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15-30 Sec Tik tok video ad 15-30 Sec Tik tok video ad using the product video/pictures you provide

2 Days Delivery2 Revisions



30-45 Sec Tik tok video ad 30-45 Sec Tik tok video ad using the product video/pictures you provide

3 Days Delivery3 Revisions



15 Sec Tik tok video ad 3 15 Sec Premium Tik tok video ad using the product video/pictures you provide

4 Days Delivery5 Revisions

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In 2022, TikTok will be a key tool for marketing your brand. It’s time to take advantage of viral growth and their advertising platform in order to reach millions with your business. The TikTok app is endlessly entertaining and fun. That’s why all the biggest trends these days begin there. In our role as a TikTok advertising agency, we will help you create memorable viral campaigns by leveraging the excitement of the platform. With our services, you’ll be able to take part in the action. Search Combat TikTok marketing & advertising services help brands scale.

Boost your brand's reach with TikTok ads

There’s no denying that TikTok is a force to be reckoned with right now. Using that power to promote your brand would be a great idea.


Why Choose SEARCH COMBAT for TikTok Ads Services?

There is nothing like TikTok when it comes to fun and entertainment. That's why all the biggest trends these days begin there.

TikTok Marketing Strategy

Advertising on TikTok successfully requires an understanding of what makes your brand unique, who you want to reach, and how you want to reach them. Otherwise, you won't be able to stand out.

TikTok Consultancy

There are several major social platforms out there, but TikTok is totally different from them.Our consultancy service will help you get up to speed if you're new to the game.

TikTok Influencer Marketing

When it comes to marketing on TikTok, we will not ignore the influencers who run the platform. Users on this platform make their living by monetizing the platform.

Drive Conversions

Conversions follow traffic, and they are equally important. Our goal with TikTok is not only to get people to your website, but also to get them to do something valuable once they're there.

Our Unique TikTok Advertising Process

The way we market your brand on TikTok should also be unique since it’s a unique platform. In order to advertise on TikTok successfully, we’ve designed our campaigns keeping in mind the app’s idiosyncrasies, whether related to its audience or its users.

Audience & Brand Analysis

An advertising campaign on TikTok must begin with a data-driven strategy. As part of our TikTok advertising agency, we work closely with you and our team to uncover exactly who needs your product/service, and then convert that information into targeted advertising. To understand how we will grow your TikTok business, we evaluate everything from your other social platforms, existing content, ad account performance, and product sales data.

Content Production

Advertisements that don’t impress viewers are a waste of money. Our videographers can come to your location and shoot the perfect ad video. Our TikTok marketing agency can still consult you on the right source videos and edit all the videos for you, even if you’re outside of our zone. By combining that information with our extensive experience, our TikTok Marketing agency creates content that best meets your needs.

Influencer Outreach

Furthermore, we work closely with influencers to create branded content that complements the guidelines set out by your brand, as well as produce your own branded content.

Targeting Set-Up

Our strategy will be used along with your input to ensure we are targeting the people who can become your customers, and not the ones who cannot. The short version is that the right ad will be shown to the right people at the right time to the right people.

Constant Reporting

The reports we provide to all TikTok advertising clients allow you to keep track of how your campaigns are performing at any time. As part of our TikTok advertising services, our TikTok advertising agency sends a monthly report which includes a detailed analysis on how we plan on increasing metrics for the following week.

Always Improving

Once the setup is complete, nothing further needs to be done. Our TikTok advertising agency has been focusing on incremental improvements for a long time as its primary focus. The campaigns we design pay off from day one, and they generate huge returns on investment very soon after they are launched.

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Asked Questions

Self-proclaimed influencers often raise the eyebrows of some marketers. To connect businesses and influencers, TikTok has created TikTok Creators Marketplace (TCM). With the assistance of verified influencers on this platform, businesses can associate organic content with their products and services. Users tend to trust opinions expressed by people they respect, follow, and like more than solely endorsed brands. The organic content on TikTok makes influencer advertising particularly effective. There is no end to the popularity of TikTok among users! To be successful with social media advertising, your target audience must fully utilize the platform. Statistical evidence supports this as well. Approximately 45 minutes of TikTok advertising revenue can be generated by the majority of TikTok users using the app multiple times a day.

