How to find a blog and domain name that you will be happy with years later

The right blog and the domain name can be crucial.

For the first impression. And for someone to remember your blog.

Of course, as a blogger, you can always rebrand and choose a different blog and domain name. But in 99% of all cases, this is associated with a loss of visitors and income.

To avoid that, I’ve made a checklist for you to help you find the perfect blog name. A name with which you will still be happy years later.

1. The seasoning lies in brevity!

I recommend you choose a blog name that is as short as possible.

This is important so that visitors can remember your blog name and not forget it again after leaving your blog.

What do you think visitors can remember better?

I recommend you choose a blog name that contains a maximum of 15 characters. This makes it easy to remember.

You can also save usernames with the same name in social networks, which often limit 15 characters. Names with more than 15 characters are often abbreviated on social networks, which looks ugly: (truncated to 15 characters) (a strange abbreviation that is hard to remember)

2. The blog name shows the topic of your blog

Pay attention to the length of your blog name and the relevance to your blog topic.

Ideally, someone should tell what your blog is (roughly) about while reading your blog name.

This has the following advantages:

  • You stand out as an expert.
  • Visitors see that they can find more information on the topic on your blog.
  • Ranking bonus with search engines for keywords in the domain name.

3. The simpler, the better!

Not only the length and the relevance are decisive for whether someone can remember your blog name, but also the complexity.

If someone doesn’t know how to write your blog name, they may not find your blog again.

This is why you should avoid the following in your blog name:

  • Longer incoherent sequences of numbers or letters ( superblogger5987 or ftkjblogger )
  • Long acronyms ( mmorpg-blog )
  • Technical terms ( antikarzinogenblog )
  • Foreign words ( rekonvaleszenzblog )
  • Anglicisms ( recycleblog )
  • Foreign language words or sequences of words, if not widely known ( monsieurblog or potentialityvsactuality )
  • Words with counterintuitive spelling ( portemonnaieblog )

4. He is unique and distinctive

It’s not nice to have name competition.

This can lead to someone mistaking your blog for another. Or that your blog will be harder to find on Google. Or that many domains and accounts in social networks are no longer free.

In addition: trademark law.

If someone has registered your blog name as a trademark or contains a registered trademark, you may receive a warning and lose your domain under certain circumstances.

You can check whether your desired name contains a registered trademark. You can also see whether domains and social media usernames are already filled with your desired name.

5. Tools to help you find

To find good names or parts of names, I like to use name generators or thesauri, such as:

  • Naminum (Generates suffixes and prefixes for a given word)
  • (Thesaurus to find English synonyms)

To later check whether domains and social media user names are still available and whether I have violated trademark rights with a blog name, I use:

  • Brand check (checks whether domains, social media accounts, or brands already exist for the name entered)
  • TMDB (comprehensive database for trademark research)

In addition, I mostly use Excel or a note-taking app to write down potential candidates (and their availabilities).


6. Which domain extension should I choose?

A .com domain is the best choice for a blog, as these visitors are the most familiar.

In exceptional cases, you can also use a .net or .org domain.

For the new domain endings, I would advise such things as .xyz, .codes, .pics, .name, .blog, .one, or .guru, as these have not yet established themselves on the market despite their many years of existence.

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