What is Blogger Outreach?

In order to score well in the Google rankings with your keywords, it is important that your site receives links from other websites. Link building is the SEO method where you get backlinks to your own site. Frequently used sites for this are article sites, directories, forums, and social bookmarking sites. There you can create an account yourself and then place your backlinks.

But what about blogs?

Blog sites are the intellectual property of a blogger. This person writes on their own terms, and you cannot just create an account and post content on other people’s blogs. In addition, many companies also have a blog where the content is supplied from within the company itself. This last type of blog is not interesting for posting backlinks because companies will only advertise themselves. To place a backlink, it is interesting to approach bloggers for posting a guest blog.

This way of link building is often referred to by the term blogger outreach. In other words, sending out requests to a group of bloggers. You must ensure that you adhere to specific rules of conduct: 

  • Do not send a standard email
  • Try to find out the name of the blogger
  • Immerse yourself in the blog a bit
  • Don’t beat around the bush and indicate that you want to guest blog

Bloggers know that a guest blog is offered with a backlink in return (in the guest blog itself or in the bio of the author). In fact, many blogging sites already have separate pages with guest blogging rules. It makes no sense to hang up a whole story and pretend that you only want to contribute and that it is not about that backlink.

Give a little, take a little

If you want that link, you will have to make a solid contribution. The story must, therefore, be relevant. So immerse yourself in the blog and write a good quality story (or have it written ). It’s a waste of time to write a story before you even have a deal with a blogger. First, look at the content of the blog and approach the blogger with some suggestions, or go straight to the rules for the guest blogging page. Posting a guest blog is actually a business transaction, and you have to act professionally.

What should you pay focus to when choosing a suitable blog?

From an SEO point of view, links on a blog must be DoFollow. If this is not the case, a backlink has little value. It is also essential to look at the Domain Rating and Traffic of the Website. Finally, there is the relevance of the blog that you should pay attention to; what are the other blog entries about? Do they cover similar topics to your niche?

This covers the basics around Blogger Outreach or Guest Posts. 

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