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Our SEO experts provide a range of SEO services in our marketing services packages to satisfy the different requirements of our Clients.
Improve search engine visibility
Google alone has 2 trillion search queries per year. Every day, thousands and hundreds of potential customers search for the products and services you offer.
By improving your visibility on search engines,
many of these prospects will be able to find your brand in organic search results making your digital marketing efforts successful.

Be on the Top & Get More Traffic to Your Website With Our Seo Website Audit

The services explain how we approach technical SEO audit tools for a range of common purposes


We Follow a PDCA Process


We start by conducting full 360-degree audits of your website by visiting all Onpage and Offpage issues using our tools like google search console and SOPs


The next step in the process is to devise a Roadmap that you can use yourself or seek our support to fix all know issues identified during the Plan phase of our SEO performance audit


In this phase of the project, if you sign up for our managed SEO program, our team will carefully monitor the statistics and rankings using GA, GSC and Rank Trackers to make further assessments


We use all the learnings in the check phase to devise a tier2 plan that may be required to further enhance the Roadmap that we had prepared in the DO Phase of the PDCA Model.

SEO Auditing Services​

These SEO Auditing Services Let you identify Technical Errors & On page Factors on your site that may hinder your site’s search rankings.

Keyword Audit

A detailed keyword research of targeted KWs based on Search audit and their likelihood of ranking in SERPs during the website audit process.

Competitive Analysis

Marking out competitors for better positioning & targeting depending upon your current standing in the niche both from an SEO content strategy perspective and link building viewpoint.

Technical Audit

Search Combat is apt at knocking off any technical issues that may impact user experience, Site SEO performance and jeopardize your campaign success.

SILO & Architecture

An optimized Site architecture helps in better crawling & indexing in addition to seamless user experience.

Content Strategy & Marketing

Thorough content planning to keep you ahead of your competition & feed your audience with your niche relevant information to build up an effective funnel.

Backlinks Strategy

You get a detailed reports on your current backlink profile along with a dependable Offpage Strategy that can help you get instant rankings in search engines.

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“The team at SearchCombat has been our sole supplier for SEO and Link Building projects. We have achieved some Great results by using Ravi's team and have an Ongoing Collaboration with them for few years now and its been amazing.”

Stephen Esk, DMA Australia


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Asked Questions

SearchCombat has more than 6 years of experience and track record in web marketing, SEO strategy and SEO audit service.
We have conducted SEO audits and SEO measures for homepages of various industries and scales, and have attracted various services seo customers.

Search Engine optimization is a time-consuming process, and if you make the wrong first move, you’ll waste a lot of time. With SearchCombats’s SEO Audit services,
you can do your SEO work as quickly as possible without wasting time.
We will send a Video report of your Audit that will show you all the issues related to your website in a 20-30 minute Video. Contact us for a Custom Quote.

For the SEO audit service that
provides, we will analyze the improvement points of your current website, and then summarize the internal measures and improvement points that are advantageous for your SEO measures in order of priority in the
SEO audit report.
As a part of our SEO audit process for each page (URL), we will check the language settings and consistency of the URL, check the readability of the URL, duplicate content, title tags and description tags, check H1 tags and keywords in the page, check the speed of page loading, and summarize it into an SEO improvement report. Your website audit will report to you on the priorities for improvement, so you will be able to improve your website according to the report and update your website for better SEO.

Starting an SEO campaign without an audit is like building a house without a foundation. You need to know what you are working with and who you are up against before you can make any strategic decisions for your website.

SEO audits have the potential to help you kickstart the ideal SEO plan for your organization, whatever point of adulthood your company might be at.

Even though you might believe that your site is optimized & you are getting organic traffic, an SEO
may show the one crucial issue (readability of content, duplicate content, etc.) that is holding your site from doing better.

The objective is to help you avoid time and money wasted in futile
tactics-based strategies
to SEO, and concentrate on the optimisation of jobs which may bring the best return for your investment.

An SEO audit
should always be done at the beginning of any new campaign, but it is a good idea to audit your existing campaigns at least every 3-6 months. You can also request for an audit by SearchCombat if you believe that your campaigns are underperforming.

We take a detailed look at the
general site structure, Site speed, mobile-friendliness, Schema Checkups, Meta and header checks, 301 and 404 URL checks, site security, Keyword rankings and backlink profile, internal linking(internal links), google analytics and google search console data, website content and much more
while conducting SEO audits to help our clients rank in search engines.

For the fundamental kind of audit, We normally use a blend of desktop-based tools, such as Screamingfrog and Sitebulb using some cloud tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, Site speed checkers, Structured data applications, GT Metrix, Google Analytics, etc. The above is just a tiny subset of resources employed for specialized SEO analysis. The listing will proceed to resources that concentrate on content evaluation, internal hyperlinks and other technical aspects.

A SEO Audit of a website generally takes 6-10 hours of analysis that combines various on-page and off-page elements of a website that are essential for ranking in search engines.

Our basic SEO Audits start from around $200 USD and go up to $1000 USD based on the size of the website and scope of the project

We prove a recommendations and errors spreadsheet along with a 20-30 minute Video that showcases all the issues that we identify during the auditing process of the website.

Fixing issues if not part of the Audit process. If clients find value in our work, we welcome them to join one of our custom Managed SEO campaigns and we will fix the issues as part of the campaign with proper SEO Strategy.

Whether you desire a native SEO audit or you’re searching for a third party to run an online SEO audit, then SearchCombat SEO Agency is the trusted, professional, and affordable alternative. Just email us through the contact form or purchase of the packages to begin your SEO site audit.

Our staff will work with you to ascertain which of both SEO audit service programs are perfect for your site, then organize the procedure when it is appropriate for you. In conclusion, we will give you a record of our findings, and walk you through the upcoming steps in getting your site ranking tremendously in search engines.

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