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Names have an important place in marketing. One of the customers who commissioned the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project was having the problem that the brand name was the same as the movie title, so when you searched for the brand name, the movie-related page appeared on the top page. Since the movie is so famous, there are a lot of related content and a lot of links, so we revise our search engine optimization strategy in the direction of changing the brand name.

To rank higher in search engines, it was inevitable that we had to sacrifice the brand power we had already established. As such, the name is important, but it is also the first item to consider in marketing.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to tips and processes for getting brand names and domains that are important and the first to consider in digital marketing.

STEP 1: Grab a brand concept

Let’s grab some key concepts. List concepts in words that relate to your business goals. If it’s a movie business, words like a movie, and if it’s an architecture business, words like the house might be good candidates.

STEP 2: Expand the concept

In this step, you expand words related to the concept. Expanding the concept here means listing related words, synonyms, synonyms, associative words, superscripts, subordinate words, etc. For example, if you expand a movie, a word like popcorn could be a candidate for an extended keyword, and if you expand the house, you might think of an animal like beaver. There is also a tool called Twinword Ideas that automatically finds extended words.

STEP 3: Find a domain

Wouldn’t it be great if you could register a dot-com domain right away with the concept and extensions? Unfortunately, the number of websites currently exceeds 1 billion, and all single-word domains are preempted. In this case, there is an automatic domain name generator to help us. The screen below is part of the result obtained by entering the movie in LeanDomainSearch.

We found 1,370 names that can be registered with dot-com domains! If you don’t find a result you like, try searching using not only concept keywords but also extended keywords.

STEP 4: Checking the possibility of registration

When considering a domain name, it would be a good idea to check not only the site address but also the possibility of trademark registration, right? Know am not only checks and informs you of the availability of social media account names such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., as well as the availability of USPTO trademark registration.

Brand naming is the first step in effectively supporting marketing activities by expressing the characteristics or individuality of a product or service in the market most “favourably”. So, a good brand needs to be easy to remember by customers while still representing the attributes of a product or service. Also, whether the brand is a registerable trademark and the ability to acquire a domain is very important factor to consider.

We hope the above 4 step helped you to get a brand or domain name easily that can help you achieve your business goals.

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