What does SEO cost? A question with many answers

You know that investing in good SEO helps you attract new customers, but what is good SEO? And what does SEO cost? With SEO, you ensure that you are found online. It is the way to exploit the limitless possibilities of the World Wide Web.

For almost every internet user, Google is the very first step in the search for useful information. To be found in Google, you have to be among the first search results. The higher you appear on the search results page, the more traffic you will attract. Not sure where to start? Do you read conflicting stories about what the costs of SEO are? We list the options for every budget. An excellent online marketing plan must, of course, pay for itself. Preferably as soon as possible.

What does a good SEO cost?

While SEO’s many benefits are often obvious, the cost of an effective SEO strategy can vary widely.  Either way, search engine optimization should be seen as an investment where continuity is critical. Precisely because SEO should be seen as an investment, adequate preparation is indispensable. Every cent has to pay for itself.

At the same time, the set goals must be realistic and achievable. SEO pays off less quickly than Google Ads (Google advertisements, also called “PPC”). But when done properly, the long-term return on SEO is much higher.

What budget should be considered?

What SEO exactly costs depends on several criteria: the niche, competition, the product offered, and the goals. The following distribution can be made:

Local business

If you are dealing with little competition and have a website with a few pages, you can get by with a few hours per month. Such a route is suitable for local businesses and shops. The number of changes to the website content will be low, while the focus is on link building.

Estimated costs per month: $300 – $400 per month

Medium-sized companies

Companies with limited SEO requirements or keywords with an average level of the competition end up in this category. The SEO activities focus on creating content, providing high-quality link building and optimizing conversions, and a user-friendly and functional website. Does your company fall into this category? Then expect the following SEO costs.

Estimated costs per month: $500 – $800 per month

Competitive market

This includes companies facing fierce competition, a large portfolio, and a large website. Companies in this category should always use established SEO agencies with proven results. That means a complete online team consisting of professional copywriters, content managers, conversion specialists, web developers, and analysts. It is almost as if you have a varied full-time online marketer employed by your organization.

Estimated costs per month: $800 – $2500 per month

Patience is a virtue.

However, high the budget is; be realistic and keeps in mind that online marketing is an ongoing process. Actual results only pay off over time. Because SEO focuses on the natural side of online marketing. In addition, it must, above all, look natural. Fast SEO tricks do not exist for long. The Google algorithm has further been developed and sanctioned such practices.

What does SEO cost at Search Combat?

Your goals and our SEO advice are the starts of the process. Our SEO specialists start with careful and tailor-made SEO advice. Search Combat performs various analyses to arrive at complete SEO advice. From technical analysis and keyword research to competition analysis.

We then give you an overview of the areas for improvement with which your website can be made “SEO-proof”. Consider optimizing the website. For this, it may be necessary for our web developer to get started or for new content to be created. Our copywriters then get to work to write SEO optimized landing pages and blog articles.

Is the website “SEO-proof”? Then the monthly SEO process starts.

The SEO process is a process in which we help you to make your website findable by increasing your website in the Google search results. We do this through ongoing SEO advice and link building and it is done monthly for six months. The goal is to obtain qualitative references to your website. We will also call on your network and provide advice on how to acquire it naturally. The number and quality of these links are seen by Google as recommendations and will count towards your positions in search results.

All SEO processes include a monthly progress report. Here you will find, among other things, the position of your most important keywords.

Our SEO processes

  • Basic (link building).
  • Standard (link building & ongoing SEO advice). 
  • Intensive (link building & ongoing SEO advice & blogging).

What do you want to achieve with SEO? Feel free to contact our SEO experts. We have the answer for every SEO issue.

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