What is a Google Stack – GStack

A Google stack is a commonly used link building tool by international SEO experts. All Google tools such as Google my maps, Google Drive, Google slides, Google forms, drawing and Google sites are cleverly stacked with the essential keywords interwoven in the texts. It is also used to test the competition. This in a nutshell.

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Gstack is packed with Google iFrames

The strength of a Google stack lies in the iframes with links that all link to 1 URL, for example, your money site or a buffer site. It’s not like link building in which you link with all kinds of hyperlinks to another website. With a G-stack you only link by means of iframes to 1 URL. For example a link to your money site, GMB or another G stack. The iframes contain all links to your site.

It is known that if for example, you have placed three hyperlinks in your article Google will distribute the SEO juice among those links. But an iframe is a separate link for Google. If you have ten iframes, you have ten separate links of which the SEO juice is not distributed. And because a Google site has DA 97, that’s a lot of SEO juice. Pay attention! PA is not important in this case 

Google site has a high DA

A Google site already has a high DA (Domain Authority) of itself. Logical, of course, because it is from Google itself. If you use all those iframes in a G site, you will get a lot of extra SEO juice that you can send to another URL. Because of that high DA, you also help to increase the DA of your own site.

What kind of Gstacks are there?

You have G stacks in which a company can profile itself. We call that GStackBranding. It is important that the texts are only about the company and its service/products. That requires better texts because the G stack has to represent the company. It is most expensive G stack that we make.

You also have the GStackBoost in which you go purely for link building and domain authority. The texts are fairly general, and it is more about the keywords being well represented in those texts. There is no company name in it, but the articles are about the niche in which the company is located. Content is always relevant. These G Stacks are also cheaper because texts do not have to be specially written and spun.

You don’t make a Google Stack

A Google stack is largely assembled manually and is an extremely precise job. The advantages are particularly great because you use the parts of Google and Domain Authority.

G stack ready? What now? Extra Links?

With a G stack alone, you have a powerful link building tool in your hands. That is why it is wise to use our special G stack link building campaign. In short, it means that thousands of different types of links are sent to all Google properties via a tier 1,2, 3 and 4 structure.

If you send those kinds of links directly to your money site, there is a good chance of a penalty, but because we only link to Google properties, that will not happen. Google is not going to give itself a penalty, of course.


The links consist of guest blogs, web 2.0 blogs, social networks, social bookmarks, social profiles, wikis and Google article stacks.

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