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    What should I do to select an SEO company?

    I’ve only been in charge of web sites for a few days, but I’ve been told, “Go choose an SEO agency to attract more customers to your site! If you’re at a loss for what to say from your boss, or if you’re having trouble choosing a contractor because they’re all the same! Isn’t there a person who is worried about

    In this article, I would like to share with you the 3 points that I felt The key to selecting a good contractor.

    Isn’t that salesperson only selling “cheap” and “results”?

    When choosing an SEO agency, you want to ask for the least expensive one possible…. It’s normal to think that way. However, deciding on an SEO agency based on cheapness alone can lead to a fatal mistake, and you need to be careful.

    I’ll do it cheap! We’ll make sure you get higher rankings! Are you going to go to a Agency who is saying that?

    No matter how attractive the cost of the proposal or the promise of higher rankings, the important thing is to make sure that it is a proposal for your company.

    If you hire a agency who is only cheap and fails to solve the underlying problem, you are throwing away your money. Why is it so cheap? It is important that you listen carefully to what the company can do for you, and then make it clear what they can do for you.

    Is that consultant trying to get to know your company?

    Honestly, I think it is difficult to judge whether or not a proposal is being made for your company, as I mentioned earlier. One of the criteria I would recommend is, “How much does the planner (consultant) want to know about your company?”

    When making proposals, consultants who are salespeople often use generic materials to make their proposals. However, in order to make a really good proposal, it is almost always not enough to just use generic materials.

    Your company’s products, best-selling products, user base, corporate philosophy, website goals, future goals for the company as a whole, etc… By listening to detailed information, we are able to propose solutions to more essential problems rather than superficial ones.

    For example, in some cases, it is better to strengthen real marketing than SEO in order to solve the essential issues.

    When you have the opportunity to meet with them, you should consider how much they are willing to learn about your company, and how much information they are willing to ask you for that you don’t have on your website.

    Can you trust this Agency?

    There are three criteria for determining whether a consultant is trustworthy

    • Do they support you and the company’s goals and what you want to do?
    • Can you give me an objective opinion on what I want to do?
    • Is it difficult for you, the person in charge, to do this?

    Being able to stand by your company’s goals and what you want to do, but being able to clearly communicate their objective opinion that what is not good, is not good is a necessary condition for a good SEO salesperson. To do so, however, you need to have an understanding of marketing in general. Conversely, if the consultant is able to do the difficult part, it is worthwhile to have a more in-depth consultation with them.

    And no matter how good a consultant is, it’s a lost cause if you, the person in charge, feel that it’s hard to do.

    It is very important to choose a company with compatible consultants in order to proceed with measures, so please use this as a basis for judgment.

    Summing up

    When choosing a company, there are many companies that are attractive in terms of cost, and others that claim to make sure that they will be listed at the top of the list.

    However, your company’s website is your company’s signboard. I think that a good contractor is one who thinks “I want to do this” and “I want to do that” and goes along with it, rather than a contractor fiddling with the company’s signage as he pleases.

    At SearchCombat, each and every one of our consultant has a firm understanding of this concept, and we work every day to help our customers in any way we can.

    If you are in charge of the web and are having trouble selecting a vendor, please contact us!