How We Went From 30 to 3953 Organic Traffic in 6 months

Let’s have a look at how we helped the Finance sector develop an almost brand new site from 44 keywords to 6986. This number indicates a growth of 15,777%!

This is a significant increase in traffic for a website that provides financial services. You can observe consistent growth for the past eleven months, and there’s even more activity lately.

In just over five months, the monthly organic traffic increased by 13076%, from 30 to 3953.

Start date: 31 August 2021
Date of Analysis: 16 February 2022

Let’s take a deeper look at our client’s financial service website first. We will go through the full SEO strategy later on. However, let’s take a closer look at our client’s financial service website in more detail.

A Look Around the Site from a Closer Angle

In August 2021, an Australian financial firm contacted us. They barely had any presence and wanted to rank for new keywords, improve their rankings and presence in the major search engines in order to attract more visitors. When they hired us for SEO services, they had organic traffic of just 44 from the primary search engines (numbers taken from Google Analytics).

The business in which they are, is a competitive market since other Companies are providing services and seeking to rank in cities where they may not be physically located. It was critical for our clients to establish a good equilibrium of relevant high-quality links, as well as create new ones through SEO-optimized content.

The Process: Analysis and Approach

To begin, we investigated the state of the Financial Website using several Ahrefs features, including the following:

  • Domain rating
  • Organic Traffic
  • Organic Keywords
  • Referring Domains
  • Traffic Value

We next utilized this data to create an individual SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Keyword research provides you with specific search data that can assist you in answering the following questions:

  • What are customers looking for?
  • How popular is it among search engines?
  • In what form would they want that information?

We began by selecting all of the possible keywords to get us started, then determined whether the chosen potential keywords are a good fit for our SEO approach. We did this by looking at the Keyword Difficulty and Search Volume of each keyword. After that, we looked at a large number of keywords to determine which low-hanging fruits as well as related terms we might rank for. All of this is done while keeping in mind the potential traffic for the terms we’ve identified.

Tools used for Keyword Research: Ahrefs, Semrush.

Google Search Console Audit:

The Google Search Console is the most effective tool for resolving any “technical issues.” Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive view of your website’s performance in organic search. Google Search Console will offer you the opportunity to examine your organic SEO statistics. This also allows us to keep track of any technical concerns that might be preventing or hindering higher positions.

Furthermore, we consistently examined queries that the website was getting on google for various pages and added those queries to the respective pages where ever it was required. The query was added in a way that it looked natural.

Technical SEO Audit:

This process involves checking your website for any technical or other issues that could be preventing it from ranking better. This includes looking at your HTML/SEO title tags, meta descriptions, headings, internal links and other individual components of the website’s structure.

Benefits of Technical Crawl Auditing:

  • Technical Audit helped us to determine the key SEO issues and find their solutions as this is an important step towards discovering the website’s potential.
  • We could easily check the internal links, titles, and descriptions.
  • This proved to be useful for improving the website’s overall quality.

Tools used for Technical SEO Audit: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog and Ahrefs.

On-page Optimization:

On-page factors are important elements of a webpage that influence search engine ranking. They influence rankings and have a big impact on user experience.

It tells Google:

  • What your page is about (relevance)
  • What keywords you want to rank for (targeting)
  • How valuable your content is (quality)

On-page SEO is quick to implement and within your direct control. Compared to off-page efforts such as link building which take months or years to execute and come with a lot of moving variables.

The thing we kept in mind while doing the on-page optimization:

  • Target keyword placement – We placed the keyword in the SEO title, URL, and meta description. We even focused on keeping the URLs short and descriptive. We included the target keyword (or a close variant) somewhere in the first paragraph of your body copy.

We made sure the title is wrapped in an H1 tag. Google views the H1 tag as your post headline and helps bots quickly understand the topic of your post. We included semantic and secondary keyword variations in H2 and H3 tags spread across the page.