There is no doubt that TikTok attracts a more active and engaged audience than other social media platforms, which other platforms have difficulty replicating. Your users will respond better to advertisements if they are engaged, especially if they are unobtrusive. Especially if you have never made a video advertisement, making one can seem daunting. Creating video content on TikTok is incredibly simple. You don’t need to make your ads look perfect, and you don’t have to do everything to make them look good, since TikTok always aims to promote authenticity. Advertisements that are over-the-top and overproduced have previously turned off TikTok users. Simple is best. Social media is dominated by TikTok on a global scale. The TikTok app is now available in 150 countries and 75 languages and has more than 1 billion users. This makes TikTok a great option if you’re trying to grow internationally.

Online shopping appears to be the preferred choice for billions of consumers in the world, and TikTok is one of the primary players influencing spending decisions. We can reach audiences you never thought possible by advertising your eCommerce business on our platform. Advertisers can choose from in-feed commercials, overlays, takeover ads, and influencer placements on TikTok. A large part of their appeal to consumers is their diversity and their incorporation into the material in a less intrusive manner than traditional ads. Marketers have a valuable opportunity to reach new audiences worldwide and expand their brand awareness by reaching this ever-increasing audience of engaged users. Once you realize how simple and effective TikTok advertising is, we will quickly incorporate it into your marketing plan.

It is possible to choose from a variety of options when it comes to TikTok ads. Below are some examples.

TikTok ads come in the following types:

  • TikTok’s Ad Manager allows you to create in-feed ads in-house.
  • Ads run on Babe, BuzzVideo, and TopBuzz, TikTok’s News Feed apps. In these ads, you can include text, a brand name or app name, and an image.
  • Featured in TikTok’s News Feed apps are carousel ads. It is possible to include up to ten different images, each with its own caption.
  • Advertisements appear in users’ For You feed and across TikTok’s News Feed apps. A video, ad text, a brand or app name, and an ad display image can all be included in these ads. They can last for up to one minute.
  • Via the TikTok Audience Network, Pangle ads are distributed.
  • Organic content can be boosted either through your account or the account of another user with Spark ads. Spark ads perform 142% better than regular in-feed ads, according to TikTok.

Every social media platform has its own preferences when it comes to file format and file size. In order to create content for TikTok ads, you should follow the following specifications:

  • A 9:16 aspect ratio, a 1:1 aspect ratio, or a 16:9 aspect ratio. The 9:16 format tends to perform best on TikTok as it is a vertical video platform. Any aspect ratio can be used in Spark ads.
  • Minimum resolution is 540x960px or 640x640px. The best results are often achieved with videos that have 720 pixels. A minimum resolution is not required for Spark ads.
  • You can only upload files with a maximum size of 500MB, such as MP4, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, or AVI. The file size of Spark ads is unlimited.
  • There are five seconds to one minute in length in the video. The sweet spot is between 21 and 34 seconds, according to TikTok itself. Unlike Spark ads, this does not apply to them.
  • Ad descriptions should be between one and 100 characters, without emojis unless they are Spark ads.
  • An image of a square profile that is less than 50KB in size.
  • There should be four to forty characters in the name of an app, or two to 20 characters in the name of a brand.

In order to be successful in TikTok advertising, advertisers must understand that the target audience is primarily young. If your target audience falls into this category, TikTok advertising is a good choice. There are more than half a million TikTok users under 30 years of age.

Brands targeting older audiences are generally not fond of it. The proportion of older audiences should be lower than that of young audiences, but it does not necessarily mean that we should not target them. Before investing money in a particular platform, a smart advertiser should know the pros and cons.

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