SEO Consulting Services

Professional consulting for your success!!

1 Hour
Detailed Audit
For 1 Website
Recommendations Report
1-1 Consulting
3 Hour
Detailed Audit
For Upto 3 Websites
Recommendations Report
1-1 Consulting
1 Working Day
Detailed Audit
For Any Number of Websites
Full Video Report
Recommendations Report
1-1 Consulting
local seo packages

SEO analysis of your website

local seo packages

Competitor analysis / keyword research

cheap seo packages

SEO strategy and concept development

local seo packages

Creation of an action plan

Experienced team with over 6 years of experience in SEO consulting

Our seo consulting services help if you have problems with improving your visibility in search engines as well as improve traffic to your website, rankings and traffic suddenly collapse, or you are planning a comprehensive overhaul of your website and you want to avoid the lack of sales or leads.

As experienced consultants, we analyze the situation, plan your strategy for outstanding search engine optimization and support you as an SEO agency in implementing the measures. If you need help with any SEO related work dial our phone number!

Is your competition stepping up?

Find out why that is happening and how can you reclaim the top spots in google SERPs


We Follow a PDCA Process


At the beginning of a consultation, we consider your company together. Where are your strengths and where are you still weak. What are the opportunities and risks in your business model, especially with regard to online sales via search engines.


Using the information from your company, we create a competitor analysis and determine how the performance of your website compares to the competition.
This creates a market analysis with a focus
on the search channel.


We analyze the keywords of your competitors and the orientation of your current website and create a new, improved information architecture from this. In addition, we examine the search behavior of your customers and potential prospects, and show you where there is still potential for growth in your market.


Together we ensure that your pages can be optimally crawled and indexed by Google. You also prevent cannibalization and competition within your own domain. You will see immediate improvements!

More than just Google SEO advice

SEO Audit

Performing audits and accompanying the implementation of the measures as a competent partner who will be at your side in all matters relating to search engine optimization and who will support you in defining and realizing your individual corporate goals

Relaunch support

Analysis, Evaluation and Support. Regardless of whether you have already initiated your own SEO measures and need professional advice on this or you want to tackle the topic of search engine optimization for the first time – the team of specialists in the SEO kitchen will support you with individual SEO advice.

Keyword and topic rating

Our SEO consultants will analyze if you using the right keywords and topics? We help to find the right niches and keywords!

Create relevant content

Our SEO Consultants will give you full service and show factors with which you meet the search intent of your target group via our content marketing advise.

seo on page

Punishment & Penalty

Ranking, traffic and sales are significantly reduced and you suspect the reason in the area of ​​SEO or with defective backlinks? Our SEO consultants can help!

Analysis and evaluation of data

You don’t know exactly whether your SEO is successful? We’ll tell you as a part of our tailored SEO consulting plans on how to get your target audience!

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