The best image databases of 2021


Images are essential for any website.

They breathe life, convey emotions, and loosen up extensive contributions in the right place.

There’s only one problem:

Finding suitable pictures is not that easy. In addition, there are pitfalls with image rights that can quickly cost you expensive warning fees and damages.

But don’t panic!

In this article, I will introduce you to the 30 best image databases.

And I’ll show you step by step how to use images in your blog in a legally secure manner, how to recognize and avoid potential dangers.


Free image databases for public domain images

Here you can find all the free photo services for public domain images.

In the public domain means that they are free of the usual copyright restrictions:

  1. They can be used free of charge.
  2. You do not need to name the author.
  3. You can edit them.
  4. Images can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

But be careful. Even if you are relatively free to use the images, you always have to pay attention to a trademark or personal rights.

In addition, the use is often not completely free of conditions. Some image services are prohibited from selling the pictures or using them as part of your picture service, So please always look at the license in detail before using a picture.


Pixabay is one of the largest providers of free images.

The image database contains over 1.7 million Images, including numerous videos and vector graphics.

There is something for everyone!


  • Gigantic selection of very high quality pictures.
  • Use of all images without naming names and sources
  • Very good filter function.
  • Images can be downloaded in various formats.
  • Display of camera data for each picture.


  • When downloading by unregistered users, a captcha query takes place.
  • Rights are not always clarified beyond doubt, as anyone can upload on the platform.
  • Advertising of paid services is sometimes not easy to distinguish from the free images.


Unsplash was launched in 2013 as a Tumblr block, and today the platform offers thousands of high-resolution images.

The focus here is clearly on quality and less on quantity.

Every week, new images are added to the database, which mainly consists of landscape photographs.


  • No registration required.
  • No naming necessary.
  • Very high quality images from top photographers.
  • Clear category structure.


  • Only professional pictures, no snapshots
    no graphics.


Pexels offers you images and videos for free download.

Even if the number of around 40,000 media is currently relatively manageable, the database is growing by several thousand images per month.

The license terms state that all images and videos can be used free of charge and without attribution.


  • Pexels WordPress plugin available.
  • Fast-growing range.
  • Combination of model photos and snapshots.
  • No registration required.


  • Small selection compared to other platforms.


The quality of the pictures that Picjumbo offers is really sensational.

In particular, the shots in the food area and the landscape photographs are guaranteed to inspire you.

All images can be used privately and commercially without naming their names.


  • Very high quality images that are often only found in premium databases.
  • Download possible in very high resolution.
  • Unrestricted access, even without registration.
  • Clear sorting in categories.


  • Numerous images can only be used as part of a premium variant.


KaboomPics is a free image database from Poland, which is especially interesting for lifestyle bloggers and designers.

Here you will find high-quality images that no other platform has to offer.

You can download all images without registering and use them for private and commercial purposes without naming them. You can find out more about the license terms.


  • High quality and above all, unique images.
  • Sorting by subject area.
  • Matching HEX color codes are provided for each image.
  • Different image formats available.


  • The selection is so far manageable.


On SplitShire, you will mainly find pictures with an artistic background.

The platform won’t appeal to every blogger or website owner, but it does offer you snapshots of a special kind.

You can also find high quality videos on the platform.

The license conditions allow free use without naming any name.


  • High quality pictures with artistic demands
  • Clear presentation in categories
  • No registration needed


  • Hardly any natural snapshots
  • The character of the pictures sometimes very special

Realistic shots

Realistic Shots is constantly being expanded with 7 new images per week. The database is not very large but mainly offers great nature photos. Blogger and designer Henry Reyes supervises the project.

Images are downloaded directly without registration and free of charge. Attribution is required.


  • Fast access, no registration
  • Great nature shots
  • Personal attention from professional photographers


  • Very manageable selection
  • Missing filter function
  • Slow growth


Ed Gregory started the free image database Stockpic in 2014. Here you will find around 1,000 free images, which are expanded by 50 new copies every month.

The platform specializes in snapshots from everyday life.


  • Free use without citing the source
  • Very natural images


  • Missing SSL certificate
  • Lots of Google Ads
  • Small selection


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