17 Important KPIs That Will Helps To Measure Your YouTube Channel Growth

After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the internet world. YouTube is a platform to create & upload short, long videos and engage your target customers. It has its own set of KPIs to measure the success of your videos. Youtube KPI or metrics is an amazing measurement tool used for analyzing your YouTube video performance. Boosting your YouTube KPI is important to get a higher rank and increase your brand popularity. Here is the list of the most essential YouTube metrics and KPIs to develop your channel growth.

1. Total Watch Time

Watch time is one of the most important YouTUbe KPI to increase your channel growth. Watch time is the total amount of time YouTube viewers spent their time to watch your videos. Based on your watch time, YouTube elevates your video content and channel in their search results and all other sections. The more watch time your video gains, the more engaging subscribers you will get.

In the YouTube watch time data, you can see the total amount of watch time your videos generated. You can also rank each of your videos based on your watch time and split your videos by style, theme, and lengths to track your most engaging type of videos.

2. Total Video Views

Combined with the average watch time, you can analyze the actual number of views in a single video. Such consideration will help you to determine your most popular videos on YouTube channels.

Whenever a video has gained more views, but the watch time is lower than the average. It represents that users are not satisfied with the content. If you want to increase your video views, you should include an attractive video title, description, and clear call to action. Because YouTube measures your video’s ability to reward the higher search rankings based on how you hold the viewer’s attention for its entire process.

3. Average View Duration

Average view duration was measured by the total watch time of your videos divided by the total number of video plays & replays. These metrics will help you to calculate your video’s ability to engage YouTube viewers.

If your videos didn’t engage viewers, they’ll be considered as a bounce video and YouTube leaving your videos with a lower view duration. But, when your videos can engage lots of viewers, your average view duration and the total watch time will increase rapidly. So, you can easily boost your search and get high search results. You can find these metrics in your YouTube watch time report.

4. Engagement

YouTube engagement metrics are based on the total likes, views, dislikes, and subscriptions your video gained and how well your video or channel has interacted.

When you’re a marketer looking to increase YouTube channel presence for high ranking, your YouTube video comments, shares, likes, and dislikes are the valuable data to show your video in front of a huge audience.

You can find your YouTube video engagement metrics in the interactions part. Comments play an important role in showing a clear picture of a video that emotionally attracts your viewers.

5. Audience Retention

On YouTube audience retention, you can measure the percentage of viewers who watch and leave your video at every single moment. Audience retention can also determine your future video strategy. Because the most engaging part of your videos will be the next best video topics.

YouTube promotes videos in their search ranking and suggestions based on the high audience retention. Because these types of videos can instantly capture viewer’s attention and get more engagement.

6. Unique Viewers

YouTube unique viewers displayed under the reach viewers and audience tab in the YouTube studio section. It is the total number of individuals who watch your videos over a particular time. This KPI will help you to understand the actual size of your audience.

When your unique viewers are less than your subscriber’s count, your subscribers aren’t watching as much of your video. To get more viewers, ask your audience to set up notifications for your future video.

7. Impression Click Through Rate

YouTube’s impression click-through rate measures your video’s performance to engage the audience to watch your videos on their homepage, trending section, or recommendation section. A high click-through rate describes your title as amazing, and the topic of your videos resonated with a huge audience on YouTube.

The advantage of impression click-through rate is that they reach many audiences instantly after your upload videos. Even your YouTube subscribers will see your video at the top of their homepage. You can examine his metrics on YouTube studio’s analytics tab.

8. Playlist Engagement

YouTube playlists are an excellent way to organize your videos in a perfect way. It helps your audience easily identify videos of their favorite topics and engage them to keep watching your videos and which will increase watch time for your channel.
Playlist engagement has two important metrics, such as views per playlist start and average playlist time.

  • Views per playlist – It is the average number of video views your playlist gained.
  • Average time in playlist – The number of times viewers viewed the videos in your playlist.

9. Views Per Unique views

Views per unique viewer are the total number of times certain viewers watch your videos. A unique video topic with a lot of views per unique view helps to reach your content in the most popular videos on YouTube.

If you cover engaging and attractive videos with perfect titles, you will get the chance to generate more views, watch time, and subscribers.

10. Subscriber Growth

Subscribers are one of the most important metrics on youTube because they are your most loyal fans for your YouTube channel. If people subscribe to your YouTube channel, they will get a notification of your new videos, and your videos show on their homepage.

YouTube’s subscribers report displays which videos, locations, and time period is best to gain & lose subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more watch time your videos will gain.

11. Social Shares

Social media plays an important role in the internet world for promoting lots of videos. So, tracking the metrics that share your content on different platforms is a smart way to develop your YouTube channel growth.

Go to YouTube analytics and click the sharing page, you can see the number of shares you’ve received on a different platform. With this KPI, you can easily understand which content engages your audience to share videos on various platforms. Thus, make your video content based on your social media strategy to boost your social shares and enhance credibility.

12. Re Watches

Re-watches are the total number of times viewers re-watch your videos. If huge people are re-watching a specific part of your videos, it indicates they’re engaged in the topic you covered at the moment. These metrics help your future video marketing strategies to improve your ranking. In the absolute audience retention graph, you can find the re-watches data quickly.

13. Card Click-Through Rate

Cards are in the form of slide-in panels, which helps to encourage your viewers to take certain action during a video, such as,
  • Watch another video
  • Click through to a different website.
  • Subscribe to your channel and much more
Each of your YoutTube cards click through rate describes which action your viewers like while watching videos. If you add the most engaging card in each of your YouTube videos, you can potentially increase your subscriber growth, watch time, and website traffic.

14. Audience Demographics

You can see the various audiences who watch your videos in YouTube’s audience demographics section. It is segmented by the audience age, gender, location/geography. It will help you to identify your most engaged audience and your target audience. If you’re not reaching your target audience, try to develop your video strategy and cover topics that grab your audience’s attention.

15. YouTube Traffic Sources

YouTube traffic sources report shows how viewers found your videos and what sources gain the most views and total watch time. Here are some unique traffic sources you should know to find your best content:
  •  YouTube search
  •  External sources
  •  Direct traffic
  •  Suggested video
  •  YouTube channel page
  •  YouTube browse feature
The average watch duration will describe the information about how well your video received a massive audience. Additionally, you can also get the sense to find out what is the exact social channel/search query to visit your YouTube channel.

16. Keywords

A keyword is a word or phrase that is used to find certain information. Keywords are important because they tell search engines to show your content on a website’s page when someone enters the keyword. Keyword ranking is the essential KPI to achieve more primary objectives such as more traffic, sales, and leads. Under the traffic sources report, you can find the YouTube search data. It displays the most popular keywords and queries relevant to your videos that viewers frequently used to find specific content.

17. Lead Generation

YouTube is the second largest video streaming platform in the digital world, and it has millions of active users each day. Most of them use this platform for marketing their brands or running a successful channel that directly earns money. Effective lead generation strategy helps you to enhance your marketing growth, drive traffic to the video and get more credibility to your YouTube channel.


There are endless metrics available to measure your marketing growth and increase your views & subscribers. You can use all of these amazing KPIs & metrics to develop your YouTube channel growth and drive traffic to your YouTube videos.
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