Top 10 On-Page SEO Techniques

You might have come across lots of SEO experts with lots of tips and techniques about On-page SEO, You might have tried to understand them too, But the real question is DO THEY WORK?    

Today we will have a look at such Top 10 On-Page SEO Techniques that work and will have a good impact on your SEO rankings.
Let’s get into it!

10 – Use short URLs for your pages 

Do short URLs rank higher in Google? A Study on Onpage factors shows that on average, short URLs with a median of around 17 or so characters ranked visibly better than Long URLs.

09 – Use your primary keyword in your URL

Including the primary keyword in your URL, is useful, Does doing so help you rank higher in Google? The answer is No, it does not help rank higher but when your links are shared people can easily identify what your page is about without even clicking through the page. This increases referral traffic. Also, the exact match keyword that you want to rank for would be included in the anchor text of every URL backlink that you get. To customize your URLs to get these benefits.

08 – Use your Keyword in the Heading (H1 Tag)

We recommend using various keywords in your headings and subheadings, and the reason for this is more user experience-based. On an average web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit, 20% is more realistic.
Scanning text is the most common behavior of users, they would look at a page scroll a bit and if something catches their attention they tend to read that section. If they think that was an interesting section they would go back to the start of the page to see if they missed anything more interesting thereby reading the whole post.
Using triggers like keywords in headings and subheadings can be enough to make users stick to the page for a little longer.

07 – Adding External links to Authoritative Websites

Adding external links to Other Websites with High Domain Authority or Domain Rating can enhance the experience for your users. For example, if you are writing a blog post for the best cake shop and you found a great comparison of cakes then build an external link to them. Relevant External links can make a good user experience and even google likes such good practices. External links that are not relevant and built just for sake of ranking can lead Google to think they are spammy and can be penalized. The content of your website should be relevant to the external backlink you are building.

06 – Adding Internal Links to the Pages you want to Rank

Internal Links are the links that take you from one page of a domain to different pages on the same website, these have been proven from time to time to help with rankings. Look at the pages that are ranking higher on google and add some internal links from relevant pages that you want to rank and it will surely give a boost in your rankings. You can check which pages are ranking higher by looking into your website’s Google search console or Ahrefs Site Explorer tool. Internal Linking can have significant importance when it comes to high-ranking factors.

05 – Reoptimize Titles on Under-Performing Page One Rankings

For this you need to identify the pages that are ranking on page one, you can do this with help of the google search console or the Ahrefs tool.
Usually, the Number one ranking spot sees an average CTR of around 33%. The number two ranking spot sees an average CTR of around 15% and the number three spot gets a CTR of around 10%. Anything below 10 and 15% make a note of it and start optimizing your title and meta description. You can also take a look at what type of titles and meta descriptions your competitors use on their web page and try to make yours like them.

04 – Creating In-Depth Articles

People always look for Good or High-quality content, and content is the second most Important On-page factor. Also content drives most of the organic traffic from search engine results. Writing good and relevant content is the best practice one can use to create a good visitor experience and also improve search engine optimization rankings. It is best to focus on coverage rather than word count while writing content. Also, you can keep the average word count to 1500 words. The best way you can use Surferseo google chrome plugin extension to write good content.

03 – Using Modifiers in your titles

What are modifiers? They are an add-on to a base keyword, Some best examples of such modifiers are Best, Top, Buy, and the current year. people tend to use such modifier words in their search query like – “best hotel in new york” or “Top 10 Hollywood movies” or “Buy Shoes Online” etc. To find such modifier keywords easily is to use Ahrefs keyword explorer and put your base keyword and click on phrase match to see the results and in the include search box insert the modifier keyword to see the different modifier keywords ideas you can get.

02 – Have Fast Loading Pages

No one likes slow loading websites so does Google. Also, if a website takes a longer time to load, the user can get bored and leave the website increasing the bounce rate and thus getting a negative impression and drop in ranking. Google uses page speed in its search algorithm as one of the most important factors for searches done via mobile.
Having a fast-loading website and pages can lead to a good experience for users and also improve your revenue and business. Remember slower the page speed higher will be the bounce rate.

01 – Improve your UX by Optimizing UI

Finally, this is the most important thing to do for ranking factors for SEO on-page.
Google likes to provide the best results to their users for any given search query and to help Google to understand that you need to Nurture that User Experience for their users. Apart from Content the user interface or the way a page looks can have a major effect on how visitors interact with your site.

Few tips you can use to speed up your site :

For people that don’t have much SEO knowledge, there are various plugins available in WordPress.
  • Use google page speed insights to check for improvement suggestions for both mobile and desktop. 

  • Use a CDN(Content Delivery Network) Cdn’s can minimize the distance where the visitor is browsing from and where your server is located by reducing content delivery time. Cloudflare has a free and paid version of CDN, they can also optimize your images and HTML, javascript, and CSS files by minification process on the go.

  • Use an Image Compressor Images by default can be of high size and can result in longer load times, there are plugins like Imagify, Smush, Optimole, etc which can compress the image size significantly improving load time. You can find both free and paid plugins for WordPress.

  • Use Cache plugin Cache plugins improve your website performance by reducing download time via features like CDN integration and by caching your webpages. Some of the cache plugins are W3 Total Cache, Wp Fastest Cache, etc. for WordPress. You can easily find free and paid options in these plugins. And they do work by improving website performance.

Few things you can do for this is :

  • The first thing you need to do is improve Visual readability An easy-to-read page will surely convey the message you want to give to your visitor thus improving the experience and also increase business. An easy-to-read page has readable font size, short sentences, and short paragraphs. In short, it should be that easy so even 6year old can read easily.

  • Page structure, the page structure layout should have proper sections with images that relate to the content, proper links in the page with anchor text that a user can navigate to. In short, a Clean layout can look professional and good. Have a proper Menu in the header with relevant pages.

  • Having a table of Content

  • Having a Sitemap in the footer which can guide a user in navigating through the website

  • Having breadcrumbs

  • Make your website more interactive with tools and plugins by which a user can communicate with your business. Having social media widgets with social media page links which a user can follow, or having a live chat feature can make him solve his queries on the spot.

  • Your website should look trustworthy and make it so by having an SSL (secured socket layer) certificate installed by good providers like Comodo SSL, Digicert, Geo trust to name a few. One can even get a free SSL from Letsencrypt which you need to renew every three months. 

  • Make your website Mobile friendly For this, you can even use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) which are served in a different layout for mobile and tablets. There are plugins also available in WordPress like AMP for Wp, Weebly rAmp, Better Amp, AMP WP, etc to name a few. Some plugins are free and some have paid options too.

  • Lastly, Make sure to find and fix any Url errors like 404 (error not found) and redirect them to 200. Also, find and fix any Issues with Sitemaps and robot.txt files.


SEO knowledge is something one cannot understand in one night, it takes different trial and testing efforts. So the above top 10 on-page SEO techniques are a helping hand you can use to improve your website’s organic ranking.

If you have any questions or know any other Onpage techniques you can share with us and other readers in the comments section below.

Thank you!

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