  • Secondary keyword variations (LSI) – We included LSI in the Content and in the subheadings across the page as including LSI can not only help boost relevancy, it can also help expand your keyword footprint and organic traffic potential.
  • Images Alt Text – The images present on the website that a missing alt text or a title tag were fixed and their alt texts were set in a way that accurately described what the image is about while using the target keywords in the alt text, wherever possible. We just tried to keep it natural.
  • Internal and External Links – We saw that the client website had untapped opportunities for interlinking their internal pages. We identified all the internal link opportunities and tried to link as many pages as we could to drive traffic to other pages as well. 
    Not linking out to (quality) external resources is a common on-page mistake and was seen on this site as well. So this was the thing that we fixed. 

     Linking out to related content is a relevancy signal Google. It can signal to Google that         your content is a hub of quality information related to a given topic. Adding links to              quality external resources of specific topics in your article is also a great way to improve       the user experience.

  • Other things that were taken care of during on-page optimization of clients’ websites include optimization of HTML tag hierarchy, implementation of advanced level schema, GMB embed, Map Embed, adding testimonials, etc.

Tools used for On-Page Optimization: Ahrefs, Semrush.

Daily Rank Checking:

With the help of daily ranking, we can see which keywords have been achieving good rankings. This becomes an important factor in deciding what to focus on next for keyword research and marketing campaigns because it gives us more insight into where our efforts should be directed at any given time.

Benefits of Daily Rank Checking:

  1. This gave us a clear understanding of the keywords we’ve selected and how they were performing.
  2. Helped us to determine what changes need to be made so that the site became more visible in the search results, both locally and globally.
  3. It allowed us to keep track of the client’s progress and see if it was working out for you!

Tools used for Daily Rank Checking: Ahrefs, SERPROBOT

Advance Level Schema Markup

In today’s SEO, schema markup has played a significant role in the progress. The days of schema markup being viewed only as structured data for a website are long gone. Today, Google has hinted that schema markup may be used in its ranking algorithm, which is why it is now regarded as a critical component in a website’s visibility. The markup informs search engines about the content on your page, allowing them to improve your site’s ranking and domain authority.

Benefits of Schema Markup:

  1. Improved website visibility
  2. Allowed search engines to index your page correctly
  3. Helped determine the most important information on your page, giving it context
  4. Added additional functionality to your site through rich snippets – for example, video thumbnails in Google’s SERP results.

Competitor Research:

The goal of an SEO competitive analysis is to study the links, keywords, material, and more of your competition in order to reverse engineer the most effective elements of their tactics into your own. Competitive analysis (also known as SEO competitor research) is a powerful research method for improving rankings, generating traffic, and converting visitors. Its secret sauce lies in identifying SEO possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Tools used for Competitor Analysis:, Ahrefs, Semrush.

Link Building:

The link building process is a critical part of SEO. It’s often the difference between a high-ranking page and a low-ranking page. The first step in the link-building process is to identify relevant links that will send traffic to your website, as well as those that will build your brand authority. Sometimes this involves reaching out to other websites for potential partnerships or endorsements from influencers. Other times it involves identifying places where you can acquire relevant, high-quality links from industry leaders and reputable sources.

Benefits of Link Building:

1. Links help in gaining trust.

2. Link building led to higher site metrics and SEO scores.

The Results

Our clients traffic value went from $227 to $15,346.

That is an increase of 6,660%.

According to this, our customer has definitely recovered all the money that he spent on our SEO Services. You can see the continual rise in statistics.

Final Thoughts

We continue to investigate and perfect the current SEO approach in order to get the most return on investment for our clients. We must keep tweaking our SEO strategy in order to guarantee that websites are found for the keywords customers want (while also optimizing existing ones as they appear). When you combine this strategy with on-page optimization, link building, and an active social media presence, your website will perform better than ever.

5 Reasons As To Why You Should You Hire Us:

  1. 100% Organic SEO Services
  2. We have a team of experienced, certified SEOs who meet deadlines and provide top-notch results.
  3. Our techniques are proven to work with Google’s algorithm changes.
  4. Trusted in the industry for over 16 years.
  5. No hidden costs, all our packages come with extras!
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