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Our experts provide a range of WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES to satisfy the different requirements of our Clients.

  • We provide full-cycle web application development services, from design to integration to maintenance. Across all devices and platforms, we build apps that are secure, scalable, fast, and reliable.
  • Build a user-friendly and seamless online store with the right extensions, and integrate it with your other processes with confidence. Among the services we provide for eCommerce web development is the development of full-scale e-commerce sites.
  • You can trust us to build a comprehensive web solution on Java for your business based on our many years of experience providing Java web development services.

Our web development services can help you create a website that reflects your ideas

Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT for Web Development Services?

Our website development company creates custom websites, web applications, and e-commerce solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Endless opportunities with zero downtime

Business websites must be scalable. Proactive companies scale effectively, efficiently, and as far as their vision allows. We monitor, tweak, and optimize your performance at every stage.

Get More Conversions with Your Ticket

With our help, you'll be able to net more conversions than ever before, as well as give your customers the experience they deserve.

Ensure the safety and security of your website

There are a lot of concerns about security these days, and for good reason. We ensure security by taking a proactive approach. Our team doesn't wait for an issue to arise before taking action.

Strategic pillars of our business

A continuous back-and-forth feedback loop is the backbone of web development. With our open culture, our customers always know what is new in their work.

Our Web Development Process

Research and Analysis

In order to understand your requirements, target audience, and competitors, our web developers conduct a deep analysis before getting started.

Business Strategy

Digital presence of your business is primarily determined by your website. Both from a functional and marketing perspective, it will be designed and developed to meet your needs.

Would you like to provide customers with a simple way to find out what services we offer; or perhaps something easy to update with just a few clicks? Our goal in this phase is to determine exactly how your website will benefit your business.

Sitemap & Wireframing

The developers begin by brainstorming over the requirements and creating a sitemap to understand the inner structure of the website. Graphic sketches and designs, as well as the whole functional front end of the website are built during this stage based on continuous approval from clients. UI development is sent to demonstrate the navigation and represent the structure of the final designs.


Our team creates a wireframe that highlights crucial aspects of the application interface based on your expectations.


SearchCombat will ensure every detail of your website is exactly as you want it with our custom development team. The process involves taking all mockups and integrating them into a working site. Depending on the project, we will use a different CMS/platform, but we typically work in Webflow since it gives us a lot of design flexibility without the need to rewrite code manually. From aesthetic details to underlying functions, our development team offers customized services to ensure an ideal product for you.


The next step is deploying the web application in the online environment once the web application is complete. As a result, we will not have to deal with any hassles.

Launch and testing

The server upload takes place after all the files have been deployed on the demo URLs.


We Always make sure that your website is kept secure and user-friendly at all times by taking the extra step. For any kind of maintenance or support, you can always contact us at any time.

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“Search Combat has been a great link partner for our company. With great link inventory, metrics and site quality - we're always very happy with what they provide to our clients. Highly recommend them for SEO and Backlinks”

Joash Boyton, Acquiry


“The team at SearchCombat has been our sole supplier for SEO and Link Building projects. We have achieved some Great results by using Ravi's team and have an Ongoing Collaboration with them for few years now and its been amazing.”

Stephen Esk, DMA Australia


"I've been using Search Combat and Ravi for the past 2 years and have had great results across my portfolio of sites. They offer a great selection of guest posts and niche edits. Their turn around time is great and the price is right.

Michael Branover, SEO Visible Marketing


Asked Questions

Our team has experience with pretty much every CMS, including WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Drupal, and even custom CMS development. Our experience shows that WordPress and Shopify are hands-down the leading web design software since they allows us to create a fully custom website without spending way too much time and money on custom coding.

We usually build websites from scratch, including planning, design, copy, and development – however, sometimes clients with in-house designers only need development services from us.

With the support of hundreds of technical warlocks, we can develop an online sales mill as well as revamp your current presence. Our commitment to catering various Web development services across countries around the globe is based on our expertise with latest technologies.

  • An analysis of the requirements in a few minutes
  • Design and coding that appeal to the eye
  • Solutions that are custom-made & tailored
  • Websites that are mobile-responsive
  • Websites that load quickly
  • Solutions that are cost-effective

Our web application maintenance services are cost-effective and time-efficient. Check out the support and services we offer

  • Enhancement of applications
  • Optimization of databases
  • Support & Migration of Hosting
  • Optimization & Code Review
  • Upgrade to a new version
  • Adding security features
  • Fixing arrows/bugs
  • Backups and restores
  • Updated content
  • Removal of malware infections
  • Budget & Timely

We are an apt choice for our clients because of our punctuality and cost effectiveness.

  • Latest Technologies

The latest trends are constantly being updated by our expert developers.

  • Communication that runs smoothly

All the way from proposal to project approval, your project manager remains in contact with you.

  • Support & Warranty

As far as bug fixing and related issues are concerned, we stand behind our services.

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