Your Guide of SEO Trends in 2021

Let’s talk about what’s currently going on in the SEO industry, which will trend in 2021 without further delay.

If you are learning SEO or are trying to rank your website in search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc., then remember these trends stem from the solid foundation of SEO basics. We will learn various SEO strategies that would benefit in the long run for search engine optimization.

Let's check it out below in the list :

To gain proficiency with the SEO basics you should gain proficiency with the tools and plugins you’ll have to rank in search engines. 

1.Voice search   

The first thing that you would like to pay attention to is Voice Search. This is the technology that is constantly improving and is going to get more and more popular. Alexa, Siri, and Google assistants help users find the information they need by just using their voice search as input in search engines. So when you are doing keyword research, think about how the users would search for your website if they were to search by their voice. Experts try to include Voice Seo in their overall SEO process. Think how that keyword would look differently when searched using their voice. It’s been found that people tend to ask more direct questions when they use voice search in search engines.

2.Long-Form Content

The second SEO trend is long-form content. This is a little time-consuming but very effective in return because it helps you in so many aspects of SEO. It has been found that long-form content on websites helps you to get higher rankings and creates more engagement as such type of content tends to get shared often.
You could also create less content because the content is better and still achieves higher rankings, more shares, and more backlinks that are good for your website. You can use a tool like the Semrush content template tool, it allows you to type in your keyword, and it will generate a list of who else is ranking for that keyword along with specific information of what is included in their content. Remember to write relevant content in natural language with proper keywords that satisfy the user’s search intent.

3.Use Video

Starting with ranking individual videos, also include videos within your content. It’s often easier to rank videos than its actual web page, depending on the keyword. The video within the content will also help increase the number of time users spend on your page, and this matrix helps your SEO. People can search for your videos with keywords too.

4.Zero Click Searches

Have you ever heard about this? Wondering what this is? When a searcher puts their question or query on google, they receive an answer directly in the SERPS without actually clicking or visiting that website. Sometimes they receive an answer right there at the top of search results, and other times this information is listed in local listings, featured snippets, Ads, People also Ask boxes. This is one way you can dominate search results in SEO, and you can appear in other places and not just organically.

5.Focus on Analytics

This is something that you must be already doing if you are doing SEO, but moving forward, your focus on analytics should be more. This tells us what you need to know, and most importantly, you can receive this information from google. They will tell you what is working and what is not. Two great tools by google that you need to use on a regular basis and benefit from it are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These will give you information on Page load time, users time on the website, the number of pages users visited, and also other information like how many impressions your webpage is getting, what their conversion rate is, and the lot of data that google tells you what they like and what they don’t and trust us these suggestions play a vital role in the growth of your SEO and search engine rankings.

6.Site Engagement

Do we get a lot of comments on our posts? How many visitors return to the site after coming for the first time? Do they find value in how long they are spending on each page, site? What’s the bounce rate? All of these metrics tell google how engaged visitors are with the site. The more users engaged makes google merrier and better engagement improves the SEO.

7.Be An Authority

Specifically for a local business is working to be an Authority in that area. One of the ways you can work on doing this by setting up your Google My Business Account, but you want to generate local brand mentions and recommendations outside of just google my business once you have that setup. Google does look for how many people find that business useful when they go to it. Are they seeing reviews on google and social media and other relevant reviews sites like Yelp and trip advisor? They also look for mentions on social media within articles and videos, and other sources.


Many people think that backlinks don’t matter or that UX is more important than backlinks in SEO. Links do matter in SEO. They will continue to be an essential factor to google algorithms now and in the future. But remember, quality beats quantity, so don’t just buy shitty backlinks but try to build backlinks that look natural. Also, remember Google does not like websites that buy backlinks and penalize them for buying backlinks that look spammy. The backlinks should serve the user search intent that is the goal of SEO from google’s point of view.

9.Mobile Search

It’s already been found that most searches are on mobile devices. It varies based on industry searches can also come from a desktop, but most of the websites do get searches from mobile devices. For this purpose, Google also introduced mobile-first indexing, and it’s obvious that mobile is more important than ever. So your website needs to be Mobile Friendly, and its mobile Experience should be exceptional for your SEO progress.

10.UX experience

User experience will play the stronger ranking factor. It’s one of the best ways to improve SEO performance, giving a better User experience to the visitors, and happy visitors will have significant growth in your business. So don’t forget to optimize your website to give a better user experience.

11.SEO to stay as best marketing channel for longer

There have been many changes and many updates but despite these SEO is more lively than ever. It’s hard and needs more skill set, where you have to work on lots of skills like high quality content writing, marketing strategy, on web pages, Keywords, mobile SEO, voice search technology, user experiences, page speed, etc. and SEO’s best practices, but that’s a good thing, it’s good for those people who are willing to learn and take action and those who are willing to be patient. It’s been found that companies are willing to pay more for getting their website on search engine results pages than ever before. It’s a good investment as you would be getting a lot of organic traffic from search engines like google.

Some Bonus tips:

When you talk Seo, it should be a holistic approach where many things like core web vitals, structured data, high quality content, SEO strategy, local SEO & local search, link building, user experience, video content, keywords research, valuable content, blog posts, customer analytics, knowledge graphs all these things can help you become SEO professionals. Also, try to keep visitors engaged by interactive options like feedback and question answers, FAQs, etc. In this time of covid 19, one can use his valuable time to learn In Digital marketing some other skills like content writing, video content creation, Ai(artificial intelligence), user experience UX, etc., to name a few.


Those above are some factors that would be top SEO trends for 2021. As the Google algorithm keeps changing and updating, we have to keep upgrading our digital marketing skills and SEO strategy to reach our target audience and improve the search rankings with these latest SEO trends. If you have any questions, please write in the comments below and make sure to follow us on social media for such interesting posts in the future.
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