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    SEO keyword selection method

    keyword research

    The selection of keywords is very important for achieving results in SEO.
    If you have selected the keywords and prepared the content but the results are not as you expected, the possible causes are as follows.

    • The search needs are different from the keywords used for countermeasures
    • Making the wrong choice in an easy way

    For example, even if the keyword is “access analysis,” the content will change significantly depending on whether the user is looking for an access analysis tool or searching for access analysis methods.
    In addition, it is possible that you may have missed a large number of customers if you use an easy method such as somehow setting a keyword that came to your mind.
    If such a discrepancy between user needs and content and easy selection of keywords are used, the effect will not be exhibited even if precise internal measures are taken for the title and text as SEO keywords.

    Filter your keywords with 3 points

    • 1) Appropriate search volume

      If you are new to SEO, first select from 100 to 1,000 words . It is difficult for big keywords to go into the top, and conversely, if there are too few, there are few users to search, so it will not be effective. Selecting an appropriate keyword for the search volume is a shortcut to higher search.

    • 2) Relevance to your content

      Priority should be given to keywords that are highly relevant to the content . Even if the search volume is aimed at, if it doesn't work well with the company's content, it will be difficult to increase the effect. On the other hand, keywords that are highly relevant to the content throughout the site can be said to be keywords that are likely to increase the SEO effect, leading to higher evaluation by search engines

    • 3) Contribution to conversion

      Even if the search volume is appropriate and it appears at the top of the search, it does not make sense unless it leads to conversion such as sales or registration. By imagining the search intent of what the user is searching for and searching for a keyword that matches the user's needs, it is possible to improve not only the number of customers but also the conversion rate .

    We use various tools to generate KW Ideas

    We have an inhouse system that coupled with some of the Industry’s best tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush help us generate a list of KWs that have transactional or informational intent. This helps in preparing a content calendar targeting primary and secondary keywords for money and blog pages alike.

    Preparation of Content After selecting the right Keywords

    Once we decide on a keyword, we take measures while preparing the content so that users and search engines will recognize that it is a page about that keyword.

    The four basic points of content measures for SEO keywords are as follows.


    Include keywords in title tag


    We include the selected keyword in the “title tag (title element)” that represents the title of the HTML document.
    Put the title in about 60 characters, express the content of the page concisely, and tell the user and the search engine “This page is about this keyword”.


    Enter keywords in headings (h1, h2 …)


    Include keywords in headings (h1, h2 …).
    Above all, the h1 tag, which is the highest heading, is an important tag that is greatly related to the evaluation of the search ranking. Be sure to include the keyword in the headline because it is highly relevant to the keyword .


    Put keywords at the beginning of the text


    Include keywords in the text. It is especially effective to put it in the first place keeping in mind the number of times the keyword appears.
    If a large number of keywords appear unnaturally, they will be subject to a penalty, which may lower the ranking.


    Use one keyword per page


    We recommend using one Primary keyword pe page. Including a large number of keywords may lower the evaluation of important keywords and may even lower the ranking.
    Even if that doesn’t require any keywords, optimizing the page by deciding on one keyword should be evaluated as high-quality content and the ranking should rise.

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