has strong backlinks. The domain will not be renewed and will eventually expire. The domain is available again, and anyone can register it. I register this domain, and BOOM, I have a strong domain.

I’ll explain this in more detail later. You just have to remember that PR domains are more expensive because people don’t think one step further. Always remember, be smarter than the other. I want to find good domains without PR. To get started, however, it is sufficient to buy domains for $ 10-20. So now it’s going to be exciting!

How and where can you find strong domains?

There are many ways to find and eventually buy such domains. To get started, however, I recommend the site. If you don’t want to pay anything, you can also use, it doesn’t cost anything, but it’s not that good either. 

Host the domain and install WordPress

Of course, Google doesn’t like what I do. I am ultimately breaking the guidelines. However, if I set up my blog network correctly, Google won’t notice anything at all. You have to pay attention to:

  • Change your contact details at the domain registrar.
  • Host your domain with different hosters.
  • Make every page unique.
  • Then you have to install some WordPress plugins.

Make the domain relevant to your niche.

Your new domain must be relevant to your niche. You can easily do that. Again, let’s assume you want to rank for the “Make Money On The Internet” niche.

  • Page title: Earning money successfully online
  • Article: An article about making money on the internet.
  • Images ( alt tag = keyword) and Youtube videos about making money.
  • Links to authorities in the niche.

Tip: You can, of course, publish several articles and link to different “Money Pages”.

Set links to your landing page

Now the domain is ready, and all you have to do is a link to your target page. However, you have to pay attention to the anchor text here. 

I link once to my landing page and once to an authority in the niche. When you have set up your first domain, you can repeat the process until you have reached your target position.

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